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Apr 2010 Creekside

Mar 22, 2016



April 2010 Creekside

  • Welcome Home To BrusHy creek APrIl 2010


    2010Living Lords Supper 4/1 Preschool Resurrection Celebration 4/3 Interna-tional Womens Night 4/9 Middle School DNow 4/16-18 Share Jesus Without Fear 5/2 Graduation Sunday 5/30 Serbia Missions Trip 6/5-6/14 Creative Arts Camp 6/14-6/16 High School Summer Camp 6/28-7/2 Middle School SeeSalt 6/28-7/2 New York City Mission Trip: 7/18-7/24 Childrens Pastors Camp 7/29-7/31 High School Camping/Rafting 8/12-8/13 Middle School Pastors Camp: 8/13-8/15 The Greenhouse Season 4 Kickoff 8/22 India Mission Trip 9/19/-9/28 Missions Day 10/3 College Retreat 10/6-10/10 Homes for Hope 10/23-10/24 Womens Ministry Fall Retreat 11/12-11/13 High School Fall Retreat 11/19-11/21 Childrens Christmas Celebration 12/3 Womens Ministry Christmas Dinner 12/9 Adult Choir Christmas Program 12/19 Christmas Eve Service 12/24

  • by Dr. ralph Carter, paStOr

    by JIM rUSSell, reSCUe MINISter

    CONCeNtrIC CIrCles Of CONCerNThis is the title of a book that I read while in seminary. It was written by Dr. Oscar Thompsons widow. He had recently died from cancer, and she used his class notes to finish his book. He had a real heart for the lost, espe-cially after finding out that he was terminally ill.

    The recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have caused me to ponder again the premise of Dr. Thompsons book. Remember the Tsunami scare after the Chile quake? It was all about concentric circles going out from the epicenter of the quake. Those concentric waves traveled for thousands of miles at the speed of a jet airliner!

    Dr. Thompson reminded us that each of us have circles of relationships that go out from us concentrically. Circles that include: immediate family, relatives, close friends, neigh-bors/business associates, acquaintances, and then person x (that we dont know).

    The key to being sensitive to witness opportunities with persons in our concentric circles (our horizontal relation-ships), is to be sensitive in our relationship with God (our vertical relationship). Simply put, as my prayer life goes, so goes my witness life. Believers who are praying for the lost in their sphere of influence, will also find themselves actively witnessing to those same people, and to others.

    God has convicted me that I have allowed myself to become too isolated from relationships that would give me more witness opportunities. Its hard to be salt and light in isola-tion. Ive made a commitment to get out there more and to seek to develop the relationships that I do have, for witness.

    Will you join me in this commitment? Please let me know about your experiences, as you do.


    I could not have been more pleased with the outcome

    of 40 Days of Community. God richly, richly blessed. I

    sincerely give Him thanks and praise for all that occurred.

    Thank you for praying, for participating at every level and

    for your commitment to one another. We are indeed,

    better together.

    I hope that you will continue being as faithful to your small

    group as you have been during the past forty days. Our

    teachers are the best you will find anywhere. They are

    working hard to make your class a place where people

    can feel safe to come and seek God without fear of

    condemnation. They are working to help build relationships

    within every class. I always loved the theme song to the

    TV sitcom, Cheers. Remember what it said, Cheersa

    place where everybody knows your name? I hope that will

    be our goal that everybody who comes on our campus

    finds friendship in small groups.

    Dont let the fire go out! Lets work to rescue, grow and

    serve together. We do all three of those tasks, better



    thaNk yOU for your prayers and support for Celebrate Recovery. It has been more than a year since we started this ministry here at BCBC. God is helping many with their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. I have made many new friends because of this ministry. It is meaningful for me personally to be involved in a ministry like this. Maybe you or someone you know could benefit from this ministry and you are thinking, How could I find out more? Please email me at [email protected] or Jim Russell at [email protected] We would love to hear from you and see you or someone you know begin the right steps in recovery. You can also visit our church website, and click on the Celebrate Recovery link, to get more information or to register confidentially.

    DAvIDS NEwSby DavID kay, aSSOCIate paStOr

    at CalvaryWilliam Newell was a troubled young teen who, after much pleading from his father with President R.A. Torrey, was permitted to enter Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

    There he was discipled by Dr. Torrey, who initially thought that William should be in a reformatory not a Bible School. Several years later this troubled teen became a beloved professor at Moody.

