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Appendix B-OTF Annual Report 2013 - Oceania Tennis · PDF file Oceania Tennis Federation Annual Report 2013 President's Report 2013 With great pleasure I present for consideration

Oct 13, 2020







  • Oceania Tennis Federation Annual Report 2013

    Oceania Tennis Federation




    Mr S Healy (AUS)


    Mr C Mainguy (VAN)

    Secretaries General

    Mr S Baldovini (CAL)

    Mr D O’Connell (USA)

    Executive Committee

    Mr T Smith (GUM)

    Mr N Adsett (TGA)

    Mr W Sacault (PYF)

    Mr S Johns (NZL)


    Mr B McMillan

    Administration and Development

    Mr D Smith – Joint Executive Officer

    Mr J Shannon – Joint Executive Officer

    Mr D Wrighton – ITF Development Officer Pacific Oceania (from 1 October)

    Mr G Ridgway– ITF Development Officer Pacific Oceania (January-September)

    Member Nations

    American Samoa, Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Guam, Kiribati,

    Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand,

    Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa,

    Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

  • Oceania Tennis Federation Annual Report 2013

    President's Report 2013

    With great pleasure I present for consideration the Annual Report of the Oceania Tennis

    Federation (OTF). 2013 marked my first year as President of the OTF, replacing Geoff Pollard who

    had held the position since the inauguration of the Federation in 1993.

    2013 has been a substantial learning process personally for me, understanding the challenges of

    each of the 20 team members making up the OTF, their interactions and their relationship with

    the International Tennis Federation.

    As one of 6 Regional Tennis Federations recognised by the ITF, the OTF is charged with the

    responsibility of overseeing the development of tennis within its defined geographic area. The

    geographical distances, the cultural differences and different statuses of tennis in the Nations

    means there are many challenges for the OTF and its member nations.

    As with all tennis nations, the development of the game involves both holding and participating in

    competitions and trying to create role models which drive participation numbers and vice versa.

    In 2013 our Pacific Oceanic Davis Cup Team competed in Asia/Oceania Group III. Key player

    unavailability meant the blooding of two new players, Gilles de Gouy (PYF) and William O’Connell

    (USA). The Tie was held in Dubai in 40C heat in September after the ITF postponed the original

    venue in Myanmar due to security concerns. There was much to celebrate with both Brett

    Baudinet (CI) and Daniel Llarenas(GUM) having a 100% winning record in doubles but

    unfortunately despite their efforts the team was relegated to the play-offs after the round robin

    and finally to Group IV in 2014.

  • Oceania Tennis Federation Annual Report 2013

    In the inaugural Asia-Pacific Tennis Week held in the second week of the Australian Open, a Pacific

    Oceania team aptly named the ‘Pacific Oceania Dolphins’ participated strongly captained by Cyrille

    Mainguy. While the competition was strong, our team competed proudly in what was an

    outstanding opportunity for all players across Pacific Oceania to play in the team representative of

    the Pacific and New Caledonian players. A special thanks to Richard Breen of Unipro Productions

    in Fiji who created and designed our very special team uniform.

    2013 marked our first year without ANZ as a sponsor of our many tennis programs. In 2013 the

    program followed the concept of Tennis Tens ( a modified form of tennis specifically aimed at 6-10

    year old players) produced by the ITF and also known in Australia as Hotshots. This is a very

    successful program all around the world and we are hopeful it will drive participation in each of

    our nations and particularly through the schools. Thank you to Tennis Australia who have provided

    equipment for this program.

    In 2013 Gene Ridgway retired as the ITF regional development officer and we thank him for his

    service and his frank explanation and identification of the challenges faced in this role. Gene has

    been replaced by Darran Wrighton and we wish Darran well in his role.

    I wish to thank John Shannon (Fiji) and David Smith (NZ) who have capably and efficiently assisted

    me and the OTF in their position as joint Executive Officers.

    In particular my thanks to David Smith who did a wonderful job creating and monitoring a website

    for the OTF which all of our members can input and enjoy.

    Thanks also to Bruce Osborne from Tennis Australia who has assisted me in a number of the

    administrative tasks and understanding the ITF’s charter and mission.

    The OTF member nations need to come together in the hope that we can positively support each

    other and develop tennis in this region. This will be one of the many challenges for 2014

    Steve Healy


    Oceania Tennis Federation

    14 March 2014

  • Oceania Tennis Federation Annual Report 2013

    OTF Executive Officer’s Report 2013


    If there was one constant over the last year, it has been that it has been a year of change. At the

    AGM in Melbourne in January, the OTF welcomed a new executive with a new President (Steve

    Healy), a new Vice-President (Cyrille Mainguy), a new Secretary-General (Dan O’Connell), two new

    committee members (Neil Adsett and Torgun Smith) plus two new Joint-Executive Officers (David

    Smith and John Shannon).

    Several months later, at the ITF’s Annual General Meeting in Paris on Friday 12th July, Steve Healy,

    President of the Oceania Tennis Federation was one of 13 candidates elected to the new ITF Board

    of Directors for the period 2013-15. This centenary AGM celebrated 100 years since the ITF was

    founded in 1913 and during the meeting the former OTF President, Geoff Pollard, was made an

    Honorary Life Vice President of the ITF.

    Then, on the 1st October, Darran Wrighton, commenced as the new Pacific Oceania Development

    Officer. Darran, whilst UK born, has spent most of his tennis career in Australia, and brought with

    him an enormous wealth of experience in managing tennis facilities and implementing coaching

    and competition programmes for all age groups and abilities.

    Additionally the OTF launched their new look website which can be accessed through the

    following link


    The executive committee met in Fiji on Saturday 17th August and were joined by Frank Couraud,

    the ITF’s Development Projects Administrator. Throughout the year all the executive have been

    very supportive in managing the various projects and programmes across the region. To this end

    the joint responsibility for the various administrative tasks of the OTF were shared between the

    two Executive Officers and these are detailed below:

    Key Responsibilities David





    1. Plans and policies

    • Review and prepare the four year development plan for the OTF and ITF

    • Implement the annual strategic plan

    • Provide policy input for the OTF Board and AGM consideration

    • Report annually against the annual strategic plan and four year development plan





    2. Finance

    • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and annual accounts

    • Maintain an overview of income and expenditure against budget

    • Perform day-to-day accounting functions of the OTF

    • Administer OTF funding relationships with NFs





    3. Sponsorship

  • Oceania Tennis Federation Annual Report 2013

    • Service and maintain relationships with existing sponsors

    • Help seek new sponsors for OTF programmes and events

    • Prepare written reports for sponsors of their sponsored programmes

    • Prepare written submissions for sponsorship programmes and events





    4. Development Programme

    • In consultation with the ITF Development Officer, administer the Mini Tennis Sponsorship programme

    • Carry out administration tasks delegated to OTF by ITF Development department

    • Liaise and assist ITF Development Officer

    • Assist ITF Development Officer to organize courses for coaches and officials





    5. Team and Events

    • Organize administration, travel, visas, selection etc for Pacific Oceania Davis (Fed) Cup team(s)

    • Organize tours for other OTF and ITF teams as required

    • Provide administration assistance for ITF Pacific Oceania Circuit and other ITF events

    • Organize the Oceania Junior closed Championships in conjunction with the host nation





    6. Governance Management

    • Overall Responsibility for organizing aspects of all meetings of OTF Board and AGM

    • Record minutes and maintain official records of all meetings of OTF

    • Ma

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