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Words, Words, Words

Words, words, words

Dec 23, 2014



Paula Madigan

Tools and sites to help students develop their vocabulary.
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  • 1. Words, Words, Words

2. Writers fish for the right words like fishermen fish for, um, whatever those aquatic creatures with fins and gills are called. Jarrod Kintz 3. Vocabulary is the glue that holds stories, ideas and content together making comprehension accessible. 4. Visualising Words Wordle Tagexdo Word Sift Vocab Grabber 5. Online Dictionaries Lexipedia Visuwords Shahi 6. Graphic Organisers Alphaboxes Word Detective Word Cluster Knowledge Rating Frayer Model Detectives Name: Sentence where I found the word: WORD: Context Clue: Context Clue: Part of Speech: My Own Sentence: My Own Definition: A picture that will remind me of what this word means to me: 7. Just Cool Lingro 8. Growing and Showing Words Tiers 2 and 3 Podcasts Powerpoints Picture and caption Vocabulary Paint Chips 9. Vocabulary Games and Activities Academic Vocabulary Games Vocabulary Field Trips Word Collection Jars Word of the Day Word Pictures 10. Spin It! 11. 20 times In context! 12. As vocabulary is reduced , so are the number of feelings you can express, the number of events you can describe, the number of the things you can identify! Not only understanding is limited, but also experience. Man grows by language. Whenever he limits language he retrogresses! Sheri S Tepper 13. We think with words, therefore to improve thinking, teach vocabulary. -- A. Draper and G. Moeller