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    May 2013

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    Come on, like we would put a Quo tributeband on the cover!Although if we had, I could have at leastpretended that we took the shot in thatparticular location because the plants inthe background look like matchstick men...Instead, we chose the image of Gary Bestat Co

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    40 Meal ReviewThe Plough and Attic Rooms in Rusperhas an abundance of character

    51 HistoryPart two of our fascinating look at Bainbridge Copnalls career in art

    6 News Round-UpWhats making headlines, including a revamp of the Millennium Maze

    66 How InterestingHorsham has featured in two booksby the creator of Sherlock Holmes

    10 Cricket FestivalSussex will take on Somerset beforethe Sharks face Kent at the festival

    62 Group DiscussionAfter 30 years, Sunbeam SwimmingClub is still oAering a vital service

    31 Housing PlansWe look at the new developmentsbeing built around the district

    19 ArtThe incredible three dimensional creations of Warnhams Lesley Tayor

    24 Co>ee RealMeet the roaster who believes most of the coAee we drink is dreadful!

    58 MusicMeet Quo-caine ahead of theirbiggest gig yet at the Capitol


    46 One to WatchTom Hayward only started playing golfproperly in 2010. Hes now a pro...

    This month we will be introducing a new delivery round in the Queensway and

    Chesworth Lane area of Horsham



    My Story So FarPaul Bellringer on changing the gambling industry for the better


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  • 6If you liked Piazza Italia...1: ...then youll simply love the BroadwoodMorris Day of Dance in Horsham on 11th May.Theyre more or less the same thing, except instead of fast cars, Jne food and opera youhave bearded men wearing bells and braces,skipping around waving hankies in the air.Sometimes they trade the hankies for sticks,and gently bang them together. Warning, thisevent may contain accordions...

    2: You want more Morris dancing? The TannersArms in Brighton Road, Horsham, plays host tothe Magog Morris Dancers on Tuesday, 21stMay, at 6pm. The Magog will be performing avariety of traditional dances accompanied bylive folk music. If were making this a MorrisDancing special, wed best not forget that oneof the Broadwood Morris Men stalwarts, OldHarry, passed away recently. Horsham Museumand Art Gallery will be displaying one of his costumes, kindly donated by his daughter.

    3: Two therapists have organised a Health andBeauty show to be held at The Holbrook Clubin support of the CoCos Foundation. HilaryCollis of Wellbrook Therapies and Pat Unglessof Hakalau Life host the event on Wednesday,22nd May from 3.30 - 9.30pm. There will benumerous professionals present to oIer helpand advice on many subjects linked to theHealth and Beauty industry. CoCos is a wonderful charity, and one weve featured on







    several occasions in AAH, so please supportit if you can. Tickets must be purchased inadvance to enable you to book your freetaster session. They cost 10 which includestea or coIee, a goodie bag and prize drawentry.

    4: Belles Events will be hosting a Vintageand Retro Fair on 26th May at 12-5pm. AtAAH, were not entirely sure what falls underretro and vintage. But we think retromainly relates to the early 1970s, preferablyitems in red, yellow and brown, or things associated to Space Invaders. Whilst vintageis anything thats either light pink or blue witha striped background. Well, its not a precise description! Anyway, youll Jnd fashion,accessories, furniture, retro home wares andtoys at The Drill Hall in Denne Road. You canalso grab a cupcake and a drink in the Pop-Up Vintage Tea Room run by SplendidOccasions.

    5: As part of the Shipley Arts Festival, theBernardi Chamber Ensemble are playingMusic from the time of William Penn at theBlue Idol, Coolham, on Friday, 18th May at7.30pm. The festivals international level musicians will be performing HandelsWater Music, The Harmonious BlacksmithBachs Air from suite no.2, and Suite for

    Flute plus movements from John RuttersSuite Antique. There will also be readings bymembers of the local and Quaker communitytogether with patron the Earl of Lytton (LordByrons great grandson) and Lucy West. Tickets cost 28 from

    6: Many of the artists youve read about inthis magazine over the last two years will beinvolved in Horsham Artists Open Studios inJune. The event sees local artists open theirhouses, studios or group venues to the public, showcasing and demonstrating theirwork. This year will be a little diIerent as theopening weekend will be held at SedgwickPark. Its held on 1516th June and 2223rdJune.

    7: AirJx fans will enjoy a new book by Pulborough author Arthur Ward. The OtherSide of Airx, published by Pen and SwordBooks, is a full account of the rise and fall ofone of the leading toy brands of our age. Thebook includes several pages dedicated to thework of the late Southwater artist Bill Stallion,who was responsible for some of the most memorable AirJx box covers. The book (ISBN9781848848511) is available at

    8: Two successful business women have used

    Picture by Annamarie Stepney

  • AAH News Round-up

    their combined experience to write theirown book. The Team Formula: A LeadershipTale of a Team who found their Way, byMandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, isbased on a team in the world of internationalbusiness struggling with conLicts followinga company merger. Mandy and Elisabetshare their professional secrets of leadingteams at global organisations in this must-read book for leaders and team members.

    9: HAODS (Horsham Amateur Operatic andDramatic Society) present Pride and Prejudiceat the Capitol on 19th - 22nd June. Ticketscost 13 from 01403 750220.

    10: Horsham In Bloom Committee hasstarted work on improving the MillenniumMaze in Horsham Park. The maze, based onlegends of Horsham, opened in 2001. Abronze sculpture of the St Leonards Forestdragon, created by Horsham artist HannahStewart, sits in the mazes centre, whilst otherfeatures include giant dragon eggs, a fairyborder and a Sussex by the Sea themed corner. Due to the popularity of the maze, anumber of the features have been removeddue to wear and tear, whilst several plantspecimens could not survive a never-endingstream of childrens feet. Realising the mazehas been looking tired for a time, In Bloom





    has embarked on a project to revitalise themaze. Already, work has begun on pathways,and new benches will be put in place. Noticesmay be installed to inform visitors aboutsome of the local legends. Plants will addnew colour, but there will still be places forchildren to explore. When the maze was Krstcreated, it was well supported by HorshamDistrict Council as well as a number of localbusinesses. If you can help with this new project, please contact In Bloom on 01403215491 or visit

    11: It isnt an obvious location for a movieabout toxic fumes on aeroplanes, but in Junea Klm crew will be rolling into Horsham toshoot scenes for A Dark Re"ection. The Klm,scheduled for release in 2014, will tackle theissue of contaminated air in aircraft. Writerand director Tristan Loraine hopes that theKlm will play an important role in making airtravel safer. Tristan reports that the script is almost complete, and that he is looking forlocal investors and support to fund the co-operative project. The last feature Klm by Tristans Fact Not Fiction Films, 31 North 62East, premiered at the Capitol in 2009.

    12: Do the next Brownlee brothers reside inHorsham? Probably not, as the chances of twosiblings with that same rare surname alsoachieving Olympic triathlon gold is supremely

    unlikely. Nonetheless, Horshams Krst YouthTriathlon will hopefully unearth some talentwhen its held in the Pavilions in the Park andHorsham Park on Sunday, 23rd June. Thetriathlon will comprise a series of eight racesbased on diIerent age (from 8-18) and experience ranges. For entry details or call IanFord, Sports Development OJcer at HorshamDistrict Council, on 01403 215634.

    13: Warnham Mill is soon to re-open as a Veterinary Surgery, and the new owners atArthur Lodge Veterinary Group are keen touncover the buildings lost history. Vet Julian Peters said: The Mill has not been recordedin any known documents or books making itvery diJcult to track down any information.Therefore, the general public will be of greathelp in our project and I would encourageanyone who knows anything to get in touch.Email if you canhelp. Everything found will be displayed atthe opening of the Warnham Mill Veterinary Surgery on Friday, 7th June. If youre lookingfor the picture, its on Page 8...

    14: Cancer Research UK will bring its popularRace for Life to Horsham Park on Sunday, 2ndJune.

    15: There is a new man at the helm of The



  • News Round-up


    01403 800600



    The local company that pays thebest price for your car... Guaranteed!






    Candy Box in Horshams Carfax. HowardBayliss has spent over 25 years in bankingand Bnance, but felt the need to do something totally di@erent. Already, Howardhas forged partnerships with other localbusinesses, with all sandwiches, rolls andbaguettes in the newsagents now being supplied by Paninos. He has also expandedthe range of specialist tobacco since the closure of Burkitts in Middle Street.

