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Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dec 25, 2014




This is supposed to be presented and narrated by me live next week so if it doesn't make sense now you know why. Sorry.

  • 1. Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorder Rogelio O. Daniel Jr.American InterContinental University
  • 2. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Conditions The Affected Signs & Symptoms
  • 3. Conditions Autistic Disorder Most associated with Autism Significant Language Delays Social and Communication Challenges Unusual Behaviors and Interests Intellectual Disability
  • 4. Conditions Pervasive Developmental Disorders - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) AKA Atypical Autism Not All are Diagnosed PDD-NOS Fewer & Milder Symptoms Only Social and Communication Challenges
  • 5. Conditions Aspergers Syndrome Symptoms are milder Social Challenges Unusual Behavior and Interests Do not Have Language or Intellectual Disabilities
  • 6. The AffectedASDs occur in all racial, ethnic, andsocioeconomic groups, but are fourtimes more likely to occur in boys thanin girls (, 2012).
  • 7. The AffectedAbout 1 in 150 people are ASD (, 2012)
  • 8. The Affected More people than ever before are being diagnosed with an ASD.
  • 9. Signs and Symptoms Auditory/Visual Tactile
  • 10. Signs and Symptoms Auditory/Visual No BIG Smiles No Joyful expressions No cooing back and forth No Babbling
  • 11. Signs and Symptoms Tactile No Back and Forth Gestures Pointing Showing Reaching Hypersensitive Repetitive Movements
  • 12. Treatment Behavior Treatments Medicine
  • 13. Treatment Treating the Core Symptoms Applied Behavior Analysis, Early Start Denver Model Floor time, Pivotal Response Therapy Verbal Behavior Therapy
  • 14. Conclusion Cause? Genetic Environmental Cure? Treatment Therapy Medication
  • 15. To learn more about Autism and the Autism Spectrum Disorder visit
  • 16. References Yeargin, M. Dr. (2010). In What is Autism? Retrieved from atisautism.html (2012). Retrieved from (2012). Retrieved from autism/treatment