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Wood Cutters... a search for freedom An Introduction
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Wood Cutters... a search for freedom

An Introduction

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Wood cutting is a theme of building something new by cutting the old.

A vision of search for freedom and happiness. cutting the old trees are necessary to build the

new ones. That is what we have to do by thinking new and giving some time to our interest

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Story... of wood cuttersThis all was started with an idea to work for that all we really

want to do. Traveling, meditation, reading, blogging, playing and other things.

When we started to work we got the idea to have a platform where other ones can join us and we all will help others if they need

so now take a look on our work...

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We divided our work in 5 clouds

Spiritual cloud

Sports cloud

Travel and Photography

Disha (


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Spiritual Cloud

Is for all who want to explore Indian Culture and true beauty of world.

As we are learning from our own we write here about meditation, yoga, valuable things from old scriptures and try to know more about world's best education

We have much to explore, learn and to provide to who need this all information

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Sports Cloud

Abhishek said me for this beautiful idea. This was really exciting to write about the thing we love to do.

Sports cloud in wood cutters is dedicated to provide information and blogs related to sports as a career

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Travel and Photography

A beautiful cloud with beauty and enthusiasm of knowing the world.

World is full of beautiful things and who love to explore it can write here and exchange the knowledge and information about different places

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IDIOTS... integrated development in open talent site

Is wood cutter's sister site dedicated

to explore new innovations and hacks

Here we work to revel new ideas (JUGAADs) and tech innovations of little ground.

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Disha... let us build a dream

This is all about career, education and learning it includes series on different exciting topics like animation as well as on subjects of seconday education

We are working on how_to_s of study forum in which students can ask dubts

Page 10: Wood cutters

Our dream wishes

We wish, our every work will be fully innovative and fresh.

We wish, our every step will be a helping hand for someone

We wish, we can contribute some to our nation


We wish, in this long journey you will support us...

Himanshu Bisht

(founder, CEO)

wood Cutters