    16: This is Tiny Bobby, who could just be the

    worlds smallest lamb. He was born at FishersFarm Park in Wisborough Green, weighingonly 2.2lbs, and his vital statistics have beensent to the Guinness World Records. Sta@ areconBdent he will soon be recognised as theworld's smallest lamb. The Daily Mail ran anextensive piece on its website. Readers madehelpful comments such as Hi Cutie Pie, obviously forgetting that not only can TinyBobby not read, but hes unlikely to be interested in cross-species online dating. Fornow, at least. Silly Daily Mail readers!

    17: A Garden and Local Produce Fair, in aid ofSt Catherines Hospice New Horizons Appeal,will be held at Summers Place, Billingshurst,on Thursday, 16th May. Pippa Greenwoodwill oAcially open the fair at 10.30am andwill be there all day to talk to visitors aboutgrowing fruit and vegetables in the garden.Early birds can enjoy a Bubbly Preview Breakfast (8.30 - 10.30am) with tickets costing 12.50. General admission is 4.

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  • News Round-up

    In recent times, visitors to the Horsham Festivalof Cricket have witnessed some remarkableresults.Perhaps the performance that most springsto mind is that by Sussex in 2010. Duringtheir County Championship match againstDerbyshire at Horsham, each of the Arst fourbatsmen in the line-up scored centuries inSussexs Arst innings.Ed Joyce (164), Chris Nash (156), Ben Brown(112) and Murray Goodwin (100*) hit theruns as Sussex amassed a mammoth total of576 for 3 declared as they won by an innings.Who knows what memories the popularCounty Cricket Festival will throw up thisyear? The festival is held at Horsham CricketClub in CricketAeld Road from Wednesday,22nd May to Saturday, 25th May.Sussex will play Somerset in Division 1 of the

    Liverpool Victoria (LV) County Championship.This will be followed on Sunday, 26th May bya one-day match against traditional foes,Kent, in a 40 over-a-side game in the Yorkshire Bank YB40 competition.Sussex CCC Arst played a championshipmatch at Horsham against Essex in 1908.Since then, Sussex have played well over 100Arst class matches at CricketAeld Road, some90 of which were in the championship, theremainder being limited over games.In that time, many Horsham cricketers haveplayed for Sussex. David Sheppard also played for England before becoming Bishop of Liverpool, whilstothers include Charlie and Jack Oakes, PaulParker and Chris Nash, the current Vice Captain of Sussex.County cricket was brought to a halt by the

    two World Wars. There was another breakthat lasted from 1957 until 1983. Althoughfriendly and one day matches were played atHorsham, championship cricket was not heldthere for 26 years.Since then, the festival has blossomed to thebeneAt of both club and county. It requires agreat deal of hard work by Horsham CC toprovide county class playing facilities, goodsupport by a cricket loving following and acommitment by Sussex to play in the northof the county.Once again this year it seems likely that Sussex will be challenging for honours. Somerset and Kent, their opponents, areboth strong sides, so the festival promisestwo high quality competitive matches.

    For more details visit

    Festival of Cricket Comes to Town...










    ! %%%""!!$




    SUSSEX CCC VS SOMERSET CCCWednesday 22nd May - Saturday 25th May. Play begins at 11.00am each dayTickets 15 per day for Adults. 5 for Juniors (18 & under)Gates open at 9.30am each day

    SUSSEX SHARKS VS KENT SPITFIRESSunday 26th May. Play begins at 1.45pmTickets 15 for Adults. 5 for Juniors (18 & under)Gates open at 12.15pm




    ALL 0844 264 0206CKETS OR CO.UK/TI

    ALL 0844 264 0206

  • 12

    I was born in Windsor, Berkshire, in 1943. Myfather was in the army and 4nished up in intelligence.

    He wasnt a particularly good father. I wasthe youngest of three children and it wasmy mother who was the constant parent.She brought us up single-handedly formuch of the time. I recall my childhoodbeing a happy time and I have memories ofgoing for walks around Windsor Castle.

    We moved to Cheltenham as my father movedto the new Government CommunicationsHeadquarters (GCHQ). I didnt distinguish myself at school, but I did enjoy my time withthe sea cadets. My brother had been throughthe cadets and joined the navy, and I woulddo the same thing.

    With the cadets, I learned how to play the

    Bosuns Call. I was also coxswain of awhaler, a 27-foot boat. Cheltenham didnthave a river so we used to practice on thelake, but one year we did very well andmade it to the area /nals held on theThames. I was told o- as my swearing hadwafted over to the bank and some of theladies were not impressed.

    I joined the navy a month before my 16thbirthday. I didnt want to follow my father into the army. I was on HMS Ganges, oppositeHarwich harbour, for my shore training and Iwas there for 18 months. In those days it wassaid to be tougher than being in a borstal andit toughened me up.

    They did a BBC television broadcast andout of 2,000 boys I was the one selected todo it. I went to broadcasting house and mymother was thrilled when it was on

    television. When I returned to the ship, the captain called me in and said: Very good, Bellringer, but keep out of the way of theSupply O.cer for the next few weeks. Thetelevision crew had asked me a questionabout the food on the ship and I had toldthem it wasnt very nice!

    Following that, I was on HMS Hermes for atime and then on a frigate, HMS Plymouth. Onthe aircraft carrier we went through a typhoonin the South China Sea. A few of us went tothe stern of the ship, tied ourselves to the railings and watched waves 40-foot highcrash by. It was the 4rst time in my life I hadexperienced a feeling beyond fear, but wewere all overcome with a sort of calmness. Itgave me a true appreciation of nature.

    In those days you didnt have cheap package holidays, so joining the navy was

    I havent beaten my addiction to the social

    impact of gamblingPaul Bellringer OBEof Horsham

  • My Story: Paul Bellringer

    a way of seeing the world. Whilst atHMS Terror, the Singapore NavalBase, I committed a minor infringement. But I was told I couldescape punishment if I donatedblood, so I did. I donated for the 9rsttime and I have now done so 80times. Im targeting 100.

    However, the navy wasnt a particularlyhappy experience for me so I left afternine years in 1968. My career hadntprogressed. I stayed on the lower deckbut I did at least educate myself. I wentin with no O Level and came out witheight O Levels and two A Levels. Im agreat believer that you can learn something from every experience youhave in life.

    I went back to Gloucestershire andfor a couple of years I worked forDowty Rotol, an engineering company, before moving to Londonin 1970. It was here that I became aSamaritan volunteer at St Stephen inWalbrook.

    I met my 3rst wife, Colette, who washalf-French. She then took a job withthe World Health Organisation inGeneva, and I went along with her for18 months. If I hadnt been British Iwouldnt have minded being Swiss!

    I returned to England in 1973 andtook a job with the probation service.I became very busy and this led tothe breakdown of my 9rst marriage.

    My favourite role with the probationservice was working for Croydon CrownCourt. In those days the probation

    service was very much part of the court systemand the judges would often call you into theirchambers to discuss sentencing.

    I feel I made a di7erence to the lives of someindividuals. With some o7enders though,you do have this revolving door syndrome.

    Due to circumstances or somebodys way ofthinking, it can be di2cult to break out of acriminal mentality, particularly if they are dealing with any form of addiction.

    Whilst at the Beckenham o8ce I became a liaison o8cer for a hostel called GordonHouse, which was a specialised place forpeople with gambling problems. It wasnamed after a great man called GordonMoody, who helped establish Gamblers

    Anonymous. He said: Paul, you have a realfeel for this. Perhaps you should take it further. Eventually, I did.

    I married for a second time, and my two sonsMatthew and Nathan were born in 1980 and1982, the year we moved to Chichester. I had returned to the probation service in a senior position. I stayed with them for another eightyears but all the while my interest in gamblingaddiction was developing.

    I began to do things with the West Sussex Probation Service to raise awareness of gambling addiction and by 1990 I had decided I was going to leave. I was con9dentwith the skills and attributes I had attained,so I set up a charity with the help of YouthClubs UK.

  • My attitude to gambling is that Im not against it.Ive gambled myself, although Idont do it very well


    Paul was one of the founders of GamCare, which continues to help thousands each year

    Together with a Board of Trustees we foundedthe UK Forum on Young People and Gambling.We ran it on a shoestring, but after three yearswe needed more money. People were not really interested in a national organisation ongambling, so I became a youth worker.

    Whilst the UK Forum was no longer a charity, I took it with me into the youthservice. I remember one memorable weekin Avon Tyrrell in the New Forest, when weran a week long seminar with young people from 14 di6erent European countries, all based on gambling.

