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999 Grandes Idéias

Jul 05, 2018




  • 8/15/2019 999 Grandes Idéias


    1. Produce Christmas cards which are printed on the front with, for example, "Happy Christmas from the Smith Family". Or, instead of the name 'Smith', pic one of the do!ens of other popular surnames. Sell

    pacs of these cards y direct mail to people listed in telephone directories.

    #. $ae money from rentin% out expensi&e children's toys. he toys you rent out will include remote

    controlled models and computerised %ames. (se a little &an to deli&er the toys to customers. Paint in toy

    town colour scheme. Call the &an a toy moile or similar suitale name.

    ). *ntroduce to your re%ion a ser&ice which mounts maps for usinesses. +eep a stoc of local, national and

    international maps. $ount these maps in a professional manner to suit the

    wall space a&ailale at oces. Send out lea-ets aout your ser&ices to oce mana%ers.

    . /rin% out a re%ular pulication for amitious amateur musicians. his pulication mi%ht include ads

    from 0 1 2mployers seein% musicians. # 3etailers sellin% e4uipment accessories and supplies. ) People

    sellin% used e4uipment.  $usicians seein% to mae contact with other musicians. 5lso pulish

    interestin% editorials and letters. 6. 7esi%n and manufacture its for main% models with coctail stics, for example0 model churches, castles, windmills, houses, etc. /uy the coctail stics in their unpaced state from the manufacturer. Sell your its y mail order from ads in craft ma%a!ines or distriute to model shops.

    8. 2stalish a directory of products no lon%er made. his directory mi%ht include sections on toys, no&elties and household %oods. 7esi%n the directory for usiness people and in&entors who want to now oth what has een made efore and what ideas mi%ht e re&i&ed and9or modi:ed.

    ;. $ae cotton %lo&es especially desi%ned for coin collectors. he %lo&espre&ent the %rease and moisture from :n%ers %ettin% onto coins. Paca%e the %lo&es and sell them from ads in coin collectin% ma%a!ines or distriute to shops which sell collectile coins.

  • 8/15/2019 999 Grandes Idéias


    to de&elop their interest in astronomy. Pulicise your ser&ice at the local astronomy society and use local

    ad&ertisin% to attract clients.

    1>. Set up a company which produces a compendium of strip %ames, for

    example0 Strip poer, strip snaes

    and ladders, strip lotto, strip snap, and strip ludo. Sell y mail order from ad&erts in [email protected] ma%a!ines.

    11. Paint attracti&e art on rocs to mae sou&enir paperwei%hts and doorstops. he art mi%ht tae the form of astract pattern, traditional pictures or tourist scenery. Call your rocs "desi%ner rocs". 5dd a ruer ase to paperwei%hts and a ruer ed%e to doorstops.

    1#. Create a mail order usiness which specialises in sellin% products which

    help people sleep. Products mi%ht include0 Sleep inducin% cassettes, special edtime clothin%, heral pillows, oos and %uides on howto sleep etter.

    1). Paint on wood stylistic house numers and names. hese painted numers and names will e anattracti&e alternati&e to the traditional names urned into sliced lo%s. Aet your wor stoced at shops whichsell %arden products or household %oods. 5daptaBo0 D&ender nEmeros com fontes diferentes em um ar4ui&o para pessoa imprimir.

    1. Start a &enture which promotes the art and hoy of window paintin%. On coloured acetate paper ha&e outlines printed for paintin% pictures y numers. hese acetate sheets are stuc to one side of a window and anyone can paint a picture on the other side of the %lass.

    16. Select one [email protected] which would e suitale for an ashtray, another for a pip tray and another for a paper clip tray. Put these shells into a sin%le pacet and sell as a set of useful [email protected]@trays. Sell fromsou&enir and no&elty %ift shops.

    18. 7e&ise and produce a oard %ame which simulates the experience of startin% a mail order usiness. heusual prolem of rin%in% out a oard %ame is the diculty of %ettin% it stoced in shops. Howe&er, a%ame aout mail order can e sold y mail order to usiness opportunity seeers.

    1;. $ae an income y sellin% lucy charms at car oot sales or [email protected]@ door. Sell, for example0 3aits feet, horseshoes and [email protected] clo&ers. Start y tracin% down trade sources of lucy charms.


  • 8/15/2019 999 Grandes Idéias


    from the humle wooden wed%e to the more exotic and unusual. Paca%e them in polythene a%s, staple on

    a printed card and %et them stoced at %ift shops.

