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2013 City of Joondalup Festival Street Parade Glowing Together: Artist Application Pack Applications close Friday 23 November 2012

2013 City of Joondalup Festival Street Parade Glowing ... Festival 2013 Artist...2013 City of Joondalup Festival Street Parade Glowing Together: ... will form the basis for Joondalup’s

Mar 29, 2018



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  • 2013 City of Joondalup Festival Street Parade

    Glowing Together:Artist Application PackApplications close Friday 23 November 2012

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    2013 City of Joondalup Festival Artist Application

    1. Overview

    1.1 2013 Joondalup Festival: Saturday 23 March & Sunday 24 March

    The Joondalup Festival is the spectacular finale to the City of Joondalups summer events season. Celebrating fifteen years in 2013, it is the northern corridors largest and most significant community event: a two-day feast of music, fashion, food, fun and entertainment for all ages.

    One of the highlights of the Festival is the Festival Street Parade, an exciting community arts project that showcases the talent, energy and creativity of the local community.

    In 2013, the parade will pursue an exciting new artistic direction. The theme of Glowing Together will form the basis for Joondalups first twilight lantern parade with a strong emphasis on exploring local stories through the magic and beauty of lanterns.

    Lanterns have origins across many cultures and are symbolic of transformation, healing, celebration and light.

    The City of Joondalup is currently inviting artists and arts groups to submit an Expression of Interest for involvement in the 2013 Joondalup Festival Street Parade.

    Successful artists and arts groups will receive a commission to assist City of Joondalup schools in creating lanterns, or to create an independent lantern entry for the parade, inspired by the theme Glowing Together.

    All artists, arts groups and community cultural development workers from a range of art forms are encouraged to apply.

    The 2013 Joondalup Festival Street Parade will take place on Saturday 23 March 2013 from 6.00pm to 6.45pm.

    All details are contained within this application pack. If you wish to be involved, simply complete the online entry form.

    If you are unable to access the electronic form or wish to receive a hard copy, please contact the Citys Performing Arts Officer on 9400 4927.

    2. Artist brief

    2.1 Festival parade entries

    The City of Joondalup will commission artists and arts groups to participate in the parade through one of two options:

    OPTION 1 SCHOOL ENTRY: Artist-in-Residence program

    Facilitate workshops with a local school to assist them in creating a series of lanterns that express aspects of the local, traditional story of Lake Joondalup.

    Artists or arts groups interested in participating in Option 1 will be contributing to the creation of lanterns that will collectively feature as a large-scale illuminated story for the parade, including large scale character lanterns, pyramid lanterns and stars. Schools will be assigned suitable lanterns based on the age of the participants.


    Create your own lantern entry and deliver and operate it on parade day (ie with no school involvement).

    Artists or arts group interested in Option 2 must develop a lantern entry within the context of the theme, Glowing Together: an exploration of local culture or story.

    Expressions of Interest for Option 1 School Entry will be considered in terms of the selection criteria (see 4.1 below). Artists will be assigned to a school, based on the skills and needs of the school in relation to the number and age of participants

    Expressions of Interest for Option 2 Independent Entry will be considered in terms of the selection criteria (see 4.1 below) but will not be considered in relation to a school.

    All Expressions of Interest for a commission to create a lantern entry for the parade close on Friday 23 November 2012.

    Successful applicants will be notified by Wednesday 28 November 2012.

    All Expressions of Interest must clearly address the selection criteria.

    2.2 Workshops (Option 1 School Entry only)

    Artist assistance to schools in developing lantern entries for the parade will take the form of facilitated workshops to be hosted on-site at the allocated school.

    The quantity, size and scope of these workshops are to be negotiated between the school and their allocated artist or arts group with the assistance of the Parade Coordinator.

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    2013 City of Joondalup Festival Artist Application

    Workshop scheduling and content will largely be determined by the number of students participating, the amount of adult support provided and the nature of the parade entry. As a guide, previous workshops provided to schools have typically taken place over four to six full days.