    My attitude to gambling is that Im not againstit. Ive gambled myself, although I dont do itvery well, and its a perfectly legitimate activity.But it has an addictive element, so its up tothe industry, the government and of coursegamblers to treat it responsibly.

    In 1996, I was made redundant. I took thislittle lump of money and reformed thecharity and brought the trustees back together. I said: Its May, Ive got a youngfamily but I will halve the salary I had atYouth Clubs UK and Ill give it to the end ofthe year. If the charity is not viable Ill haveto get a proper job!

    On the 1st December I contacted the probation service and said help! as we wererunning into the sand. But two days later I hada meeting with David Rigg, CommunicationsDirector at Camelot. The result was thatCamelot put enough money on the table tokeep the charity going for another threemonths.

    In 1996, I got a group together that included Nigel Kent-Lemon, who had greatknowledge of the gambling industry. Welooked at the viability of establishing a national charity across all ages. It was myvision but he helped me tremendously.

    I had been three weeks away from throwing itall in. But with this new group we applied forLottery funding and they gave enough for usto fund ourselves for three years. We launchedGamCare in April 1997.

    I might condemn the gambling industry

    for not being responsible, but I had nevercondemned gambling and I think thathelped us to make progress. We receivedanother Lottery grant and gradually thecharity developed. We ran a helpline,counselling services, as well as educationand training on responsible gambling.

    The numbers of people we reached built upevery year and they continue to rise. We have74% of the adult population gambling in thiscountry and yet there is still moral ambivalenceto it. As human beings we are programmedto take risks and gambling is a stylised formof risk taking. People would do it whether itwas legal or not.

    We worked with, rather than against, the

    gambling industry and began to talk tothem about creating voluntary codes ofconduct. In 2000, four of us went to seeGeorge Howarth, who was the minister responsible for gambling, and pressed fora review. This happened, and I gave lots ofevidence, and that resulted in the Gambling Act 2005. I was one of three specialist advisors to a joint parliamentaryscrutiny committee.

    I was amazed at the pro4le I suddenly received. I was involved in an awful lot ofmedia work and would speak all around theworld. I was in Canada once when I spoke in alive radio broadcast in England. The phonerang when I was in the shower so I actuallygave the interview whilst sat on the bed stark




  • Do you have a story to tell?If you think your story so far would make an interesting read, please do get in touch with us on 01403 878026. A visit may cost you a cup of tea for

    Ben and Toby. We consider biscuits to be a welcome bonus.

    Made using only British Quality Assured Pork. Available fromour Horsham outlet or many other quality stockists

    We are a family run business & pride ourselves on using onlythe 3nest ingredients for all our sausages. We are continually

    creating new varieties to complement the more traditional4avours. Some of our most popular sausages include:

    Traditional Pork Cumberland Pork & Leek Pork, Sage & Red Onion Pork Garlic & Herb

    Pork & Apple

    Or for something a little different, why not try...

    Chorizo Style Chilli & Chocolate Pork & Wild Mushroom

    We also make sausages to your own unique recipes.

    Sausages by David Bell

    Unit 10, Blatchford Close,

    Horsham, West Sussex

    RH13 5RG 262233

    Find us at the local Produce Marketin the Carfax every Saturday

    Paul in Berlin days before the Wall came down

    The OBE is not my top achievement. Thatwould be ensuring that social responsibilitywas written into the Gambling Act.

    The industry has expanded a great deal in thelast 20 years. This in play market throws upnew challenges, as does the internet. Thishasnt created a new breed of gambler. It hascreated a migration of people who are vulnerable to having a problem with gamblingfrom one form of gambling, perhaps fruit machines, to another, such as casino machines.

    In my view, its rare that you should banany kind of activity. Its much better to legalise it, regulate it, enforce regulationand tax it.

    I left GamCare in 2004 having achieved what Iwanted to. I set up my own business for the-rst time, as a consultant on social responsibility. Im still involved in a nationalstrategy board on responsible gambling andIm a non-executive director of an organisationthat settles disputes between gamblers andoperators. After 33 years I still havent beatenmy addiction to the social impact of gambling.

    Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer in2006 and battled on until 2011. She remained an elegant dresser to the end andwould step out of that door with a smile onher face ready to help other people.

    She was the love of my life. I rather hoped wewould live long into old age together. But it

    didnt happen that way.

    The idea of turning the old putting greeninto a landscape garden had already beenmooted, but Anne was instrumental in making it happen. They needed 200,000and she made it. Half of that amount camefrom a Lottery grant, and Anne and the InBloom committee matched it.

    Sadly, the garden opened one month after shedied. But Im delighted that there is a gardenbench with a plaque dedicated to Anne. Iftheres nobody around and Im in town Ill goand sit down there for a while.

    They put an open stage in the garden and Irealised it wasnt really being utilised. Ithought I could make something happen. Iwanted to do something with a local focusthat brought joy and pleasure to people. Ialso wanted to prove to myself I wasnt a onetrick pony.

    I put together a committee, and last year weheld the -rst Horsham Garden Music Festival.We want the event to grow and make it a feature of the summer in Horsham. The ethos isthat its for the people by the people, and wehave a great mix of concerts, with a young musician showcase, and people with learningdisabilities performing.

    I turned 70 in February, but I havent gotused to being 60 yet. For as long as I can, Ijust want to go on making a di5erence.

  • Horsham Bedding Centre is a family-run bed shop with four levels dedicated to displaying beds,mattresses, bedroom furniture, bed frames, bed linen, sofa beds and headboards. We cater for all

    sectors of the market to suit every budget.

    We over 200 beds on display including full ranges from leading bed manufacturers such as Sealy,Silentnight, Rest Assured, VI-Spring, Jensen and Somnus. Our new bed linen department hassheets, duvet covers, duvets, and pillows from leading names including Belledorm, Christy Bed

    Linen, Dunlopillo and Monsoon. We also offer a free delivery and disposal service.

    Four Floors of Bedding at Unbeatable Prices

    Horsham Bedding Centre

    Medwin Walk, Horsham RH12 1AG



    Bring this Advert to claim your free mattressprotector when spending 300 (T&C apply)


    01403 249990

    5B East Mews, East Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1HJ

    STRANDS has held another Photo Shoot with some greatbefore and after, looks, demonstrating the fabulous talentof the Strands team! We excel through our passion for hairand our clients own individuality. Read how we transformedthe styles of three women...

    Get the Sexy look



    Maddie felt her hair colourwas too blonde so we addedsome striking low lights andgave her a choppy bob soshe can mix it up a bit. Shell#nd it allows for more naturalhair movement too.Colour, cut & styled by Tracy




    LizzieLizzie is a full time mumso she needs her hair tobe practical and easy tomanage. So we decidedto work on the colour.

    She had virgin hair, so weadded some honey andcopper to complement

    her natural features.Coloured & styled

    by Helen

    Before After


    Strands StylistsMake-up by Jackie Newman;Photographs by Toby Phillips


    Cheryl wanted a completechange so there was thefreedom to go for awhole new look. We cuther hair short and gave ita thicker look, thenturned to our strikingrange of red colours. Thecolour really brings outCheryls natural skintone. Colour by Nicole & styled by Brooke

  • 19

    I dont know if todays teenagers are intobedroom posters in a big way.But in my day wall decorations were important to an individuals social status.Therefore, there was a time when a day intoHorsham town would involve little morethan collecting rave 6yers from Heartbeatrecord store and visiting Athena to 6ipthrough the poster boards.I can only recall clearly a handful of the images. Theres the man cradling a baby(even though he didnt look the dad type),the tennis girl with an itchy bottom, and ababy that had been dressed up to look like aHells Angel biker with the heading Born tobe Wild.

    Another I remember clearly was Lunchtimeatop a Skyscraper. Its a famous and wonderful photograph ofNew York builders on a girder during construction of the Rockefeller Center in 1932.So I was excited to see that Lesley Taylor ofWarnham will be taking inspiration from thisiconic image for her latest series of dramaticthree dimensional, humorous artworks.Lesley is working on her own unique interpretation of the image. There will be fewer than the eleven men onthe original image, and the workmen in thethree part series will all be wearing shades.As well as Shades of New York, the artist willbe creating Shades of London and Shades

    of Paris.She said: I used a scroll saw to cut my cityscenes below the workmen. I initially usedjust one piece of wood for the whole scene,but it looked 6at. You could see it was London but there was no depth. So I thought about making the city scene intwo or three layers, and eventually I went forfour layers. My father was very skilled with wood andhe encouraged me to watch and learn fromhim. I know about di5erent types of woodand the problems each brings, so I have areasonably practical brain and Im not halfbad at DIY. This is a di5erent way of applyingthat skill.

