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2012 Lexus ES For Sale NV | Lexus Dealer Nevada

Jan 21, 2015



2012 Lexus ES brochure provided by Lexus of Reno. Find the 2012 Lexus ES for sale in Nevada. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (866) 996-8187.

  • 1. Lexus of Reno3225 Mill St.Reno, NV 89502(866) 996-8187

2. AMENITIESHUNDREDS OF RATIONAL REASONS,INNOVATION SHOULD YOU NEED ONE.PERFORMANCESAFETYSPECSOptional equipment shown. 3. AMENITIES THE 2012 ES UNCOMPROMISING LUXURY. Sound dampeners, intelligent sensors and other DOWN TOINNOVATION painstaking refinements. By themselves, just parts on a list. But when combined with the kinds of luxurious amenities youve grown to expect from Lexus, theTHE FINEST DETAIL. result is more than just a vehicle. Its an experience.PERFORMANCESAFETYSPECSOptional equipment shown. 4. AMENITIESAMENITIESAMENITIESMATERIALSTEMPERATURECRAFTSMANSHIPINNOVATIONPERFORMANCESAFETYCRAFTED SO THAT EVERY MOMENT The average person will spend more than 40,000 hours behind the wheelSPECS YOU SPEND INSIDE IS ASover their lifetime. Fortunately, with luxurious leather-trimmed seating and thoughtful innovations like dual-zone climate control and availableREMARKABLE AS THE FIRST. navigation assistance, the ES ensures that youll enjoy every second.Optional equipment shown. 5. EVEN ITS MINOR DETAILS ARE A MAJOR PRIORITY. AMENITIES INNOVATION PERFORMANCE SAFETY SPECSOptional equipment shown. 6. AMENITIES INNOVATION PERFORMANCE SAFETY SPECSOptional equipment shown. 7. Heated and IN THIS CASE, AMENITIESventilated seatingTHE SURROUNDINGS GET TO KNOW YOU.As we see it, comfort should only come in one variety: yours. Tothat end, the ES features available heated and ventilated frontseats that can be modified to your desired temperature. As well INNOVATIONas your desired positionboth power front seats can be adjustedin 10 individual ways. And, to ensure your efforts arent in vain, theLexus Memory System can recall the drivers (and, should you optfor it, the front-passengers) settings at the press of a button. PERFORMANCE SAFETY SPECSOptional equipment shown. 8. LUXURY, FROMAMENITIESFLOOR TO CEILING.Who says that luxury shouldbe limited to traditional areaslike dashboards and seating?INNOVATIONThe ES is the only Lexus tooffer the exquisite option of apanorama glass roof. In additionto providing fresh air to the frontpassengers and natural sunlightto all occupants, its strikingPERFORMANCEexterior glass fits seamlesslyinto the metal roof frame so nomolding is visible. And, shouldthe fresh air entering the cabinthreaten to become anything but,the automatic dual-zone climate-control system uses a carbonfilter designed to trap pollutantsSAFETYlike odors, pollen and dust.Available panorama glass roofAvailable power rear sunshadeSPECSDual-zone automatic climate controlAvailable wood- and leather-trimmedsteering wheel and shift knobOptional equipment shown. 9. AMENITIESWEVE INVESTEDYEARS OF RESEARCH. YOU RECEIVE THE DIVIDENDS. INNOVATIONWhen it comes to acoustics, the smallestadjustments can have the greatest impact.Take the windshield. To help reduce exteriornoise, a layer of film was developed and PERFORMANCEplaced between two layers of glass. And inthe front wheel wells, a lining of Thinsulateis used to help dampen the sounds of theroad below. Relatively minor modificationsuntil you realize there are 112 more examplesjust like it. And vibrations? The ES has 88ways to help minimize those as well. Like acomputer-controlled engine mount that SAFETYcan detect the frequency of the enginesvibration and counter it with the oppositefrequency, negating the effect. Why go tosuch rigorous lengths? The results speakfor themselves. Very quietly. SPECS114 points of sound dampening88 measures taken to prevent vibrations 43 sensors for comfort1 23 sensors for safety 7 sensors to monitor the sensors See disclaimers on page 56. 10. AMENITIES INNOVATIONINNOVATIONINNOVATION LEXUS ENFORM VOICE COMMAND/ NAVIGATION SMARTACCESS AUDIOPERFORMANCESAFETY Who says courtesy cant be cutting-edge? If anything, one of the reasons the ES is so accommodating is precisely because of its state-of-the-art technology. Consider just a few of the thoughtful innovations youll find inside. Like an available voice-recognition system that responds to casual speech; available NavWeather,TM2,3TIMELESS GESTURES, NavTrafficTM2,3 and Sports and Stock;2,3 and an available 24-hourSPECS service that connects you to a live agent for navigation and WELL AHEAD OF THEIR TIME. emergency assistance with the push of a button.Optional equipment shown.See disclaimers on page 56. 