    Typical parade workshops include an artist or arts group assisting a school with one or more of the following:

    Planning sessions to help students explore ideas and conceptualise their entry;

    Designing and constructing costumes;

    Designing and constructing large-scale lanterns such as puppets;

    Choreographing movement and animation;

    Developing a musical component to the entry (construction of simple instruments and instruction in composition and performance);

    Coordinating rehearsals and the parade entry on the day; and

    Financial support for the purchase of bulk materials.

    2.3 Independent entry

    This option provides flexibility to artists and arts groups to submit entries where they have a preference to work independently (outside of a school).

    It is noted that the City still requires a minimum of 8-10 artists who will work collaboratively with schools and subsequently more funding will be available to artists who select Option 1 School Entry. However, it may not be feasible for some artists to work with a Joondalup school or artists may have an idea which they can execute independently and that will offer added diversity to the parade.

    For example, an artist may have the capacity to independently create a large-scale lantern piece or puppet in their own studio, using techniques or equipment which would not be suitable for student involvement.

    Independent entries created by the artists or arts group must take place at their own premises or at a location organised by the applicant. Artists may work alone but are encouraged to consider collaborating with other artists or community groups of their choice to create and deliver their entry.

    Selection criteria and other conditions relating to transport, contracts and timelines are the same as for school entries.

    On parade day the artists or arts group will be responsible for participating in the parade with their creation. Involvement from additional people sourced by the artists or arts group to support them on parade day is encouraged regardless of their assistance or contribution to the artists or arts group in regards to the production of the entry.

    2.4 Contracts (all artists)

    All selected artists or arts groups will be contracted for the creation of lanterns for the parade.

    The finalisation of a City of Joondalup contract for selected artists and arts groups for Option 2 Independent Entry may be subject to submission of satisfactory parade entry designs and budgets by Friday 14 December 2012. This must include:

    A written statement of the design concept (1 page minimum);

    Design sketches with indication of scale;

    A written statement of the materials to be used in the parade entry and methods of construction;

    A list of key personnel involved;

    A detailed budget breakdown of labour and materials costs; and

    Location of space where the entry may be created and stored until parade day.

    Final contracts will be sent out by Monday 14 January 2013.

    2.5 Production of lantern entries

    All selected artists or arts groups will be contracted for the creation of lanterns for the parade.

    Some entries may be large-scale lanterns that may be handled or manoeuvred by students, teachers and parents or artists.

    There are several types of lanterns that artists or arts groups can develop for their parade entry:

    Pyramid lanterns

    Star lanterns

    Large-scale characters

    Large-scale shapes

    Puppets/Animated lanterns.

    Artists working with schools to create an entry will in effect be producing lanterns that will contribute to the illuminated story of Lake Joondalup that underpins the Festival Street Parade activity. The story will involve several star and pyramid lanterns in conjunction with key character lanterns. Artists may be assigned lanterns in consultation with the Parade Coordinator to ensure that all elements needed for the overall theme of the story are explored, featured and implemented. There is also flexibility for artists to contribute to the design and production process at a creative or artistic level.

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    2013 City of Joondalup Festival Artist Application

    All selected artists will be invited to an initial meeting and brainstorming session that will include the presentation of the story of Lake Joondalup. This will take place prior to the commencement of workshops with schools or construction of independent lanterns. Please refer to section 5 of the application pack for further information.

    Please contact the Citys Performing Arts Officer for further details regarding the story of Lake Joondalup and parade theme.

    2.6 Construction

    The City requires that lanterns are:

    Safe and well constructed;

    Eye-catching and colourful;

    Highly mobile:

    Easy to hold and walk with, or

    Easily pushed or pulled by parade participants (use of motorised vehicles is not allowed see 2.7 below);

    Easily transported (see 2.8), and

    Able to traverse the parade route.

    Lantern design must take into consideration the safety of students and the general public. All lanterns will need to pass a safety check prior to being accepted into the parade.

    2.7 Vehicle restrictions

    Entrants should note that due to a change of the parade route for 2013, new safety guidelines have been implemented which have resulted in the exclusion of all motorised entries for the 2013 Festival Street Parade.

    Non-motorised vehicles such as scooters, skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, trolleys, handcarts and rickshaws are welcome.