    A splash of colour makes

    Everything All WhiteLesley Taylor has attracted the attention of London galleries with her threedimensional art. Shes now embarking on her most ambitious project yet...

  • I like how the piece is coming along now.Its not geographically accurate, but its arepresentation of the city and there isenough detail in there for people to knowthe buildings. I took an age researching architectural features and the relative heights of buildings, before ditching scale as it was nonsense. I just made features such as theEmpire State Building and Ei1el Towerstand out in the skyline. I hope people realise that it is Paris and notBlackpool!Thanks to her unusual method of paintingin brilliant white and using a splash ofcolour to introduce a touch of humour toher art, Lesley has come a long way in ashort time. Discouraged from pursuing art as an occupation, a weekly pottery class was hersole creative output as Lesley instead developed a career in consulting on childrens services.A change of government policy (one Lesleyactually agrees was good for childrensservices) during the recession saw a reduction in Lesleys workload. At the age of 49, Lesley felt it was now ornever for her art career.She said: I had always worked on the threedimensional art form as a hobby, so Ithought Id go for it. I was looking for a way in which I could

    produce something that I thought could bequite commercial. Im not embarrassed bythat.Humour was always important. I knew Iwanted to work white on white as personallyI like it as a style and Im drawn to artworkwhich is simplistic in its colour spectrum. ButI wanted something that I thought wouldgrab peoples attention. We were renovating a dilapidated house in

    Su1olk, and everything that could go wronghad gone wrong in that house. Walls camedown, people put their feet through stairs; itwas a real labour of love.Then one day I saw one of the workmenkick a can of paint over, and somethingclicked in my mind. The idea of the splash ofcolour came to me. Thats where the originalidea for the 2rst Drip series came from.It was a tough learning process though, and


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  • One day I saw oneof the painters kicka can of paint overand it just clicked

    Art: Lesley Taylor

    Lesley initially made mistakes on manyfronts. She used an acrylic paint whichdiscoloured after a time, leading to 26canvases being thrown into the bin. After consulting paint manufacturers,Lesley turned to a matt-based woodpaint which can, when primed, be usedon other materials as well.The characters used in Lesleys artworkwere also problematic. Initially, she usedclay and thought the process of makingand shaping models would be simple. It wasnt.Lesley found the clay was drying out andcracking, and so after speaking to LydiaSanderson at The Art Academy inFoundry Lane, decided to actually learnhow to make moulds and cast 7gures atthe Sussex Sculpture Studios in PartridgeGreen (now in Billingshurst). Andrew Brown, a tutor at the Studios,suggested Lesley used Chevant clay, andhelped her to develop an understandingof making moulds and cast using resinfrom moulds. Lesley said: The size and scale of the 7gures has not changed, but youll seethe early ones do not have much detail. Itwas the best I could manage and I didnot want to overcomplicate the 7gures asI needed to get them out of the mould. As Ive gone on, Ive tried new things,and some ideas have worked while others have failed. In the Vin Rouge series, I made twelvechefs and was happy with four of them.You dont know until the little 7gure popsout of the rubber mould if hes going towork.Lesley suspected she had a good ideawith the Drip series, but needed theviews of other people. So she held a private viewing in order to gauge reaction. She said: I 7nished that Drip series in2011, using red, blue, green, and yellowas the colours for the paint spillage. Some people just came along andthought no, that isnt for me but generallythere were two reactions. The 7rst wasIts brilliant. The other response was Ivenot seen anything like that before.That was a real buzz for me as I hadntseen anything like it either. Ive seenthree dimensional artwork in white, butwhat made it di6erent was the humourand the splash of colour. The ideas developed from there. I was having lunch one day when

  • 22

    ACS Designs is a building design practice based in Horsham, formed in 2005.

    The practice o)ers a personal and dedicatedteam who provide a multi-disciplinary designservice from concept to completion. With morethan 30 years combined in-house expertise, wework from simple sketches to full tendered designs on projects throughout the South of

    England and East Anglia.

    At ACS Designs, we believe that a projects success is founded on a good working relationship and we actively promote

    partnering on all of our projects. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needsand responding with creative and cost e)ectivesolutions for a wide range of projects from thesmaller domestic extension or conversion, rightup to large new build and commercial schemes.


    somebody knocked over a glass of red wine, and Ithought that would be a striking image. I sawbungee jumping and I could see how well thatwould work too. I see things happen that make me smile, and itstrikes a chord with me. Before long, Lesleys art had attracted the attentionof London galleries. Her brother-in-law helped herto exhibit in an empty shop in Su3olk which led toa number of sales. As a result, Lesley applied to exhibit at the 2011Reading Contemporary Art Fair and the UntitledArtist Fair in Chelsea Old Town Hall.

    Lesley said: Both of those shows were expensive,just to show for the weekend in a very small space.I was nervous too. In my previous life Ive stood upin front of 400 people at conferences, but standingin front of my work at those shows, I was petri4ed. Iwas dreading people hating them. It was more emotional than anything I had donebefore, because its your own artwork. Im pleasedto say that, overwhelmingly, the feedback was reallypositive and as a consequence my work was seenby a couple of London galleries, including TheWool3 Gallery, which predominantly representsthree dimensional artists.

    To create the illusion of a

    splash is verydifcult. It waslike a medical


  • Art: Lesley Taylor


    # $+""&'%#$(%!$)!+%#




    They havent sold thousands of my pictures but it is quite athrill to know that somebody is willing to pay the sort of pricesthat the gallery is charging.An even bigger thrill though was having the Open Studioshere last year, with local people coming to my studio at homeand buying art. I didnt expect that.Perhaps the key to Lesleys success is her commitment to detail.In one of her larger Drip canvases she needed 17 attempts tomake it look authentic. The erst envisaged.To make the red wine look real was a 10 month challenge,said Lesley. Not on a day-by-day basis as to protect my sanity Ineeded to walk away from it. To create the illusion of a splash is very di=cult. It kept lookinglike a medical accident rather than a bottle of wine. Eventually Itipped a bottle of red wine on to a sheet of white paper andsaw that it just went everywhere. Resin doesnt splash - it sticks - so you have to fabricate that erst weekend (15-16 June) will see the localartists involved exhibiting at Sedgwick Park House. On the second weekend (22-23 June), Lesley will be openingher studio at her Warnham home and will be joined by DeniseBliss, Jo Willis and Steve Gubbins. She said: The Shades of London piece is one of the most timeconsuming pieces that Ive attempted, in terms of physicalhours, but Im really pleased with how its progressing. I hopeitll be a commercial success as I think its a really cool idea!

  • The furnace pond is near Mannings Heath, next to the A281

    Most cafes arechucking out


    COFFEEfor coffees sakeFor a drink that is enjoyed so frequently byso many of us, we know remarkably littleabout co;ee.Did you know, for example, that the bean is aseed inside a bright red berry that onlygrows in a bean belt between the tropics ofCancer and Capricorn? Or that Charles II issued a proclamation in 1965 banning co;ee houses?It is also the case that most of us usuallydrink poor quality co;ee. That is, at least, according to Gary Best at Co;ee Real, based

    on the Graylands Estate in Horsham.He said: There are good cafes around thatare as fussy about co;ee as we are. But mostcafes are not serving co;ee correctly. Even if they have rubbish co;ee anyway,they are not getting the best out of it. Thereare many attributes to making great co;ee,but its all to do with education and training. You do have the occasional cafe that springsup that is totally engaged with co;ee products and know what they are doing, butthats rare.

