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Ancient Egyptian Religion Ancient World History Mr. Blais

Dec 22, 2015



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  • Ancient Egyptian Religion Ancient World History Mr. Blais
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  • Basic Principals of Egyptian Religion Like most ancient civilizations the Egyptians were polytheistic. Their gods and goddesses controlled all aspects of nature Egyptians also lived in a theocracy where their governments rule was based on religious authority
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  • The Pharaohs Pharaohs were seen as kings, priests, and gods. Pharaohs were believed to rule the earth as the gods ruled the heavens. People believed what happened in Egypt was directly dependent on the pharaohs actions Pharaohs also controlled all aspects of government and religious rituals
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  • The Afterlife Egyptians were one of the first peoples to believe in the concept of eternal life, or life after death. This is why the Egyptians developed elaborate burial rituals such as mummification (preservation of the physical body) and built elaborate tombs for their pharaohs called pyramids
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  • Mummies and Tombs Mummification was practiced by Egyptians because they believed that every individual would need their body in the after life Tombs were used as a place to store the body and all the possessions the deceased individual would need in the afterlife (clothes, weapons, jewelry, furniture, etc.) Tombs were constructed and designed to protect the body and its possessions for eternity
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  • Atum The Creator God
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  • Ra and Amon-Ra OLD KINGDOMNEW KINGDOM The Sun God King of the Gods and the Sun God [A combination of the god of Thebes (Amon) and the Sun god (Ra). ]
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  • Hapi (Hapy) God of the Nile and its Yearly Flood
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  • Osiris God of the Underworld and Agriculture
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  • Isis Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood (Wife of Osiris)
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  • Anubis God of Mummification
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  • Set (Seth) God of Chaos, Storms, and Disorder (Brother of Osiris)
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  • Horus God of the Sky (Son of Osiris and Isis)