    2.8 Transportation of lanterns

    It is the responsibility of the artists to organise all transportation of lanterns from initial collection to workshops for construction and then back to the City of Joondalup for the parade. Transport costs may be added to your budget if the hire of transportation is required. Artists must also provide a storage location for the float from the initial collection day through until Saturday 23 March 2013. Note that for Option 1 School Entry, storage space may be provided by the school, subject to negotiation with the allocated school.

    2.9 Creative content

    The theme of Glowing Together for the parade aims to set an artistic challenge that will encourage artists, art groups and school participants to explore local culture through the process of sharing the story of Lake Joondalup, a significant place in the community.

    By using this site as the focus for the theme and central story of the parade it is envisaged that participants may come together to celebrate local culture through the creative process of lantern making. The aim of the lantern making is to reinvigorate the parade and to create a unique, enjoyable and transformative experience for participants and spectators alike.

    Artists will be responsible for the creative design and construction of lanterns regardless of whether they are working collaboratively with a school or independently. Although artists who are working with schools will have a guiding creative brief for the production of their entry, there is plenty of scope for artistic interpretation and imagination.

    3. Artist requirements

    3.1 Insurance

    The City of Joondalup requires that the artists or arts groups to be commissioned for this project must be covered by public liability insurance and must provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency.

    The City can arrange for public liability insurance for those artists or arts groups that do not have insurance. If you require further information regarding insurance please contact the Citys Performing Arts Officer.

    3.2 Working with Children Clearance

    A copy of a current Working with Children Check or a receipt for payment for a Working with Children Check application must be scanned and emailed or posted along with the Expression of Interest form for all applicants interested in Option 1 School Entry only.

    This is also required for Option 2 Independent Entry if the artist proposes to work with any person under the age of 18 years to create or deliver the float.

    If an arts group is submitting an Expression of Interest, all members of the group who may have contact with young people must individually meet these requirements.

    Applications for Working with Children Checks may be made at participating Australia Post Offices.

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    2013 City of Joondalup Festival Artist Application

    3.3 ABN and invoice requirements

    Artists or arts groups are required to invoice the City of Joondalup for all commission payments, quoting the purchase order number supplied by the City (see 4.2 for detail on payment schedule).

    If the artist or arts group has an Australian Business Number (ABN), the fee must reflect their GST status, ie

    If registered for GST, GST must be included;

    If not registered for the GST, GST must not be included.

    If the artist or arts group does not have an ABN, the invoice should not include GST. In this case, the artist or arts group must provide a signed and completed Statement by Supplier form from the Australian Taxation Office. Failure to do so may require the City of Joondalup to withhold 48.5% of the agreed fee.

    3.4 Artist fees and payment schedule

    3.4.1 Fees

    Final commissions will be allocated by the Citys Performing Arts Officer and Parade Coordinator based on the available budget and scope of the proposal.

    Option 1 School Entry

    The commission paid to artists and arts groups is based on the delivery of the parade entry. Artists selected to work with schools will be offered an inclusive list of materials (unless supplied by the City of Joondalup), labour, equipment hire, and onsite workshops with schools.

    Materials for lanterns will be supplied by the City of Joondalup unless the artist or arts group have a concept that requires other nominated materials.

    Option 2 Independent Entry

    The commission paid to artists and arts groups is based on the delivery of the parade entry. Artists selected to work with schools will be offered a fee inclusive of additional materials (base supplied by the City of Joondalup), labour, equipment hire, and onsite workshops with schools.

    The following is a sample budget for artists or arts groups to design and create a lantern without the school workshop package:

    Item Notes Est Cost

    1x Large scale Lantern

    Design concept developed by artist

    Construction by artist only




    Transportation Costs

    Based on initial quotes received by Trailer Company 1


    Rent Costs Float stored in external premises


    TOTAL COST $2,100.00

    3.4.2 Payment Schedule

    All artists or arts groups will be issued with a contract. One copy is to be signed and returned to the Citys Performing Arts Officer within two weeks of receipt.

    Payment will be arranged in two stages:

    50% upon receipt of signed contracts and invoices

    50% upon completion of the project.