    Most are chucking out co;ee for co;eessake.Gary has been on a mission to educatepeople about the value of good co;eesince Co;ee Real was formed in 2007.Along with his wife and business partner,Maarit Lotvonen, he has immersed himself in sourcing the best Arabica co;eebeans from all over the world and roastingthem to the highest standards.He said: My background is in marketing,and I spent 17 years working for an American logistics company, based in theUK but travelling a lot. That came to an end, and I thought whatam I going to do now? Maarit also wanted a new challenge. Wewere a little eccentric in that we wereroasting co;ee at home. We would go outfor a meal once a month but it would always be to a good restaurant. Every time

  • Coffee Real

    we would have good food, good wine, thenat the end of the meal, there would bedreadful co9ee. With every single restaurant or hotel wewent to, we would :nd that we were makingbetter co9ee at home. I know that sounds arrogant, but it is true.We would have people around for dinner,and they would say this is fantastic co9ee,where did you buy it from? It was our own.After a while, a couple of local businessesasked the couple to provide them with co9ee. As a result, Gary and Maarit decidedto create a business plan together. They installed a 12 kilogram roaster in theirgarage at home, but eventually grew to theextent that they needed to move the business to a barn. They then needed to knock through and expand the size of the barn three times asCo9ee Real expanded, before they moved to

    a larger unit on the Graylands Estate last November. The company has stuck to its original ethosof roasting high quality co9ee, and has so farresisted blending co9ee.We dont blend anything, said Gary. All ofthe co9ees we have are from top qualityfarms from around the world. At the moment, for example, we are roasting:ve di9erent beans from Brazil, and if youwere to put them all in a cup and try them allyou would notice that they are completelydi9erent. One might be nutty, one sweet, whilst another might have a hint of apple. The;avour range varies wildly in a single country.So we focus on single estate co9ee and thatis what is di9erent about us. Some companiesmight blend a Colombian, a Guatemalan anda Costa Rican bean to come up with whatthey think is a good blend.

    We dont do that. We only blend our espressos. You can havea single estate espresso, but usually they areblended as you need a base ;avour as wellas some kind of fruit and sweetness. You wont get nutty, caramel notes out of aKenyan bean, so you have to blend and design beans together to get a di9erenttaste.Originally, Co9ee Real bought their co9eebeans from a UK wholesaler but now theybuy about half of their beans directly fromfarms. They travel regularly and have recently returned from a 17 day co9ee hunting expedition in India. A crop that has just arrived from the sub-continent has been used in their newBorn Free espresso blend, which raises fundsfor the Horsham-based international wildlifecharity. The blend was launched at an OpenDay on 17th April, and to celebrate the

    Gary Best, Maarit Lotvonen and Damian Botting

  • 26

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    You cant sit onyour backside inthe UK and just buycoffee and roast it.You will never getthe quality

    initiative, Virginia McKenna OBE,founder and trustee of the Born FreeFoundation, roasted the 3rst batch.Gary said: Weve been to Central America, South America, all over Africa.Were going out to Tanzania at the endof the year as we want to 3nd two goodfarms there. I really like Ethiopian co2ee and Africanco2ees are generally stellar.You cant sit on your backside in the UKand just buy co2ee and roast it. You willnever get the quality. You need to seethe farm and understand how the co2ee is grown and immerse yourself inabsolutely everything to do with whatends up in the customers cup. If youve never seen them pick thecherries, met the farmer, witnessed the fermentation process and everythingthat goes into selecting co2ee beans,then you dont understand the process.In my view, any co2ee roaster who hasnot been to a co2ee farm is not a properco2ee roaster.There is one farm called Tiger Pond inChikmagalur that we are starting towork with, and they are coming overthis year to visit.They want to better their co2ee andwant to export more. We tell them whatour customers are looking for, whichthey dont know. But they do knowabout co2ee farming. We have to marryour knowledge together.The amounts of co2ee coming in from

    Gary Best at Coee Reals new unit at the Graylands Estate

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    The Childrens Trust, Tadworth, is a national charity which providesspecialist care for children with multiple disabilities and complex healthneeds, and rehabilitation to children with an acquired brain injury.

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    Live music plus much more!

    Registered Charity No. 288018

    Hosted by:

    In aid of

    Sat 15 th & Sun 16 th June 2013Dunsfold Park, Surrey

    Supported by

    Coffee Real

    single estates can be very small, perhaps even a single bag if it is asmall farm. But the amount of moneypaid for a pound of co2ee can riseconsiderably if it is from a farm with agood reputation.Sometimes, the farms will send smallsamples to co2ee roasters such asCo2ee Real, and if they like it they caneither go straight to the estate to buyco2ee, or buy bags at auction on theCo2ee Exchange. Just like wine, quality makes a hugedi2erence. As a commodity, co2eecosts about $1.42 per pound, but onerecent arrival of Bolivian co2ee costabout $20 per pound. And when it does arrive at Co2eeReal, the business works like a laboratory. The co2ee is roasted in sixdi2erent ways to discover which4avour pro3le best suits the originalbean.These are now roasted in a new100,000 machine. Gary said: The3rst roaster we had is a traditionalroaster and people have been roasting co2ee like that since the1800s. This new machine still only roasts 36kilograms, so its still a small batchroaster, but it roasts in what is close tobeing an inert environment, so thereis hardly any oxygen in the roastchamber.When you are roasting, the onething that attacks co2ee and gets ridof aroma and 4avour is oxygen. So ifyou take that element away you arelocking in 4avour. It is about

    Virginia McKenna meets GaryBest at the launch of a new BornFree blend in April

  • 28

    maintaining the quality. It is also environmentally friendly. Webought it because it o1ers quality, but itis smokeless. In a traditional roaster youget smoke and in the roast chamber itshard to get rid of that smoke element sothe co1ee takes on a hint of smoke. We want to keep the individual 3avournotes of co1ee, and the new roasterhelps us to do that.Co1ee Real has three main sources of income. They sell roasted beans, mainly tofarm shops and delicatessens includingThe Village Larder in Washington, VillageGreens in Ockley and New House Farm inHorsham. So far, they have refused to selltheir soul and target supermarkets.Secondly, they sell on their website. People can go online and buy any of the50 or so di1erent single estate co1ees ornine espresso blends.

    Maarit Lotvonen founded the company with Gary at home in 2007

    Thirdly, Co1ee Real has a food service. Gary said: We dont work with anybody. Wemake sure that, whoever they are, they aregoing to be brewing the co1ee correctly. Sowe primarily deal with selected hotels, cafesand restaurants. We will work with a GreasyJoe at the Truck Stop if theyre interested inproducing a 2ne cup of co1ee. Our aim is to continue to get our co1ee tohotels and restaurants and show them that

    our co1ee is so much better than what theyhave. These eateries should be treating theirco1ee like they treat their wine. The other thing that will happen eventually isthat we will open what we would term as abrew bar. Itll be nothing like a caf, it will bepurely co1ee.

    For more information on the company

    We will work witha Greasy Joe at theTruck Stop iftheyre interestedin producing a necup of coffee

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  • There is, legend has it, a man who reallydoes have a pound for every time hes seena newspaper headline about housing developments in Horsham.His pile of money is so massive, that it is visible from space, and if each coin wasplaced one on top of the other, it wouldreach Jupiter.This legend may not be true (Ive neverbeen to space so couldnt say) but certainlyhousing development issues dominate thelocal political landscape.However, most of us residents tend to scanover the headlines, unless a developmentdirectly a9ects us. After a while every green;eld housing plan, every governmentbuilding target, every plea from concernedvillagers, every claim of great-crested newtsliving on an earmarked site, all sort of blendtogether.So whilst we know that some housing isbeing built, were not entirely sure where

    itll be built, when itll be built, and who willbe building it. And its not until were sat intra:c for half an hour weaving around diggers churning up the A264 CrawleyRoad, that we really care!AAH has visited some of the sites beingbuilt to ;nd out how various developmentsare progressing, and we look at what elsewe can expect in the future

    Well, lets start with the A264 siteThis is a site being developed by CrestNicholson, and itll eventually be a wholenew neighbourhood to the west of Crawleywith some 2,500 homes on a 132 hectareestate. The entire scheme will be deliveredin ;ve phases, the ;rst of which will see 291homes ranging from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom homes.

    Is this the one we all called Crawsham?That was how it was cleverly coined in the

    local media, as it is a combination of Crawley and Horsham

    Yeah, I get itBut its actually called Kilnwood Vale, afterKilnwood Copse which stands where thehomes will be built. The developer is sticking to that wonderful British traditionof naming an estate after what once stoodthere. Soon well introduce you to GreatOaks in Horsham and the strangely namedAll of This Was Just Fields development.

    So is Kilnwood in the Borough of Crawleyor the District of Horsham?Its in Horsham (it ;lls much of the gap between Faygate and Bewbush) but it isright on the boundary of Crawley. The twocouncils worked closely to make it happen,and Crawley has been allocated more than100 a9ordable homes on the site as part ofthe deal.

    I Remember When All This

    Was Just FieldsNew homes are sprouting up all over the place and more developments arelikely to be approved soon. What does it all mean for Horshams future?

    Construction is being carriedout at a rapid pace at BerkeleysHighwood Estate

  • 32

    How long will the delays last?It could be a little while yet. They are tryingto build a new roundabout which will be themain access point for Kilnwood Vale. TheA264 will at least always remain open, butwith tra?c management schemes and speedrestrictions in place. At least this has beenthe @rst priority, as oppose to buildinghouses quickly.

