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20 music videos review

Jan 22, 2018




  • 20 Music Video Review Hannah Lortie

  • Uncover Zara Larsson

    This video appealed to me because it included the types of costumes I want to use in my video and the time of year it was filmed is similar to when I would like to film.

  • Hurt Christina Aguilera

    This video gave me different ideas of camera shots I can use that capture the emotion of the actor, the costumes and the locations. I also like the narrative of having someone there to help.

  • If I were a boy Beyonc

    The storyline from this video is has allowed me to look at my own storyline and look for the gaps where I can make it flow better and intrigue the target audience a little bit more.

  • Bound to You Christina Aguilera

    This video also helped me to develop my storyline, it gave me the initial idea for my music video as I had watched it beforehand.

  • Unfaithful Rihanna

    I enjoyed watching this video because it has a good storyline and the camera angles used capture all of Rihannas emotion. This video gave me the idea to include the girls personal insecurities in my narrative.

  • Human Christina Perri

    I like the variety of shots used and the way the lighting has been set throughout the song. I also like how the video doesnt just show a typical female, when the lighting changes parts of her body turn to an x-ray image, showing her vulnerability.

  • Yellow Coldplay

    This video gave me the idea to use a dull outside setting, it is also the reason I have chosen a long stretch of road or park to be my location.

  • Youre Beautiful James Blunt

    The idea to use an outside location also came from this video, I like the way the angles capture the feelings of the artist, just like the weather does.

  • A Thousand Years Christina Perri

    Within this video I like how the shots fade into each other ad the lighting used at the end from the natural sunset lighting. From watching this video I have decided to look at using the natural sunlight.

  • Diamonds Rihanna

    This video gave me a few ideas of how I could use close-ups in my video and a few other shots, such as wide and mid shots. I also like the mixture of the video, how the cuts are very smooth between the narrative and the performance.

  • Hello Adele

    This video has inspired me to use different coloured affects on my video when editing, I could use a grungy sort of green look like they do in this video or maybe black and white. I also like the narrative and how it starts.

  • Marvin Gaye Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

    I like how the narrative of this video, the lighting used and the decorations used as part of the set.

  • Havana Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug

    I like how this video strips back to the artists culture as she is from an Hispanic background and including a Tele-novella is including her culture. I also like the lighting used in the video and it complements the colours of the costumes.

  • New Rules Dua Lipa

    I like this video because the narrative is relatable to the artists viewers. I especially like the video shot used in the video and I will try find a way to include this in my video, I also like the costumes worn.

  • Perfect Ed Sheeran

    From watching this video I have enjoyed the narrative and how it links to the song. I like the lights used on the bottom of the skies used when it is darkness and they are gliding down the slope.

  • What About Us - Pink

    I enjoyed the narrative of this video and how it included a lot of problems for many people. I also like the dance piece when the singing starts. I would like to use this in my video but it would not fit with my narrative.

  • Dusk Till Dawn ZAYN ft. Sia

    I like how the lighting was used in this video along with the Dragon dance included from the Chinese culture. I also like the use of Product placement from Jaguar cars as it fits in with the narrative instead of looking out of place.

  • Sorry Not Sorry Demi Lovato

    I like how this video includes real images from a genuine party as well as staged scenes. The colours used are very suited to the genre and compliment the party vibes, as do the costumes.

  • Most Girls Hailee Steinfield

    I like the narrative of this video and the camera shots used. This video has given me some inspiration on the kind of make up and hair styles I want my actors to have.

  • Theres Nothing Holding Me Back Shawn Mendes

    I like the shots and the sounds used to start the video because the music even starts. I also like the use of the natural daylight and outside locations instead of studios.

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