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WWU Online PCard Training PCard Online Training Instructions: There are approximately 60 slides in this presentation. Click the appropriate navigation buttons to move through the slides. At the end of the training, there is a short quiz. Answer all the question, fill in your name, department, and email. Upon successful completion of the quiz you will receive your PCard application and instructions via email. If you have any questions or problems with this training, call the PCard Administratorx-2080 or email us at After you receive your PCard, you can return to this Online training if you have a PCard question!

WWU PCard Training

Aug 22, 2015



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  1. 1. WWU Online PCard Training PCard Online Training Instructions: There are approximately 60 slides in this presentation. Click the appropriate navigation buttons to move through the slides. At the end of the training, there is a short quiz. Answer all the question, fill in your name, department, and email. Upon successful completion of the quiz you will receive your PCard application and instructions via email. If you have any questions or problems with this training, call the PCard Administratorx-2080 or email us at After you receive your PCard, you can return to this Online training if you have a PCard question!
  2. 2. WWU Online PCard Training Completion of a PCard training session is the first step and a prerequisite for acquiring a PCard. Everyone who approves, makes purchases, or reconciles monthly reports, must participate in a training session.
  3. 3. WWU Online PCard Training You will need to take a short quiz after completing the online training. Upon completion of the quiz, future Cardholders and Approvers will receive a PCard application via e-mail. After the PCard Administrator receives your application, it will take approximately 2 weeks to process and issue your PCard.
  4. 4. WWU Online PCard Training Types of Training Available: ONLINE TRAINING: With online training, you can train when you have time. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. GROUP PRESENTATIONS: This option may be beneficial for an entire department. Check the PCard web site for Group training schedules. ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING: Can be arranged in special instances. Contact the PCard Administrator, x-2080, to schedule.
  5. 5. WWU Online PCard Training The WWU PCard, or Purchasing Card, is a VISA credit card issued by JPMorgan Chase to be used by faculty and staff for official University purchases of: $3000 or less. Non-restricted items only. What is a PCard?
  6. 6. WWU Online PCard Training Easier acquisition of small dollar purchases. Reduces paperwork. Reduces order and delivery time. Improves campus purchasing efficiency. Reduces the need for Check Requests. Purpose of the PCard
  7. 7. WWU Online PCard Training How does it work? Use the PCard like most Visa credit cards for phone, online, mail or in-person purchases. Be sure to keep ALL your receipts! The Purchase: The Cardholder is sent an e-mail notice from PaymentNet that their transactions are available online for review. The Cardholder must review each transaction. The Review: The Approval: Once the Cardholder reviews the transactions, the Card Approver will approve the Cardholder transactions.
  8. 8. WWU Online PCard Training How does it work? WWU Accounting Services downloads the monthly JPMorgan Chase statement. The Download: Accounting Services uploads the statement information into Banner. The Upload:
  9. 9. WWU Online PCard Training The Budget Authority The Cardholder The Approver The Guardian of the Receipts The PCard Administrator PaymentNet Key PCard People
  10. 10. WWU Online PCard Training Participate in a PCard training session. Approves departmental Cardholder applications. Approves PCard transactions or Designates someone in the department to be an Approver. Assign the Guardian of the Receipts. Make sure Monthly Budget statements are reconciled. Ensure WWU and State Policy & Procedures are followed. Budget Authority Responsibilities
  11. 11. WWU Online PCard Training Participate in a PCard training session. Shops for the best pricing and quality including checking with Purchasing and other on-campus resources. Uses card for University purchases only. Reviews transactions on PaymentNet web site. Annotates descriptions and changes budget string information on PaymentNet. Submits receipts to Approver. Cardholder Responsibilities
  12. 12. WWU Online PCard Training Participate in a PCard training session. Approves transactions on PaymentNet web site. Verifies amounts, items and budget strings. Assures all receipts, packing slips and copies of orders are filed. Ensures purchases are made within WWUs Policy & Procedure guidelines as well as department budgets and guidelines. Assign backup Approver. Approver Responsibilities
  13. 13. WWU Online PCard Training The Budget Authority or Approver designates who will be the keeper of receipts. Files all PCard receipts and transaction paperwork. Prepares for audit. Receipts, packing slips, printed online orders, copy of order form, invoices, credit documentation must be kept for 6 years. Guardian of Receipts Responsibilities (Duties may be combined with Approvers)
  14. 14. WWU Online PCard Training Conduct periodic in-person departmental reviews. Check PCard purchases, PCard receipts and record tracking procedures. PCard Auditors
  15. 15. WWU Online PCard Training Keepers of all WWU PCard information. Provides PCard training. Processes PCard applications. Primary contact with PCard provider. Responsible for transaction irregularities, WWU Policies & Procedures, audits and reviews. PCard Help Desk x-2080 PCard Administrator
  16. 16. WWU Online PCard Training Cardholders, Approvers, and Budget Authorities will use the JPMorgan Chase web site to do the following: Review and approve transactions. Dispute purchases that are incorrect. Create reports and queries. Split transactions between budget strings. Correct budget string information.