    When are the houses coming?They hope to have a show complex builtsoon, with the @rst residents moving in perhaps later this year. A long way down theline, Crest Nicholson has committed to build aneighbourhood centre with a library, as well asa care home, primary school, pub, supermarketand a railway station. Stephen Stone, ChiefExecutive of Crest Nicholson, commented:We have spent a long time ensuring that weare creating a new and thriving neighbourhood complete with all the supporting lifestyle and leisure facilities necessary for a vibrant and sustainable community.

    Why would they do that?With any sizeable modern site, developerswill usually o>er new community facilities, orprovide @nancial support to existing facilities.

    Not only does it help encourage a co-operativeneighbourhood, but it may also help the developer when it comes to convincing thecouncil to give their scheme the green light.Berkeley Homes, for example, was fortunatethat so many of our district councillors areBMX fanatics; the developer is building aBMX track at the new Highwood estate.

    Which one is Highwood?Highwood is one of the two big new estatesbeing built around Broadbridge Heath to theWest of Horsham. At the moment, constructionvehicles access the site from the A24 southbound, near the Broadbridge Heathroundabout.

    Not the road next to Tesco then?No, thats another development. The Highwood estate is being developed byBerkeley Homes and will eventually have1,044 homes. The site next to the Tesco entrance is called Wickhurst Green, a projectbeing led by Countryside Properties. Thatllhave about 1,000 homes too, when its allcompleted. Wickhurst Green and Highwoodboth fall under the West of Horsham development plan, but Highwood is at amore advanced stage at the moment.

    How advanced? They sold all of the initial 32 homes, made upof 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom luxury properties,four months after they @rst revealed theproperties to the public in July 2012. Berkeley Homes is now pressing on with development ahead of schedule. JanineLeadbeater, Head of Marketing, told AAH:We looked at the schedule and thought 32would see us through our @rst year but in reality they have sold so well that we havebrought forward our second and thirdphases.

    Is Highwood where they *lm DesperateHousewives?Its true that they do have more than a touchof American inAuence about them . Janinesaid: We love the arts and crafts movementof the late Edwardian period, before it became more Art Deco focused. There was atime when there many buildings of this nature being development in the States, particularly in the New England area, and sowhilst it was a British-inspired movement itwas adopted by America.

    Has it been di)cult to sell these Americanstyle homes?Not according to Berkeley, who say they

    Above: Homes at the Highwood estate have a Wisteria Lane look to them, and are immaculately presented by a specialist *nishing team

    Countryside Properties have equally gone to town with decorating the showrooms at the Wickhurst Green estate in Broadbridge Heath

  • Housing in Horsham

    invested a lot into planning, design andlayout of the site. Janine said: The Berkeley style appeals to people. Thereare also no DIY requirements, but people are able to mark their signatureon to a property by selecting from arange of di3erent interior design styles,kitchens, carpeting and 5ooring.

    So what community facilities willBerkeley provide?There are focal points at Highwood suchas greens, a community centre, allotments and a BMX track. TanbridgeSchool is greatly impacted by the development, so Berkeley has created anew footpath for pupils and worked withthe school to provide sports pitches.Theyre also investing in the RiversideWalk which winds its way through theestate. During the planning process,fears had been raised about water levelson the Arun during heavy rainfall, butBerkeley says this is not a concern.

    What about the smell though?From the Southern Water site nearby?Not as much of an issue as it was, asBerkeley has invested nearly 3.5millionin making the treatment works more e4cient. You might have noticed thatthe smell has gone...

    So whats next up at Highwood then?Thatll be The Square, which is like a classic London garden area. Its set to become the most prestigious address atHighwood. Residents in Georgian-stylefour bedroom town houses can look out

    Berkeley is building a BMXtrack at their newHighwood estate

    Countryside Properties are developing Wickhurst Green with David Wilson Homes and Bovis Homes, o$ering more traditional-style homes

  • 34

    to manicured hedges, feature trees and asculpture of a mare and foal by Marcus Cornish.

    Those wont be the aordable homesthen!No. To be honest, a?ordable homes isntsomething that Berkeley really likes to talkabout. For the Arst phase of 196 properties,just 12% will be a?ordable housing. There isno set rate for the rest of the development,so they will not necessarily up the rate so itaverages out to 20%. The rate will be decidedat each separate stage of planning. Janinesaid: We do have a Bexible programme. Weare a commercial business so we will build inresponse to the market place. Likewise, wewant to meet the demands of the area.

    So where are these houses?You can access the Highwood estate fromHills Farm Lane. But the main access point toHighwood will eventually be on the A24, alittle further south of where the current construction access point is. Itll mean majorroad works as the new roundabout will

    include an access point to the WickhurstGreen estate on the other side of the road too.

    How long will this all take?A long time! Itll be at least ten years, perhaps15 years, until the whole Highwood estatehas been completed. Berkeley has at leastbeen making an e?ort to tidy up as it goesalong, cleaning the A24 regularly.

    Tell me about the chaps over the road?Wickhurst Green is a new development byCountryside Properties. Whilst its right nextdoor to Highwood, its billed as part ofBroadbridge Heath village. Construction tra@c uses an entrance next to NewbridgeNurseries, just o? the Billingshurst Road. Thedeveloper is going to be building a new access point for the nurseries there.

    Hows it dierent to Highwood?The house sizes are pretty similar, but theyare much more traditional in their design.Theyre a little behind Highwood in terms ofthe number of houses built, as work startedat a later date, but they did hold an Open

    Day for Great Oaks in February, which thesales team say was a great success, withmore than 100 families attending.

    Great Oaks?Thats the name given to the Arst stage of thedevelopment. Were guessing because that iswhat stood on the site before the diggers arrived. Much like High Wood. Anyway, GreatOaks will eventually comprise about 100homes, ranging from two to Ave bedrooms,with prices starting at 382,995. Already, atleast six homes have been sold, and the Arstcompletions are likely to be made in June.The aim is to have 28 units ready by September.

    How many units will be built at WickhurstGreen overall?There will be in the region of 960 homes intotal, but they will not all be built by Countryside Properties. David Wilson Homeshas already started work on some of the 135properties they are building, whilst BovisHomes will be constructing more than 300of the overall total.

  • Housing in Horsham

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    Are they also being stingy on the a ordable housingfront?Theyve agreed a 20% a/ordable housing rate. Theyve alsonamed di/erent types of houses after some of the names onthe Broadbridge Heath War Memorial.

    A nice touch...Yes, and relatives of some of those remembered, includingmembers of the Carter family and the Langridge family,have visited Wickhurst Green already.

    Will there be community facilities?There wont be a BMX track, so any 14-year-olds with a heftydeposit to put down on a house will be more likely to headfor Highwood. But there are plans for a new primary school,a village centre, recreation and sports facilities, and there islikely to be a few commercial units too. But most of these facilities will be built four or 0ve years down the line.

    Whats next then?Some of the larger family houses will be built in the nextphase and that work will begin towards the end of this year.They have just started work on the new marketing suite.Also, in the summer, Countryside Properties are hoping tohold an event to help integrate residents into the community.

    The Square will be the mostdazzling part of Highwood


    01403 218700

    Complimentary Initial Consultation and Home Visiting Service: Call 01403 218700

    Your Hearing Specialists

    Horsham Hearing Centre 22 Worthing Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1SLMon-Fri (9am-5pm)

    National Deaf Awareness Week is held on 6th-10th May and will be marked by events andmedia coverage across the country. We normally launch an awareness campaignduring the week to inform people about the issues around deafness. We dont use the worddeaf as we feel it does not really accurately describe our customers. If you are deaf then byde8nition you cannot hear anything at all. As Hearing Aid Specialists, we are in the professionof helping people to hear better by using stateof the art hearing aid technology to boost residual hearing levels. Our customers, therefore,are more accurately described as hard of hearingor hearing impaired. In other words, they have had normal hearingfor much of their lives and have gradually lostsome hearing clarity through the ageing processor from other causes such as noise damage.We therefore prefer to change the campaign inMay to Hearing Awareness Week and we will bedisplaying the poster seen on the right with theword Deaf crossed-out and replaced by Hearing.We are also o6ering hearing awareness informationand incentives throughout May, not just for theweek of the national campaign.

