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What's Cooking? Trends in Food (February 2012)

Aug 11, 2014



This report surveys what’s changing when it comes to how we find, cook and eat food, how we think about what we eat and how brands are marketing food. It doesn’t, however, attempt to round up everything of note in the wide world of food and beverage. Rather, it focuses on eight
of the relevant macro trends we’ve highlighted in the past few years, plus three overarching trends affecting the food category: the influence of technology, health and wellness, and foodie culture. Within these trends, we spotlight some of the things to watch we’ve been tracking.

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  • Introduction Methodology Trends in Food Appendix Influencer/Expert Q&As Additional ChartsA note to readers: To make the report easy to navigate, weve added hyperlinks to this page and the Trends in Food pages, soyou can jump immediately to the items that most interest you (or, alternatively, you can read the material straight through). 2
  • Whatandhowweeattodaymightlookquitebafflingtoanyonewhosmissedthepastdecade:Gluten-free treats from a food truck? Foodspotting an order of locally sourced, heirloomvegetables? Yet at the same time were reconnecting with our past, looking to eat morecommunally and celebrating regional food traditions, even digging up antique recipes.Thisreportsurveyswhatschangingwhenitcomestohowwefind,cookandeatfood,howwethink about what we eat and how brands are marketing food. It doesnt, however, attempt toround up everything of note in the wide world of food and beverage. Rather, it focuses on eightof the relevant macro trends weve highlighted in the past few years, plus three overarchingtrendsaffectingthefoodcategory:theinfluenceoftechnology,healthandwellness,andfoodieculture. Within these trends, we spotlight some of the things to watch weve been tracking. 3
  • JWTs Whats Cooking? Trends in Food is the result of quantitative, qualitative and desk researchconductedbyJWTIntelligencethroughouttheyear.Specificallyforthisreport,weconductedquantitative surveys in the U.S. and the U.K. using SONAR, JWTs proprietary online tool. We surveyed1,270 adults aged 21-plus (768 Americans and 502 Britons) from Jan. 19-24; data are weighted by age,gender and income.We also received input from JWT planners across several marketsincluding the U.K., Spain,Venezuela,Argentina,Poland,SouthAfricaandThailandandinterviewedexpertsandinfluencersinfood and beverage.*SUDHIR KANDULA, ELISE KORNACK, MICHAEL LEE, STEPHANIE STIAVETTI,Americas Next co-founder, Take Root; founder, Studiofeast food bloggerGreat Restaurant Chopped contestant ( and writer *ToreadourQ&Aswiththeseinfluencers/experts,seeAppendix. 4
  • 1. FOODIE CULTURE 2. FOOD AS THE 3. THE DEVIL WEARS 4. HEALTH AND 5. MAXIMUM 6. LIVE A LITTLE FoodasTheater NEW ECO-ISSUE PACKAGING WELLNESS DISCLOSURE The Lipstick Index FoodFairs SpikingFood BYO Containers Fooducate Labeling Effect Prices Reusable NutritionScores Legalities ALittleServing Foodby Subscription FromStaplesto Packaging FatTaxes Tell-AllVending of Sin Luxuries HydrationStations Machines FearlessEating HealthyandFresh GreenerSupply Vending Machines GoingBehind Kitchen- Chains the Scenes Restaurants Gluten-Free Greening VisualFluency RootsRevival Restaurants HoldtheSalt AntiqueEats CarbonFootprint Inhaling Moonshine Labeling SmartLunchrooms Heirloom CurbingFood OrganicFastFood Everything Waste WhatsNewin NewNordic VeeringVegan/ Functional Foods Cuisine Vegetarian - Food, Ph.D. BeerSommeliers InsectsasProtein - Artery-Cleaning BeerCocktails ArtificialMeat Foods High-End Sustainable - Mushrooms Techniques Palm Oil - Matcha for Amateurs RooftopFarming - Slow Beverages - Greek Yogurt - Spices - Juicing Up Coconut - Nutricosmetics 5
  • 7. NAVIGATING THE 8. GETTING 9. ALL THE WORLDS 10. SCREENED 11. RETAIL AS THE NEW NORMAL SMARTER A GAME INTERACTIONS THIRD SPACE SmallerSKUs Smarter AppsThatGamify ScreenedDining FoodHalls Cookbooks Eating Kiosks/Vending CommunalEating SmarterRecipes Gamifyingthe Machines ShopsThat SmarterKitchens Business Model InteractiveOut- Do More SmarterOrdering of-Home Ads SmarterShopping SmarterPackaging 6
  • Food as Theater MoonshineYesterdays gourmand has multiplied into factions of foodies all with Food Fairs Heirloom Everythingvarious passions centered around cooking, dining out and eating, Food by Subscription New Nordic Cuisineeating, eating. A foodie backlash may be under way, but food remains Fearless Eating Beer Sommeliersmore photographed, analyzed, critiqued and generally obsessed over Kitchen- Beer Cocktailsthan its ever been. Restaurants High-end Techniques Roots Revival for Amateurs Antique Eats What It Means for Brands Image credit: gwen 7
  • Foodies take their dining seriously, but that doesnt mean Le Fooding, a French gastronomic group, puts onit cant be fun: Weve seen the rise of theatrical events conceptual events like last years Exquisite Corpse:thatturneatingintoahigh-conceptproductionfilledwith Borrowing from the surrealist idea, the 48-hour New Yorksurprise and whimsy. event involved 12 successive dinners in which each high- profilechefwasrequiredtousesomeingredientsfrom Last year several New York dining clubs banded together to the previous chefs meal. serve an upscale six-course lunch aboard the L subway train as it traveled from Manhattan through Brooklyn. Invitees The group Chicago Foodies has started a Unique Dinner didnt know what they were in forthey met at a given Series to challenge chefs creativity. The inaugural intersection and then were guided underground. The event event, in January, was titled 16 Courses of Black. wasntofficiallysanctioned,onlyaddingtoitsallure. At Dans le Noir, a restaurant with branches in several Dner en Blanc, an idea that began in Paris, is akin to European cities and New York, diners eat in the dark, only arefinedflash-mobfeast,asThe New York Times put findingoutwhattheyateafterthemeal. it: Several hundred to a few thousand people, all wearing white, dine in a public spot, bringing their own food and tables. The location is secret until the day it takes place. Morethanathousandattendeesparticipatedinthefirst New York Dner en Blanc last year. Image credit: Dner en Blanc 8
  • Along with foodie-ism, a couple of trendsgreen markets,mobilevendors(foodtrucks),aff