    #>. 7ecorate e&eryday oects with pressed -owers. 5dd an inlaid desi%n of

    pressed -owers to trays, coasters, ewellery oxes, paperwei%hts, picture frames, [email protected]%in%s, des sets and tale tops.

    #1. Set up a [email protected]&ement usiness which modi:es the exterior of houses to %i&e them a udor

    appearance. Gour ser&ice will include the :ttin% of ornamental oa eams, %i&in% exterior walls a white

    co&erin% and addin% metal %rids to windows.

    ##. $ae wooden nou%hts and crosses %ames. 7rill nine holes in a small s4uare loc and paint on a %rid. ext mae ten pe%s and pint on each pe% an 'O' or an '?'. Place the %rid and pe%s into a clear a% and staple on a product card.

    #). /rin% to%ether a ran%e of rassware ornaments so you can ha&e a stall at crafts fairs, anti4ue marets and car oot sales.

    #. Pulish a newsletter which has the title "5mitious Persons Iay to Iealth" or "Cle&er People 7on't Ior Hard". he contents of your newsletter mi%ht e in a &ein similar to Joe +aro's "he Ka!y $an's Iay to 3iches".

    #6. Set up and run a school of window dressin%. Or%anise [email protected] or [email protected] day seminars for estalished

    shopeepers who want to learn more aout this aspect of their usiness. 5lso pro&ide courses fro those who

    would lie to tae up a career as a window dresser.

    #8. Irite and pulish a manual aout how to mae money from property. *n the manual include chapters

    on0 /uyin% and sellin% land, uyin% properties for con&ersions and reno&ations, in&estin% in property, etc.

    (se direct mail and press ad&ertisin% to sell y mail order to usinessopportunity seeers.

    #;. Found and run a school of in&estment. Ai&e tuition to solo students and to %roups aout diLerent types of in&estments such as shares, %[email protected]%ed securities, unit trusts, (S$, anti4ues, stamps, arts, etc. For each area co&ered, prepare lesson plans and follow these closely.


  • 8/15/2019 999 Grandes Idéias


    pendant racelet, rooches, neclaces and earrin%s. 5lternati&ely, mae  ewellery which features

    reproduction coins from the ancient world.

    )>. (se small [email protected] strun% to%ether to mae neclaces. Find a trade

    source of small [email protected] and either set up your own production line or employ homeworers.

    )1. Produce '[email protected]' drama &ideo cassettes. Professional actors and actresses perform a play on &ideo. Howe&er, there is one character missin% from the &ideo. his character is played y a &iewer of the &ideo. he &iewer learns his or her part and ecomes part of the play at home.

    )#. Create a folder of sample sales letters for all occasions. he letters mi%ht sell0 ad&ice, maintenance, products, a ser&ice which %i&es free 4uotes, etc. Sell these folders y direct mail to small usinesses.

    )). 2arn money y sellin% %old chain y the inch at pulic e&ents such as fairs, marets and exhiitions.

    ). Put to%ether your own catalo%ue of ewellery main% supplies. Kocate the sources of products y doin% the routine wor of the mail order trader0 write to potential suppliers. hrou%hout the country there are thousands of craftworers who would welcome a new catalo%ue.

    )6. 2arn a li&in% y uyin% %old and sil&er ewellery from people who need instant cash. /ecause their need for cash is %reater than their desire to %et a hi%h price, your mar@up can e %ood. Only uy ewellery which you now you can [email protected] 4uicly for a pro:t.

    )8. (se farics to mae soft cases for pencils, spectacles, scissors, iles, money and other small items which are either potentially dan%erous or need protection. 5t :rst, mae a di&ersity of products until you disco&er which are the most popular and pro:tale, then specialise.

    );. /uy old iles and hymn oos from churches and education authorities. Ha&e the pa%es shredded and use as stun% material for 'ile' or 'hymn' pillows, teddy ear and other soft products. 5lso do 'ile' confetti and stuL ottles to mae ottled iles.

    ). Prepare a mixture of dried hers for addin% to athwater. *n&ent a rand name for your product lie "Dyour surname Ori%inal /ath Hers". Paca%e each mixture of hers and %et them stoced at &arious retailers.

    1. Start a ser&ice which arran%es for people to ha&e their ori%inal pop lyrics set to music. his ser&ice is to satisf

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