    During the month, we are o6ering free hearingtests and consultations to anyone who mayneed one. We use advanced audiometric testing including the latest Phoneme testfrom Swiss hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. We use a video otoscope to see inside yourears and we can show you the images on ascreen. If you need wax removal, we can o6erthis service free of charge throughout May. As the 8rst private healthcare company in WestSussex to o6er this service, we are pioneers inthis 8eld. We can also advise you on tinnitus, a conditionwhere you may experience ringing or soundsin your ears, and we have free informationavailable on all styles of digital hearing aidsfrom all the leading manufacturers. We also o6er a service and repair facility forany kind of hearing aid, as we are the onlyHearing Aid Company to have our ownmanufacturing and repair facility, alsolocated in Horsham, where we canquickly service or repair your hearingaids or make custom-8t earmoulds orearpieces.Throughout May, we are o6ering freedemonstrations and trials of all thelatest hearing aid technology. Once we have established the extentof your hearing di7culty, we willmatch you with the best technologyand let you try it before you make anycommitment. Furthermore, all customers who come in tosee us for a consultation during the month willbe eligible for a 20% discount o the normal

    price of any hearing aid! We guarantee to o6er the most professional service, the best technology and an unrivalled after-care service to all our customers. How are we so sure? Having been established in Horsham for 18 yearsthis year, we are con8dent that our

    reputation speaks for itself.

    Please call us on 01403 218700 or just call in!

    Give your hearing a Spring Clean!

    Hearing AwarenessHow good is your hearing?

    By Jonathan Ormerod of Horsham Hearing Centre

  • 37

    COUNTIESSOUTHERNhome improvements

    We are a local, family-run company, and all of ourwork is guaranteed and competitively priced. Weare fully insured and offer FREE quotations and advice. References are available on request

    EPDM Rubber Flat Roo*ng Flat Felt Roo*ng

    uPVC Fascias, Sof*ts & Guttering Re-roo*ng & Alterations Chimney Maintenance All new Cement Work

    Dormer & Velux Windows Etc Loft Conversions

    Tel: 01403 255792Mob: 07825 180303

    So theyre the three main developments locally are they?Yes. At the moment anyway

    Are there more in the pipeline?It would appear so. There are plans for a sevenacre housing site, incorporating 64 homes, inMannings Heath. The applicant has declared adesire to engage with the local community,but several villagers (and we suspect they represent the local majority) have voicedstrong opposition to the plan. Meanwhile, allsorts of things are going on in Southwater

    Give it to me in small doses!Firstly, Horsham District Council has sold landbetween Rascals Close and Shipley Road for1.7million. The land was sold with planningpermission for a development of at least 29homes, of which 11 will be a>ordable rentedaccommodation. A touch further south in thevillage, Bovis Homes are building about 115houses close the bypass. Those are not thedevelopments that the village is most worriedabout though

    My interest is waning despite the big build-up, but do carry onUp to 2,750 homes could be built on land tothe west of the village, with a host of facilitiesthat would bring bene?ts to the community.Currently the land is occupied by the Charmanfamily, who have farmed the land as tenantsfor four generations. They closed the dairy

    there but now run Southwater Meats. Berkeley Homes is behind a developmentplan which would, if given the go-ahead,transform the village. Whether or not itll befor the better is a matter of opinion.

    Cant the farmers just say no?They do not own the land. The land isowned by the Fletcher Trust. Speaking toAAH in 2012, farmer Barry Charman said: Itspretty unspoilt around here. Its the same asit was 300 years ago. We are the unspoiltcentre of Southwater and it would be ashame if the housing came here as once itsgone, its gone. Itll never come back.

    Is there much opposition in the village?Yes, mainly led by the Keep SouthwaterGreen campaign. They dispute Berkeleysclaim that its plan for new housing is builtaround a vision shared with the local community. In fact, they do more than dispute it. Dr Ian Thwaites, a spokesman forthe campaign group, wrote on the groupswebsite: In the face of overwhelming opposition from the people of Southwaterand its Parish Council for the last four years,it is a blatant lie.

    Well, what happens next then?

    New developments provide jobs for hundreds of local people

  • 38

    Southwater needs to wait and see if the siteis on the Local Plan, which is being preparedby Horsham District Council. They need tomake one, and this plan set out the councilsvision for a 20-year period.

    Will Southwater be on this Local Plan?The bookie certainly wouldnt be taking betson it! But whether itll be no homes, a smaller development of 500 homes, or an entire newneighbourhood, remains to be seen.

    So this plan names areas for possiblenew developments then?Indeed it does. Horsham District Council is

    working with parish and neighbourhoodcouncils and asking them each to preparetheir own Neighbourhood Plan too, settingout where any development could go andwhat that development could look like in aparticular area.

    Cant villages just say no to housing intheir areas then?Whilst the Neighbourhood Plan would beled by a parish or neighbourhood council, itwould need to be an evidence-based document and be in keeping with the overallLocal Plan. So they cant /nalise their ownplans until Horsham District Council has

    /nished theirs. And ultimately, the district council still makes the big decisions. Theymay not be popular, but of course these developments are of huge importance to thelocal economy and provide hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs.

    Yeah, yeah. When will the District Council9nish their Local Plan?Shouldnt be too long as some of the parishcouncils are pressing for them to get on withit. You can be sure though, that when it is released, itll make a few more housing related-headlines. Then maybe that pile ofpound coins might just reach Neptune

    !# "

    Garden Machinery Arborist Equipment Full Service Backup

    Stihl and Honda Dealership

    We are an ocial dealership forStihl and Honda. Stihl is a leadingmanufacturer of home and professional garden and forestry machinery. We stock a wide range of chainsaws, strimmers, blowers, vacuumcollectors and hand tools.For the perfect lawn then look no

    further than our huge range of Honda

    mowers for every garden size.

    Brighton Road, Lower Beeding, West Sussex, RH13 6NQ

    01403 891580

    Barry and Owen Charman could lose

    their farm to new housing in Southwater

    Work has started on the new Kilnwood Vale estate

    Marcus Cornish has produced a sculpture for The Square at Highwood

    For information on Neighbourhood Plans, visit the District Councils websiteat more on the Highwood estate visit and for the Wickhurst Green site go to Kilnwood Vale website is at and you can readabout the Southwater campaign at

  • Please call 01403 274691 for an Brighton Road, Horsham RH13 5BU

    Undercutting Turns TwoSpecial offers to celebrate salons anniversary


    Undercutting are celebrating their 2nd anniversary at Brighton Road andsend a big thank you to their clients for their trust, loyalty and promotingof the teams skills. Tania Flint-Clarke is thrilled: I regularly write on our Facebook page how Ididnt dare dream for the salon to grow so steadily and to be so busy,popular and well-reputed in just 2 years of trading in Horsham. Clients often poke fun at me about how much I love my job and I think itshows, both in my work and our ambience.Undercutting, at 41 Brighton Road, believe they have the winning formula: Their team. Their skills. Their attitude. Tania added: We arefriendly, relaxed and very good at what we do. As our name indicates, weare very competitive with our prices. This ethos does not only apply to ourservices, but our retail range too. OSMO is the best product range I haveever promoted. It is salon exclusive yet supermarket priced.The salon is open 5 days a week with late nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 8pm, with free parking surrounding the salon.To add to the celebrations, Tanias 2nd year Apprentice, Sophie Anderson,has been nominated for the UK Student of the Year Award. I believe it was a three-pronged approach that made this nominationhappen, said Tania. Sophies natural ability and enthusiasm, my training -which has been achieved in both UK and Australia, and thirdly the education provided by Brinsbury College where Sophie has 100% attendance. Sophie will be qualiDed later this year, but she is currently oCering halfprice services on Tuesdays & Thursdays. *New clients quoting Happy Anniversarywill receive a 20% discount ontheir 1st service.*** dependant on service as Sophie is competent on many aspects.**The discounted visit will unfortunately not be included on the salons loyalty schemeof which all regular clients are currently partaking.Tania is seeking a 1st year apprentice. If you think you have what it takesto follow in Sophies footsteps, call her asap...

    Aprils Nails/Beauty Therapy

    April Garrett, formerly of Cherubs in Ashington, is a fully qualiDed and experienced Nail Technician/Beauty Therapist who decided to take the

    next step in her career by setting up her own business within Undercutting, the unisex hair salon, earlier this year.

    April oCers home technician prices whilst providing the comfort of relaxing salon surroundings, using only fully endorsed,

    high spec branded products: April said: I believe in using quality products to give my clients the very best they deserve, oCering a top end, personal and bespoke

    nail-care and lash service at prices that are rarely beaten. I truly am keeping in with the Undercutting ethos!"