  17. 17. WWU Online PCard Training PaymentNet lists all your PCard transactions.
  18. 18. WWU Online PCard Training In Person - Retain merchant and VISA receipts. Online orders - Print order and attach to packing slip when you receive item. Phone orders - Request invoice/receipt be faxed or mailed to you. Mail orders - Request invoice/receipt be faxed or mailed to you. Attach a copy to order form. How can the PCard be used? If its difficult to obtain a receipt, print or copy the order form and attach it to a printout of your PaymentNet transaction screen after the purchase posts.
  19. 19. WWU Online PCard Training Present card to local merchant. Merchant may request your Western ID. Get receipts! Purchasing IN PERSON
  20. 20. WWU Online PCard Training Makes online ordering possible, where it hasnt been before. There are good values available! Be sure to get receipt print out snapshot of shopping cart page or print confirming e- mail sent from vender. Purchasing - ONLINE
  21. 21. WWU Online PCard Training Make sure the web site shows a business address and telephone contact. Make sure there are clear return and warranty policies. Make sure you can tell if an item is new or remanufactured. Be certain it is a secure site. Look for the secure site symbol ( ). Be sure you know how much shipping charges will be. Purchasing - ONLINE IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
  22. 22. WWU Online PCard Training Books Membership and subscriptions Research tools and supplies Conference Registrations with TA Office supplies through contracted Vendor Printing and copying only when out of town or after hours. What to Buy with the PCard The PCard is well suited for: Supplies from Contract Vendors (call Purchasing x-3340 for requirements) Supplies from foreign countries Software upgrades and some software (call Purchasing x-3340 for more information) Advertisements And more
  23. 23. WWU Online PCard Training $3000 per transaction (can not split transactions to get around limit). Maximum of 10 transactions per day. Maximum of $10,000 per card, per billing cycle. A default Budget String and Account Code. Review and Approver emails associated with PCard account. PCard Limits All PCards are initially set up with:
  24. 24. WWU Online PCard Training Not for personal use. You may not share your PCard with co-workers. May not be used for travel, meals or transportation. The PCard is not a reimbursement card. No cash advances. Some Important Reminders:
  25. 25. WWU Online PCard Training Computer equipment, software and services Food and beverage Furniture Hazardous Materials Services available from State/University contracts Restricted Item List Call Purchasing x-3340 if you are unsure about a restricted item. Personal office items and decorations Gift items Charter aircraft, bus service or watercraft Personal services (consultants, editors, designers) Used equipment
  26. 26. WWU Online PCard Training Travel (Conference registration OK with TA) Cash advances Pawn shops Facility maintenance and repair Restricted Item List contd Call Purchasing x-3340 if you are unsure about a restricted item. Printing and copying/duplication, must use university services. Telecommunications Vehicles Office and office related products from non-contracted vendors.
  27. 27. WWU Online PCard Training Online Prices vs. Educational Prices There are definite differences between Educational Pricing that is available to WWU and online pricing. Be sure to check with Purchasing x-3340 first, to see if there is Educational Pricing available for an item.
  28. 28. WWU Online PCard Training PCard Resources The PCard website has been designed so that all the information you will need as a PCard participant at Western will be at your fingertips! The information on the site is designed to serve as an easy guide to the programs policies and procedures, as well as provide all forms and reference guides.
  29. 29. WWU Online PCard Training Contract Prices vs. Non-Contract Prices PCard Mall Is available on the PCard website. The PCard Mall provides a list of Contracted Vendors you may go directly to and make your purchases without having to go through Purchasing. List of Strategic Alliances and University Wide Contracts. Departments gain access to discounted pricing and warranty.
