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August Newsletter - Division 28

Apr 02, 2016



Mason Woods

This is August's newsletter for division 28 of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club International. This newsletter is made and published by Mason Woods, lieutenant governor of division 28.
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Summer Board !!Monthly Reporting !!COCI and the District Website !!Youth Opportunities Fund !!Key Leader Retreat !!Recruitment !!International Trustee !!Contacts

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SUMBO The district board had their summer board meeting on the weekend of August 1-3. Everything went smoothly and the DCON theme as been chosen. This year, we will be celebrating our 100th year anniversary of Key Club and our DCON will be super

exciting! I cannot tell you the theme yet though, it is a secret.


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Monthly Reporting

REPORTS !Each club is required to send out a monthly report to the district secretary. The reports consist of how many meetings your club had, who attended, and all of the events your club held. The minutes from every meeting are also turned in with the report. !The reports are to be postmarked by the fifth of the following month and sent to the district secretary. For instance, the report for August needs to be postmarked AT LEAST by September 5th. !You can find out more information about reporting at

Samuel Kinnin District Secretary 323 Garmon Dr. Early, TX 76802


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The Website The district website,, is your best friend. Information regarding all that goes on in our district is posted on the site. The district governor, secretary, treasurer, editor, and convention liaison have individual blogs on the site and post regularly.

Club Officer Contact Information (COCI) Your COCI needs to be updated. I believe Goose Creek Memorial is the only school that has updated their information, so all of you need to get to work on that! The instructions on how to update that information are below in the picture.

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Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF)

Colin Gonzalez District Treasurer

What is the YOF? !The YOF is a fund established by Key Club International dues. The fund contains about 1.6 million dollars and operates solely on interests. The goal of this fund is to provide Key Clubbers and Key Clubs the money necessary to accomplish service projects. !How to Apply? !1. Go to 2. Hover over and click

on the Serve bar 3. Under Fundraising,

click on the Youth Opportunities Fund

4. On the far, upper right, click on Apply For a YOF grant

5. Hover over and click on the Resources bar

6. In the bottom left, click on Service

7. On Page two, the YOF application will be there

Things to Remember !- Must be received by October 15th - Clubs may request funding assistance from $100 to $2000 - Notification will be mailed no later than January 15th - Submit applications to: Kiwanis International 3636 Woodview Trace Indianpolis, IN 46268-3196, USA Attn: YOF Application or fax: 1-317-879-0204 or email:


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¾ 60,000 --- The number of mothers and babies whose lives are stolen each year because of MNT.

¾ 9 --- The number of minutes from now that a mother or child will die of MNT.

¾ 34 --- The number of countries still at high risk for MNT.

¾ $110 million --- The amount of money that we must raise to eliminate MNT.

¾ 2015 --- The year that we must raise this money by.

¾ $1.80 --- The amount it costs to vaccinate one mother and her future babies.

¾ 61 million --- The number of lives we will help save or protect if we meet our goal.


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What is it? Key Leader is a weekend experiential leadership program for today's young leaders. It focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership-development experience.

What goes on? Participants begin by attending a Key Leader conference, which is a weekend retreat. Large and small group workshops, discussions and team-building activities take place over the course of the weekend. Students have opportunities to learn leadership skills that will help them to change their schools, communities, and world for the better.

Who? Where? And When? Anyone can attend, you do not have to be in Key Club. It is at Pineywoods Baptist Camp on November 14-16.

For more information and to register, please go to


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Recruitment 1) Create A Theme In order to increase awareness and interest in your Key Club, set a theme in the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, your Key Club can do service projects around this theme or even create a mascot!

2) Pick Enthusiastic Officers When selecting officers, choose students that are enthusiastic about service and excited to show others how fun Key Club is! Your club officers should recruit new members and make them feel included.

3) Use Social Media Since essentially every teenager is on social media, why not advertise Key Club through these mediums? Create a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to show all that your club has been doing! These forms of communication will make your club seem more fun and relatable!

4) Have A Booth At Orientation Freshman are the biggest source of new members for most key Clubs. Make a booth and have some pamphlets ready to educate them about Key Club!

5) Showcase Service Projects Advertise to your school about cool or unique service projects that you club has done to show the impact of service in their community


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Miracle Treat Day is August 14th !Proceeds from Blizzards will go to the Children’s Miracle Network


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Greetings Texas-Oklahoma District,

My name is Barry Seng and I am honored to serve as your International Trustee. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to work with all of you to improve the organization as a whole. Together, we will spread Key Club values around the world.

As trustee, it is my duty to connect the district and international levels. I will provide updates from international to your district board and will represent all of you at international board meetings. The constant communication will allow me to better serve your district. I will work closely with Governor Katie and all of you to ensure a successful year of service.

One of my goals for the year is to make Key Club International more accessible to Key Club members. Through increased communication between international and district levels and transparency on the international board, more members will be involved in the organization. My main goal is to emphasize service, the foundation of our organization. I will help your district with its service initiatives and service projects. We will strengthen Key Club through service.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to serve all of you. I look forward to a great year of service with the Texas-Oklahoma District!

Yours in service, !Barry Seng


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Governor Kaitlin Wilson

Secretary Samuel Kinnin

Treasurer Colin Gonzalez

Editor Emily Zhao

Convention Liaison Ashlyn Salvato


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Lieutenant Governor Mason Woods or

Instagram - @masonwoods Twitter - @masonwoods1997 Facebook -

Please friend me on Facebook so I can add you to Division 28’s Facebook group, thanks!


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