    Services include Gellux polish, acrylic enhancements and eyelash extensions. However, being a fully qualiDed Beauty Therapist allows Aprilthe Eexibility to undertake all beauty services within the hidden Beauty

    Room, ensuring April never gets bored!*Please book an appointment, stating I enjoy being pampered to

    receive an introductory 10% discount. Call or Text April on 07584 356134.

    *April provides beauty services as a support to our resident Beauty Therapist on Wednesdays, Fridays & occasional Saturdays.

  • Is Charming

    The sign on the front of the pub readsThe Plough and Attic Rooms Free House.Unfortunately, that isnt actually the case,as Enterprise Inns bought the pub in theheart of Rusper, before the current landlord Debbie Debansi arrived in April2009.That aside, the Plough and Attic Rooms isthe very de>nition of an authentic,charming, historic, traditional Englishpublic house. The 16th Century building has eithershrunk over 500 years or it was initiallyconstructed for a very small man. Consequently, pretty much anybody whohasnt been an extra in a Peter Jackson>lm will feel the need to duck in order toavoid banging their head on one of thenumerous oak beams. Some beams (presumably those rackingup the highest head count) have evenbeen given protective cushioning!There is a touch of the modern too, mostnotably with the impressively clean andstylish toilet facilities.But it is in the Attic Rooms (upstairs, youwont be surprised to discover) wherethe pub really goes on the charm o=ensive. A huge antique clock bearsdown on diners, although sadly theclocks mechanism disappeared longago. An additional room upstairs hasbeen labelled The Throne Room due to a

    ludicrously grand chair for those deeming themselves worthy of it.With many traditional English meals onthe menu, not to mention Sunday roast,it is easy to see why the pub is popularwith international guests staying nearbyat Ghyll Manor. You can almost picture a party of Americans marvelling at the quaintnessof it all - inspecting the horse brass asthough they were long lost relics, andprimitively whooping as they throw a logon to a real open >re before presumablysettling down and remarking on howbad English teeth are. Whilst its nice that overseas visitorsenjoy the historical aspects of the pub,many of the locals were pleased that itwas Debbie, of all people, who took overrunning The Plough when the previouslandlord left. Debbie and her partner were regulars,and despite having no experience in running a pub decided to take on thechallenge.Debbie said: We live in Faygate andcame to know (previous landlord) Markquite well, and he told us he was movingon. He had bought two other pubs andwas stretched a little.It was early in 2009, when the economycrashed, and we were sitting having dinner thinking wouldnt it be nice if we

    RReevviieewwThe Plough and Attic Rooms, Rusper

    Rural PubThe Real Deal?


  • Review: The Plough & Attic Rooms

    could run the local pub? It was just an ideathat snowballed, and here we are.I was in a secretarial role for over 20 yearsand hadnt experienced anything like thisbefore. So I took a crash course in pub management and a manager who had beenhere for some time allowed me to shadowhim for six months.It was exhausting, but it was worth it. The Plough carried on as it was for a while,as I learned the job. Slowly, there have beenchanges. But it was always known as a foodlovers pub and weve tried to maintain thatstandard.Running a pub has its ups and downs.Some days you wake up and think not

    today and other times you really look forward to it. But I wouldnt go back toworking nine til 5ve.Recently, there was a change in the kitchen.The chef who was already in place whenDebbie arrived, left after two years, and thesous chef she had taken on took over beforehe too moved on after three years. Paul Guillame has been in charge in thekitchen for about a month.Debbie said: Paul has been very good. Itwas a worry when it came to replacing thechef, as its such a big part of the business.You can lose a reputation very quickly. But Ifeel we have managed it well with Paul.The Plough and Attic Rooms is amongst

    (AAH photographer) Toby Phillips favouritepubs. Not only has he always been impressed by the friendliness of the sta4,but he also claims that a heavy collisionwith one of those old oak beams actuallycured a niggling neck pain!But we were visiting at a time when a newchef was in place, and some recent remarkson Trip Advisor suggested a dip in standards(not that the website always provides an accurate or reliable assessment from reviewers).We settled into a quiet corner of the pubwith a pint of Sussex Best, the only local aleavailable, and studied the menu. Starters include stu4ed Portobello

    Pan Fried Duck BreastBlack Pudding Tower

  • 42


    Call Ben Morris on 01403

    AAH has brought you great features on places suchas Knepp Castle

    ABOUT USAAH Magazine is an independently-owned monthly magazine forthe Horsham district. AAH has become renowned for its interesting features and beautiful photography by Toby Phillips.

    AAH is an A4 publication, printed on high quality, 90gsm glosspaper with a 150gsm gloss cover. We promote the best of the districts music and arts, review the Bnest restaurants, bring to lifehistoric tales from Horshams past, and highlight the most interesting and unusual businesses.

    DISTRIBUTIONAAH Magazine is delivered directly to homes free of charge on a

    monthly basis. Our print run is currently 13,200 and our year-on-year circulation has increased by 25%.

    A team of about 30 people deliver AAH each and every month to11,149 homes in the district. These include 5,437 homes in

    Horsham, 2,003 in Southwater, 1,114 in Billingshurst, and 865 inPartridge Green and Cowfold.

    We also deliver to the surrounding villages including Ashington(600), Warnham (275), Slinfold (284), Mannings Heath (326) as well

    as the smaller villages of Monks Gate, Dial Post, West Grinstead and Tower Hill. Businesses in Horsham, Billingshurstand Southwater receive the magazine whilst our spring-loaded,stylish stands with lids are extremely popular in Horsham town,

    Southwater and Billingshurst.

    AAH provides features for young readers too, including features on sports clubs


    AAH has an excellent reputation for producing stunning advertisements

    Eighth Page(93mm x 63mm)

    One Edition55 plus VAT

    Six Editions275 plus VAT(one free)

    Quarter Page(93mm x 133mm)

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    500 plus VAT 2500 plus VAT(one free)AAHORSHAM.CO.UK

    mushrooms with pine nuts and brie(5.75), smoked salmon topped withdill and beetroot with a vodka crmefresh and homemade melba toast(6).However, we chose the smokedchicken served with poached orangesegments and balsamic dressing(5.85) and from the specials board ablack pudding tower with creamedleak and bacon with onion sauce(5.75).The poached chicken was light andmoist and went nicely with the orange, but the sunshine presentationcould do nothing to cloud over thefact that it was a fairly simple, uninspiring dish. The three tier black pudding towerwas more 'avoursome, with a generous dousing of a thick, creamysauce with tiny segments of baconand leek. It was a hearty, ful&llingstarter, but again perhaps guilty oflacking a little 'air.For main course, Toby and I wereboth tempted by the springbok onthe specials board (zebra was another

    Smoked Chicken

    The Daddy

  • Review: The Plough & Attic Rooms

    recent and unexpected o0ering) but in theend I plumped for the pan fried duck breastserved with a Tuscany mash and damson jusserved with vegetables (16.25).Whether it was down to an over-order, orsimply an ethos of never doing things byhalves, the kitchen clearly had plenty of thesmall, plum-like fruit at its disposal! The dishwas dominated by the damson jus, both interms of taste and presentation.

    Damson carries a distinctly rich, sweet1avour, and whilst the duck (thickly cut,served cooked through) just about hadenough 1avour to soak it up, the potato lostout in a titanic clash of 1avours.The deep moat of damson jus surroundingcastle duck meant that all of the vegetablesturned a striking shade of purple when theywere introduced to the plate from a side dish.It was an intriguing main course with all the

    right elements, but you could argue in thewrong ratios.Toby opted for The Daddy, a popular burgerwith cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings andbarbeque sauce (10.50). The burger, withmeat from a Chipstead butcher, served withchips and salad, was made with good qualitybeef and just about worthy of its title. Other main courses include classics such asscampi and chips (9), the famous Plough

    The Throne Room includes a ludicrously grand chair at one end

    01403 26122235-37 Spring;eld Road, Horsham off la carte menu with this voucherValid at Sanmae until 30th June 2013

    Introducing our newTaster Menu!FOR ONLY 15 PER PERSON

    King Do Ribs, Spring Rolls, Satay Chicken,Crispy Seaweed

    18 and 20 Taster Menus also available!

    Vietnamese Chicken Salad, Lettuce Cups

    Roast Pork Lemongrass and Coconut,Barbeque Chilli Beef, Chicken with Sweet

    Pepper and Chilli, Ginger Rice

    Tea and Coffee

    Rich Chocolate Torte