  30. 30. WWU Online PCard Training Some vendors may ask you to verify the address associated with the PCard (may call it billing or statement address). The campus address you supply on your application will be used as your PCard address. We recommend using your building, room number and mail stop. You can double-check your address on PaymentNet under Employee Profiles. Address Verification
  31. 31. WWU Online PCard Training Do NOT use 516 High St or Accounts Payable. Off campus departments should use a street address. If you want the product shipped somewhere else, it will be necessary to provide a separate shipping address. Address Verification
  32. 32. WWU Online PCard Training The State requires that we receive items before payment, so: Delivery Options If the item is back-ordered or out-of-stock, do NOT use your PCard for the purchase. But, if the merchant agrees to hold billing until after the item ships, than its OK to use the PCard.
  33. 33. WWU Online PCard Training PaymentNet posts transactions 24 to 72 hours after the purchase is made. Keep in mind that the Reviewer must be a subordinate of the Approver. After Making PCard Purchases
  34. 34. WWU Online PCard Training Because Reviewers and Approvers complete similar tasks in the PCard review process, departments should decide: Who is responsible for Budget String and tax information input on PaymentNet. Who will be the Guardian of Receipts. How receipts will be tracked and logged. After Making PCard Purchases
  35. 35. WWU Online PCard Training Cardholder's Review process on PaymentNet: After Making PCard Purchases Review cost, item and annotates transactions. Check Budget String and replaces Account Codes. Checks Tax box if tax is shown separately on receipt. Places checkmark in Review box if transaction is correct. Writes TransID# on all receipts. Submits receipts to Approver.
  36. 36. WWU Online PCard Training Approvers Review process on PaymentNet: After Making PCard Purchases Verify that costs and items purchased are valid. May wish to compare receipts, packing slips, e-mails, etc. Check for correct Budget String. Verify/Replace Account Code. Verify checkmark in Approved box signifying the transaction is accurate and correct. Ensure transaction receipts are filed.
  37. 37. WWU Online PCard Training WWU must pay tax on all purchases we are not tax exempt. If tax is listed on your receipt, invoice or packing slip as a separate item, check the Tax box on the PaymentNet screen when reviewing/approving transactions. This rule applies to both in-state and out-of-state purchases. Tax
  38. 38. WWU Online PCard Training The PaymentNet web site shows limited detail for each transaction. Similar to a personal credit card statement. When Reviewing the transaction, a brief description of the item needs to be added in the Notes field. Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) and Western Foundation purchases require a description of the item in the Notes field. Annotating Transactions
  39. 39. WWU Online PCard Training Annotating Transactions Annotations Examples: Good Not So Good Book Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Your PCard. Stuff to read. Parallel Cable to replace defective one. Thingamajig for my computer. 12 dz. Special Report Covers not available from Office Depot. Stationary supplies. Software Upgrade OmniPage v.11.0 for Professor Smith Cool! I got the new version of Halo.
  40. 40. WWU Online PCard Training Fast Index / Fund / *Acct / Actv / Loc / Proj Default Budget String Your PCard account will be hard coded with the budget string numbers that you supplied on your PCard application. During the Review and Approval processes, you can change the hard coded budget string information. If you enter a Fast Index, you do not need any other budget information except the Acct Code. Activity, Location, Project, and Comments/Req# are optional fields.
  41. 41. WWU Online PCard Training All PCard accounts are hard coded with the account code E111. During the Review or Approval process, this account code must be changed. Choose an account code from the drop down menu on the PaymentNet web site. A list of common account codes is included with your initial PCard paperwork. A complete list of account codes can be found on the Purchasing website Call Purchasing, x3340 if you have questions. Account Codes
  42. 42. WWU Online PCard Training Small and Attractive items between $1,000 and $4,999.99 require Equipment Inventory tags. If an item is assigned an account code of E408 or E409 contact Accounting Services x3491 for tagging instructions. Remember, a PCard can not be used to purchase computer equipment. Equipment Inventory Tags
  43. 43. WWU Online PCard Training When reviewing or approving transactions, you may divide the transactions dollar amount between budget strings. You can have up to 20 splits. You may split by dollar amount or by percentage. When you split a cost, it will show up as separate line items in Banner (even though it was a single transaction). Splitting Costs Between Budget Strings
  44. 44. WWU Online PCard Training The Cardholder has the responsibility to contact merchants about returning incorrect or defective product. When product is returned, retain all shipping documentation and credit information (RMA #s) from the merchant and submit to your approver. Be sure to keep clear and concise notes! Transaction Returns
  45. 45. WWU Online PCard Training When a credit is issued, it should be made to your PCard account. No Cash Credits! A credit will appear as another transaction on PaymentNet and will need to be Reviewed and Approved. Retain all credit paperwork and submit to your Approver. Credits
  46. 46. WWU Online PCard Training If you are billed for an item not purchased or if a transactions dollar amount is incorrect, you can dispute the transaction on PaymentNet. First, contact the vendor to try and resolve the problem. If it can not be resolved, contact the PCard Desk, x-2080 to determine the best course of action for your dispute. Disputes
  47. 47. WWU Online PCard Training Its important to begin your dispute as soon as possible. When the Dispute process is initiated, the bank contacts the merchant to resolve the error. This will require follow-up and additional paperwork from you. Once again, keep accurate notes! You can dispute error items on PaymentNet if the transaction has not yet posted. Disputes
  48. 48. WWU Online PCard Training You will receive PCard activation and web site login instructions when you receive your PCard in the campus mail. PCard Login
  49. 49. WWU Online PCard Training PCard Website Helpful links Navigation Bar Important Information from WWU PCard Administrator
  50. 50. WWU Online PCard Training PCard Website - Transactions The first screen you see lists all your PCard transactions Review/Approve Status Purchase Detail Purchase Detail available for Office Depot purchases Account InformationTransaction ID (write on all paperwork) Click on the transaction to see its detail.