11. L E X U S E N F O R M AMENITIESDESIGNED TO HELPSIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE.With the available Lexus Enform4,5 system, you can speak to a live service agent, 24hours a day, seven days a week. You dont have to memorize any numbers, navigate INNOVATIONthrough seemingly endless screensor even have your cell phone with you.Need an address? Simply select Destination Assist on the ESs available navigationscreen for live assistance. Once youve decided on a location, your agent can sendthe turn-by-turn directions straight to your vehicles Navigation System.2 Planninga trip? You also have the option of pre-selecting up to 200 destinations yourselfonline and having them all sent to your vehicle. PERFORMANCE S A F E T Y C O N N E C T DESIGNED TO HELP SAFEGUARD YOUR LIFE. SAFETY With Safety Connect 4,6 you can receive emergency help at a moments notice, whether that means assisting the police with locating your stolen vehicle or requesting Enhanced Roadside Assistance7 for a flat tire. The Safety Connect4,6 service (one-year subscription included) also features Automatic Collision Notification, which automatically sends a call for help the moment the system senses the vehicle has been in a severe rear-end collision SPECS or the airbags8 have been deployed.See disclaimers on page 56. 12. Available voice command is designed to understand the way peopleactually speakno need for awkward robotic catchphrases. To raiseAMENITIES the temperature, for instance, you need only say, Its too cold, and theinterior will warm by 4 degrees. And, from the destination menu, if you say, I need an ATM, the closest locations will be displayed.INNOVATIONPERFORMANCEYOUR VOICE:SAFETY OUR MOST INNOVATIVESPECS NAVIGATION FEATURE TO DATE.Optional equipment shown.See disclaimers on page 56. 13. Among its many courteous features, SmartAccess9,10 was designedfor your convenience. As you approach, lamps underneath theside mirrors illuminate, ushering you to the vehicle and casting AMENITIESBid farewell to the days offumbling for keys. By keeping light on the ground near the front doors. Simultaneously, thethe small key fob in your interior lights slowly turn on and the drivers door unlocks whenpocket or purse, the car willrecognize your presence and you touch the handle. And, with the remote keyless entry-linkedunlock the door with just a memory system,10 the ES can even recognize which of the twotouch of the door handle.10supplied SmartAccess9,10 keys is present and adjust the seat,steering wheel and outside-mirror positions to that drivers INNOVATIONprogrammed preferences.Auto-dimmingoutside mirrors withPersonalized illuminatedtilt-down in reverse entry system with exterior mirror-mounted puddle lampsJUST ONE MORE REASONYOULL FIND IT SO INVITING. PERFORMANCE SAFETY SPECS Optional equipment shown. See disclaimers on page 56. 14. Offering fully discrete 5.1-channel playback in a 7.1-channel speaker AMENITIES architecture, the available Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System11 in the ES uses 14 strategically placed speakers to create a sweet spot of INNOVATION sound that envelops the entire cabin. The result is a listening experience thats virtually unrivaled by other automobiles in its category. PERFORMANCEAUDIO SYSTEMS ARE KNOWN TO CREATE ASWEET SPOT OF SOUND.ON THE ESITS CALLED THE INTERIOR. SAFETY SPECS Optional equipment shown. See disclaimers on page 56. 15. PROOF THAT EVEN THE MOST AMENITIES METICULOUS ENGINEERS KNOW HOW TOLET LOOSE. INNOVATION PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE ENGINE HANDLING SAFETYWhen not searching for new ways to elevate the interior,Lexus engineers were finding ways to elevate your heart rate. SPECSOne of their more exhilarating discoveries: an innovativeengine system that continually monitors and adjusts the timingof the intake and exhaust valves, providing greater power ondemand as well as improved mileage and lower emissions.Optional equipment shown. 16. AMENITIES THE GOOD NEWS: YOULL ARRIVE SOONER. THE BAD NEWS: YOULL ARRIVE SOONER. While youll never be in a hurry to exit the ES, odds areINNOVATION youll find yourself in a hurry of some sort. For those unfortunate times, the ES offers performance technology thats up to the task. Its 268-horsepower V6 engine gives the ES a 0-to-60 time of 7.0 seconds.12 And, its six-speed automatic transmission offers the driver exceptional performance as well as the ability to manually shift gears for a more engaged driving experience.PERFORMANCESAFETYSPECSOptional equipment shown.See disclaimers on page 56.2009 ES 350 shown. 17. AMENITIESEVEN THE ROAD ISATTRACTED TO IT. INNOVATION PERFORMANCE SAFETY Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) 13While wed love to say emotion is the main reason the road and ES are so uses sensors to identify when there is a loss of traction during cornering.inseparable, its really more a matter of engineering. A uniquely designedrear subframe helps provide improved handling and rigidity. Its frontsuspension geometry is specifically engineered for greater control and SPECSsteering feel. And, with traction control technology that can respond towheel slippage, even rain and snow may not be able to keep the two apart.If a loss of traction occurs, the system responds by applying the brakes and reducing the throttleOptional equipment help you keep on track.*See disclaimers on page 56.*possible scenario 18. The ES offers a host of incredibly advancedsafety technology. From an available lightingsystem that can help you see around curves to EVERY DRIVERAMENITIESa 10-airbag8 system with frontal airbags8 that areLOVES A SHOR

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