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Feb 24, 2016




AUSTRİA VİENNA. VIENNA. Vienna is Austria’s capital and the most advanced in Austria’s city. Vienna is the most crowded city of Austria. Vienna is culture and architecture from angle the most beautiful city in Europe. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vienna is Austrias capital and the most advanced in Austrias city.Vienna is the most crowded city of Austria.Vienna is culture and architecture from angle the most beautiful city in Europe.Vienna is the biggest 10th city in the European Union in terms of population.Vienna is consisted of 23 regions.Vienna has a lot of green areas.



This is the center of Vienna. It has shops and restaurants. This place makes a tour of the city with the phaetons.

St.Stephens Cathedral:

It is the biggest cathedral of Austria. You can watch views of Viennas come out at the top of St. Stephenss Cathedral.

The Parliament BuildingArchitect Theophil Honsen construeted that place in decade.The Parliament Building is one of the spectacular places. A statue symbolize legislation and judgment in front of the Parliament Building.

HunderstwasserhausHundertwasserhaus design belong to the Austria artist Hundert wasser. So, its name is Hundertwasserhaus.These are like normal gardens above the roofs of houses. These houses are municipol houses. Generally, low-income people live at these houses.

Graben Square and PestsaleGraben Sguare is between Stephansdom and Hofburg Palace.Pestsale means the Plague Monument.Pestsale was built to commemorate those who died from the plague in 1679.Guardian angel and praying the Emperor I.Leopold are at the top of the monument.

There are many palaces in Vienna.The Hofburg Imperial Palace is winter manor. This palace was built in 1654. Schonbrunn Palace is the Royal Palace in Vienna.Schonbrunn Palace is one of Eupores most beautiful palaces.Formerly, Elizabeth has been in Shonbrunn Palace.


VIENNA CULTUREVienna is famous with its splendid opera and get the impression that its streets show all phases of history. People come to listen to opera from various country of the world.In here, people listen to classic music.Mozart has lived in Vienna.Mozart is the most famous in Vienna.

There are many activities for young people.They can go to the enjoyable fun fairs.They can waltz. Waltz belong to in Austria.People organize a magnificent waltz dance every year.

COOK CULTUREinitzel and cake are the most famous in Vienna. Patato Salad is also very tasty.Viennas people like coffee. They learnt to make coffee from Turkish people after the Siege of Vienna

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