  51. 51. WWU Online PCard Training PCard Website Detail Screen Save, Split, or Dispute Be sure to check if Tax is listed on receipt Review, Approve Change account information where needed Provide clear, concise description of item
  52. 52. WWU Online PCard Training At the end of each week, our Accounting Department will download all approved transactions from PaymentNet. At months end, all remaining transactions are downloaded. Tax will be applied to out-of-state purchases. Transaction data will be uploaded into Banner. Departmental charges will show up on the budget string provided in the Review/Approval process. How PCard Charges Your Department
  53. 53. WWU Online PCard Training Your default budget string will be billed. The E111 code will remain. Your department will need to submit a JV to change any budget string information. Your department will fail its PCard audit. State Auditors are looking closely at E111 codes. How PCard Charges Your Department It is crucial to Review and Approve transactions soon after they are made. If you do not:
  54. 54. WWU Online PCard Training PCard transactions will be identified in Banner by a Doc Number beginning with PCDxxxx. FBTD02 is on example of a Banner report for viewing your PCard transactions. The Transaction ID# listed on the PaymentNet web site will be noted in the Doc Reference Number field in Banner. What your will see on Banner
  55. 55. WWU Online PCard Training If your take your PCard on a trip, have your Budget Authority/Approver check PaymentNet regularly for odd purchases. Always keep receipts, do not throw any away. Always watch a merchant who has your PCard to make sure they are not making an illegal copy of the information. PCard Fraud It is your responsibility to keep, protect and secure your PCard from fraudulent use.
  56. 56. WWU Online PCard Training Contact JPMorgan Chase Customer Service at 1-800-270-7760. JPMorgan regularly checks for out of place transactions that may indicate fraudulent use. JPMorgan is constantly on the look out for worldwide fraud rings. PCard Fraud If you suspect that your card or card information has been stolen:
  57. 57. WWU Online PCard Training If your PCard is stolen, lost, or damaged contact JPMorgan Chase immediately at 1-800-270-7760. Also contact the WWU PCard Administrator x-2080. Damaged, Lost, Stolen PCards
  58. 58. WWU Online PCard Training If you change departments or leave WWU, contact the WWU PCard Administrator x-2080. When you change departments, you will need to surrender your current assigned card. Submit a new application signed by your new Budget Authority. You will be issued a new card and your budget string information will be changed. If you Change Departments or Leave WWU
  59. 59. WWU Online PCard Training PCard Administrator Phone: x-2080 PCard email: PaymentNet: Purchasing Phone: x-3340 Purchasing email: Equipment Inventory: x-3566 Equipment Inventory email: Web Links and Phone Numbers
  60. 60. WWU Online PCard Training After you complete and submit a completed PCard Quiz score, you will receive your PCard Application via email. Everyone must participate in training before they receive a PCard. Print and complete the PCard Application. Have your Budget Authority and Supervisor sign your application. Return your PCard application to the PCard Administrator via campus mail (MS1390). To Apply for a PCard
  61. 61. WWU Online PCard Training CLICK Take Test TO TAKE THE PCARD QUIZ NOW Take PCard Quiz If you have any questions or comments, please contact the PCard Administrator x3561or