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Jul 19, 2015



Cross out the wrong verb

QuizCross out the wrong verbDo/Does you get up early at the weekend.Is/Are you good at maths.Do/Does your best friend live near you?Do/Does your teacher give suprise tests?

Is/Are history and geography interesting.Do/Does your parents let you stay out late?

Is/Are video games expensive?Do/Does you and your friends study together for tests?

Is/Are football boring?

Is/Are your teachers strict?Tom is/are good at English.Circle the right verb

Do/Does you forget to do your homework?Is/Are science your favourite subject?Do/Does your Croatian teacher shout in class? Is/Are you interested in history?Why is/are maths difficult for many students?My headmasters surname is/are Mr.Roberts.Do/Does students study hard for their tests?

Ian is/are absent today.Napravila: Alma Vrabac