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Windows xp install

Nov 29, 2014



Step by step instructions on installing Windows XP on a computer.

  • 1. Windows XP Install Computer Maintenance

2. You may need to install Windows XPif: You replaced your hard disk drive with a new harddisk drive that does not have Windows XP installed. You are reinstalling Windows XP on a computerbecause you want to clean off your hard drive andremove any unwanted programs, such as spyware. You purchased a computer without an operatingsystem. You are going to upgrade a computer which had anolder operating system. (Windows 98, ME, or 2000) 3. Pre-installation checklist You have the Windows XP CD. You have the product key available. Your computer hardware is set up. You have Windows XP drivers available. If you are reinstalling Windows XP on anexisting computer, you need a backup copy ofyour files and settings. 4. Installation process 5. Part 1: Begin theinstallation 6. Boot from the CD 7. Welcome to Setup page, press ENTER 8. Windows XP Licensing Agreementpage, press F8. 9. Press ENTER to select Unpartitionedspace, which appears by default. 10. Format the partition using the NTFSfile system, press ENTER. 11. Windows XP erases your hard disk driveusing a process called formatting and then copies the setup files. 12. Part 2: Continue the installation 13. Regional and Language Options page appears, Click Next. 14. Personalize Your Software page, type your name and your organization name. Then click Next. 15. Your Product Key page, type your product key as it appears on your Windows XP CD case. Then, click Next. 16. Computer Name and Administrator Password page, click Next whenready. 17. Date and Time Settings page, set your computersclock. Then, click the Time Zone down arrow, andselect your time zone. Click Next. 18. On the Networking Settings page, click Next. 19. Workgroup or Computer Domainpage, click Next. 20. Part 3: Complete the installation 21. Windows XP will spend 20 or 30 minutes configuring your computer and willautomatically restart when finished. Whenthe Display Settings dialog appears, click OK. 22. When the Monitor Settings dialog boxappears, click OK. 23. On the Welcome to Microsoft Windows page, click Next. 24. Help protect your PC page, click Help protectmy PC by turning on Automatic Updates now.Then, click Next. 25. Will this computer connect to the Internet directly, orthrough a network? page. If youre not sure, accept the default selection, and click Next. 26. How will this computer connect to theInternet? page, click Next. 27. Who will use this computer? page, type the name of each person who will use thecomputer. Then click Next. 28. On the Thank you! page, click Finish. 29. Congratulations! Windows XP setup is complete.

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