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: "The Influence of Geography on People and Their Lifestyle", УМК "English 10-11", Unit 1 “How Different the World Is”

Feb 08, 2017


The influence of Geography on People

The influence of Geography on People Presentation made Zenkova Anastasia and Valitova Valeria

The Influence of the climate on humansFood, clothing, architecture, health

The climate in ancient times

The climate has always influenced the life of a man and his development. If we look at history, well see that in ancient times the most powerful states were formed in good weather conditions.

The climate in ancient timesFirst, there was a high temperature and humidity. Secondly, there was an access to the rivers and other water sources. All of these geographical features created optimal conditions for the development of human life.

The climate in our timeIn our time, the climate also plays an important role in the life of humankind. For example, the climate in China and India creates ideal conditions for growing rice. This impacts on the global economy, the diet of the people in those places.

The Influence of the climateIn addition, it affects the type of clothing worn by people. In China and India, workers need clothing that is prefect for long-term work in the field.

The Influence of the climateJust the climate affects the architecture and building material. So, in the tropical countries people dont need thick concrete walls. They dont need to build the heating system. But they have to take care of the ventilation not to be too hot.

The Influence of the climateThe climate has an impact on the human health. High humidity has a definite impact on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Many natural phenomena are dangerous to humans, such as storms or hurricanes.

The influence of the geographical position and climatic conditions on the national characterThe geographical features and climate of our planet are unique at each point, but the characters of the peoples are unique too.

The influence of the geographical position and climatic conditions on the national characterIn our days when we have an access to travel, reading literature, culture and history of different countries any person of us can make sure that the climatic features influence the national character formation.The features of a national character are called patterns, which are determined for a long time as the unique and individual features of a certain nation.

The influence of the geographical position and climatic conditions on the national characterUsually the features characterizing any nation ,unlike ideologies, political views and other factors of social life, remain unchanged.Some of them even suffered from changes of history remain constant; they thereby help us to view culture from beginnings to heyday.

Russian culture

As an example, lets consider the Russian culture.The chance to present Russian culture like a phenomenon with own logic and unique history faces challenges.The history and culture are divided into West and East society and personality This binary is the result of the geographical position of Russia

Russian cultureRussian people are not purely a European or Asian nation, Russia is a part of the world, a vast country that unites two worlds.Now well present some national traits.

Russian culture

Russian man and nature are closely linked.The forest was a refuge from enemies and it served as a castle for RussiansRussian people gave their lives for the public interests, not for their personal onesThey have knowledge of their individual human rightsThe cold climate affects on the Russian character. The harsh climate explains the Russians strength, their ability to overcome hardship, as well as their patience and submission.All these features influenced on the Russian people