    At Calvary is his testimony put into verse form and put to music by Daniel Tower, music professor at Moody.

    William went on to be become a well-known Bible teacher and author of popular Bible Commentaries.

    He once said that had he not gone through his troubled years, he might never have fully understood the importance of Calvarys grace.

    Years I spent in vanity and pride,Caring not my Lord was crucified.Knowing not it was for me he died On Calvary.Mercy there was great and grace was free;Pardon there was multiplied to me;There my burdened soul found liberty at Calvary.

    I am proud that we are a church who doesnt give up on troubled teens.


    Merry Makers MONthly MeetING

    TuesDay, april 20Breakfast at 9:30amConcert at 10:30am Our special guest will be Pianist and Soloist Stephen Eager.


    MeNs testIMONy Breakfastsunday, april 11 at 8:00am in the Front Room of the ARC. We look forward to seeing you there!


  • by JereMIah OlIver, MIDDle SChOOl paStOr


    HIGH SCHOOLby beNJI laDD, hIgh SChOOl paStOr

    DONt wOrry if you missed the first two weeks to sign up for Orange Beach. You have until April 25 to sign up and pay. Be aware though, that the price is now $300. Please go online today and register for camp. CaMP Dates: JUNe 28-JUly 2

    Wow! What a great God we serve! I am so excited to see the hand of our almighty Lord begin to transform the lives of hurting students. Chains of bondage are being broken, hope in Christ is spreading, and new life is beginning! Imagine a hurting, broken, addicted student who has been forgiven and set free by our savior, Jesus Christ. Their testimony is powerful, their witness is effective, and their love for Jesus cannot be extinguished. This is exactly what is happening each Monday night at Life Hurts God Heals!

    I dont know if I have ever been more excited about a ministry at BCBC. LHGH is an 8 step recovery program that is already changing lives, and we are just beginning! The Bible teaches us that with men things are impossible, but not with God. With God all things are possible Mark 10:27. As a youth minister, I cannot change the lives of students, but I know my Lord can. For whosoever is in Christ is a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come. 2 Cor. 5:17. God is moving in the lives of our teens and I urge you to pray for the following: 1- Gods protection for our LHGH participants and leaders / 2- True repentance for students holding on to sin and addiction / 3- Biblical discipleship to begin in the lives of students / 4-Revival to start in the hearts of everyone involved.

    Thanks for your prayers and support of this powerful ministry at BCBC. If you are interested in getting involved in LHGH, please contact me by phone or email. If you have a student who needs to be involved in this ministry, please register them confidentially today at

    by rebeCCa OakS, DIreCtOr OF ChIlDreNS MINIStrIeS


    sUMMer fUN aCtIvItIes

    Creative arts CampFor: Kids K5-5th gradeDate: June 14-16Cost: $25Director: Robbie Sox

    Children will select from a variety of fine arts activities such as strings, drums, dance, art and drama. Class sizes are limited so register online today!

    pastors CampFor: Rising 3rd & 4th gradersWhere: Table Rock Wesleyan CampDate: July 29-31Cost: Cost $75

    Join your pastors for a time of fun & fellowship at beau-tiful Table Rock. Campers will make lasting memories with friends as they jet down the water slide, go fishing with the guys, swim at The Rock, hike the nature trails, compete in field games, cover up in shaving cream, participate in the BCBC Talent Show and much much more. Surrounded by His awesome works, campers will experience God through Bible study, praise and worship and JAM time. -- Register online at Deadline to register is May 21.

    BaCkyard BiBle CluB

    Backyard Bible Clubs are for Brushy Creek kids too! For the past two years we have hosted BBC in our local neigh-borhoods during the months of June and July. While we reached over 800 kids in our community, a small number of Brushy Creek kids attended the clubs. We encourage parents to go to to view a list of clubs, find one near you, contact the host and ask how you can help while your child attends the club. We are better together!

    speCial Needs BaCkyard BiBle CluB

    Date and Time: June 14-17 - 9:30-11:30Where: Fellowship Hall

  • a hUGe thaNk yOU!I would like to thank everyone who is helping with the Resurrection Celebrati

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