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4th august (tuesday),2015 daily global rice e newsletter by riceplus magazine

Jul 23, 2016



Riceplus Magazine shares daily International RICE News for global Rice Community. We publish daily two newsletters namely Global Rice News & ORYZA EXCLUSIVE News for readers .You can share any development news for readers. Share your rice and agriculture related research write up with Riceplus Magazine contact [email protected] , [email protected] For Advertisement & Specs [email protected]


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    Aug 4, 2015 Vol 5 ,Issue VII


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    AP millers promise normal supply of rice

    Rice mill operators from Andhra Pradesh (AP) under the banner of the East Godavari District

    Rice Millers Association held talks with open market wholesale rice traders from the districts of

    Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Alappuzha here on Monday. Association leaders said the talks

    were aimed at instilling confidence in the traders that there would be normal supplies from AP

    during the Onam season.

    The association had decided to stop supplies to Consumerfed and Supplyco since the State

    government owned dues of more than Rs.100 crore to the millers of AP. But after meeting Chief

    Minister Oommen Chandy on Sunday, the association decided to resume supply to Supplyco, but

    not to Consumerfed.

    Crackdown On Rice Millers: Investors Accuse NCS Of

    Undermining Rule Of Law Ankeli Emmanuel

    Aug 4, 2015 3:12 am

    In the face of the persistent crackdown by the

    Nigerian Customs Service on importers of rice

    into the country, and the continued shut down of

    their warehouses, the rice millers have accused

    the leadership of the NCS of undermining the

    spirit of the rule of law which the federal

    government promises to uphold.According to

    some of the investors who spoke with

    LEADERSHIP, the behaviour of the operatives

    of the NCS in sealing their warehouses without

    due process, is a total affront to the gospel of the rule of law which the President Buhari

    administration promises to uphold.The recent physical crackdown by officers of Nigerian Customs on companies allegedly owing excess duties levied after customs had cleared their

    goods for importation is believed to be an effort to paint the present Customs administration

    white and escape the cleansing brush of this administration.

    If the administration swallows the hook, it will spare the leadership and prolong its stay at the helms of affairs of the highly lucrative border agency. Or how else does one interpret this sudden

    crackdown by Customs, in the face of court orders restraining them from taking action against

    the companies until the various court cases instituted in this respect are vacated, one of the investors told our correspondent.It will be recalled that early in the week of June 27, heavily


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    armed men of the Nigerian Customs invaded premises of seven companies allegedly owing

    N23.6 billion on account of unpaid levies in respect of rice importation. Customs alleged that the

    companies had imported rice in excess of quotas granted them by the Federal Government in its

    Rice Policy circular.

    They demanded payment of 40% levy on the deemed excess, imported between June and

    December 2014.The source further said: One would have asked if Customs officers had access to this policy paper ahead of the importation and admittance of the goods through our ports. One

    would have wanted to know if Customs was aware of the conditions of the incentives attached to

    these policy initiatives and the conditions under which the incentives could be availed.

    Knowing how thorough our Customs men are, they would have scrutinized the policy document and referred it to their legal officers for advice before implementation. Based on their

    interpretation of the Rice policy circular, they accepted documents submitted by importers

    operating under this incentive programme at point of importation, and allowed their cargo be

    cleared by paying the prescribed 10% duty and 20% levy.

    They accepted this rate repeatedly for six months until December 2014, when the Federal

    Ministry of Agriculture woke from its slumber and remembered that it had failed to convene a

    meeting of the inter-ministerial committee as directed by the government or issued quotas to

    bona fide rice value chain operators as required by the directive. The inter-ministerial committee

    was saddled with the task of determining the supply shortfall in rice to be made up by

    importation and the allocation of quotas to bona fide investors.

    Import Duty: Rice Importers Lament Clampdown


    Aug 4, 2015 4:08 am |

    The ongoing dispute between the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and big rice investors in the

    country reached a new level today with the NCS threatening to close down one of Nigerias foremost international hotels, The Intercontinental Hotels, Lagos.The NCS had threatened that it

    may shut down the hotel following the non-payment of retrospective duties by the hotels parent company, the Milan Group.This was disclosed earlier today by the national public relations

    officer of the NCS,Wale Adeniyi.

    Findings revealed that the rice industry is perplexed with this latest move as they argue that it is

    against the rule of law for any action to be taken in any dispute before the decision of the judicial

    system. This is because some of the investors have already lodged their cases in court.

    Stakeholders, who commented on the development, said that the sealing of a global hospitality

    chain like The Intercontinental Hotels, Lagos, for no apparent legal non-compliance may not

    spell well for Nigerias image apart from the embarrassment and inconvenience for its guests.The NCS is demanding retrospective duties from the rice investors for imports pertaining

    to 2014 while the investors have claimed that the quota allocations did not comply with


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    stipulated regulations issued only in December and were also biased against the bonafide

    investors.Following the confusion that trailed the 2014 quotas, the quotas for 2015 were also

    issued, cancelled and later reissued again.

    The implementation of the policy received a lot of criticism from the rice industry as the

    presidential directives were not complied with in the process.The affected rice investors, who

    had invested billions of naira in the rice value chain, have been catalysts in Nigerias recent initiatives to be self-sufficient in rice production.The immediate former minister of agriculture,

    Dr Akinwunmi Adesina, had in August 2014, said that our rice today, in terms of total value added to our local economy, in terms of gross value across all the states is N750billion since we

    started in 2012.

    India to host 2-day Global Rice Bran Oil Conference from

    August 7 at Mumbai

    Tuesday, August 04, 2015 08:00 IST

    Our Bureau, Bengaluru

    India is playing host to a two-day Global Rice Bran Oil Conference to be held in Mumbai on August 7

    and 8, 2015.The event would be inaugurated by chief minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and

    hosted by the Solvent Extractors Association of India, an association of vegetable oil industry and

    trade.Industry and health experts from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and so on are congregating

    for the event. It will discuss position, promotion and prospect of rice bran oil as healthy oil in the world.

    This is the second such event after it was first hosted at China last year.The two-day event will focus on

    issues related to rice bran oil including its nutrition & health benefits, its patronisation by medical

    fraternity, regulatory issues, quality control and so on.

    The participants will include manufacturers, scientists, doctors and nutritionists. Rice Bran oil is obtained

    from the brown layer of rice, which constitutes about 5% of paddy and is enriched in oil to the extent of

    10-25%. Research institutes in India and abroad have found rice bran oil a heart-friendly oil with unique

    properties beneficial for maintaining good health. It is the only cooking medium which has an ideal

    SFA/MUFA/PUFA ratio and EFA ratio which is closer to the recommended levels of WHO.

    A number of scientific studies have confirmed that using rice bran oil as a cooking medium could

    significantly reduce the bad cholesterol without adversely affecting the good cholesterol due to presence

    of a unique component in this oil know as Oryzanol, which is not found in any other vegetable

    oil.Globally, about 15 lakh tonne of rice bran oil is produced out of which India produces about 9.5 lakh

    tonne per annum used for human consumption as cooking oil, blended oil and vanaspati. Sharing details

    of the conference, Dr B V Mehta, executive director, Solvent Extractors Association of India, mentioned

    that the event would further enhance the perception of rice bran oil as the healthiest cooking oil.


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    Thanks to its low cost, everyone can access safe and hea

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