    In certain instances, where the artist requires significant outlay for materials which they are unable to make without prior payment, the City may consider making payment prior to completion or directly paying invoices for larger items on the artists behalf.

    Please note that the payment process within the City of Joondalup is complex and requires the correct completion of a number of documents. Payments will be made within 30 days from the end of the month that the invoice is received.

    3.5 Photographic releases

    Artists must complete the attached photograph release form and return it with their application. This release relates to photographs taken by the City during the parade.

    Artists who are commissioned to work with a school are not responsible for obtaining photo release clearances for all students. This is to be coordinated by the school.

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    2013 City of Joondalup Festival Artist Application

    4. Artist and arts group selection criteria In addition to the submission of an Expression of Interest form, artists and arts groups must address the selection criteria. A short statement addressing each of the criteria and relevant documentation must be attached with the Expression of Interest form or emailed/posted with other required documentation.

    4.1 Selection criteriaPlease provide:

    A current resum including references and photographic examples of previous work.

    A statement addressing the following selection criteria:

    Artistic skills and experience;

    Previous relevant experience related to parade entries (e.g. construction of floats, mobile artworks, puppets, creation of costumes, hand-held props or musical instruments, development of drama, music or choreography and use of innovative and / or recycled materials).


    Artists must be able to commit to meeting all parade deadlines and school workshop timetables negotiated with the teachers in accordance with the contract (if applicable).

    Artists must attend all key meetings listed in the artists timeline (see 5 below).

    Artists must be available for lantern transportation on Saturday 23 March 2013

    Artists must be available from 12.00 noon until the conclusion of the parade (approximately 7.00pm) on Saturday 23 March 2013.

    Current Working with Children Clearance (if applicable see 3.2).

    Applicants interested in Option 1 School Entry should also provide evidence of:

    Experience in working with young people and schools;

    Demonstrated ability to create artworks that involve children and include skills development; and

    Demonstrated ability to liaise and coordinate an arts project effectively with teachers and parents.

    5. Artists and arts group timeline The following dates are subject to change at the City of Joondalups discretion:

    2012 Key Dates

    Deadline for Expressions of Interest Friday 23 November

    Selected artists notified of involvement Wednesday 28 November

    Meeting with the Citys Performing Arts Officer and Parade Coordinator.

    The purpose of this meeting is to clarify the parade proposals and requirements of the artists, arts groups and schools. This meeting is subject to availability

    This will be done on an individual basis and organised when your Expression of Interest has been accepted

    Artists and arts groups assigned to schools Wednesday 28 November

    Artist or Parade Coordinator to make contact with their allocated schools Prior to the end of Term 4 (Thursday 13 December) TBC

    Submission of invoice (schools with financial assistance only) Monday 17 December

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    2013 City of Joondalup Festival Artist Application

    2013 Key Dates

    Term 1, 2013 commences Monday 4 February

    Parade artists meeting with schools Monday 11 February, 4.00pm - TBC

    School parade workshops (specific dates to be negotiated between artists, arts groups and schools involved)

    Monday 11 February Friday 22 March

    Walk through of route (representative required) Monday 18 March, 4.00pm - TBC

    Parade entry completion Thursday 21 March

    Lantern transportation (organised by artist/s) Friday 22 March (specific times TBC)

    Joondalup Festival Street Parade Saturday 23 March

    5.00pm Participants required on site

    6.00pm Parade begins

    6.45pm Parade concludes

    7.20pm Parade winners announced on Festival Stage

    (Times to be confirmed) School representative required

    For more information, please contact Nicole Warren, Performing Arts Officer on:

    T: 9400 4927 E:


    I / we grant the City of Joondalup the rights to use / publish the photo(s) taken during the 2013 City of Joondalup Festival Street Parade of myself and / or my artworks for use in general promotional material. I grant these rights on the understanding that they incur no fee, and that I / we have no interest in the copyright of the photos.

    Signature: Date:

  • T: 08 9400 4000 F: 08 9300 1383 Boas Avenue Joondalup WA 6027 PO Box 21 Joondalup WA 6919

    This document is available in alternate formats upon request.