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USRobotics Voice over the Internet – USB Telephone Adapter Make and receive Skype calls using your existing telephone!

Mar 26, 2015




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USRobotics Voice over the Internet USB Telephone Adapter Make and receive Skype calls using your existing telephone! Slide 2 Agenda The Skype Voice over the Internet Application USRobotics Telephone Adapter Who will use it (buy it) Industry trends Other Skype compatible solutions USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone USB Internet Phone Slide 3 What is it? What is ? Slide 4 Skype Software/Service - What is it? A simple Instant Messaging tool With multi-party messaging & quick file transfer Without application-sharing like MSN Messenger A simple, high-quality voice communication tool IM-like Point-and-click call/answer Limited but simple call management: Conference call, busy, voicemail Convenient See whos available Best-in-Class voice quality A community & lifestyle Users do the marketing NO subscription, NO contract, NO money to Start And the cheapest rates around for PSTN Slide 5 Skype Software/Service - What is it? Skype is a form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Has a signaling protocol - call, answer, hold, conference call, etc. Has a transport protocol - digitize and send voice over the Internet BUT it is not standards-based Internet calling is Skype-to-Skype or Skype-Out service to other phone numbers Skype provides PC application No provisioning is needed Versus Conventional VoIP operators, who Provide Infrastructure Purchase standards-based equipment (softswitches, VoIP routers) Standards allow them to mix equipment vendors... In theory Tier1 operators (Telcos/PTTs) can provide phone-like service No regulatory barriers to providing Internet-to-Internet calling Slide 6 Skype is recognized! ZDNet Research January 2006 Google, Apple, Skype, Starbucks, Ikea, Nokia, Yahoo!, Firefox, eBay and Sony were named the top global brands in 2005 annual survey by Wainhouse Research - November 2005 In the latest report from Wainhouse Research's quarterly WebMetrics research program, 70% of panelists who used Skype in the last six months found the VoIP service acceptable for business calls. Sandvine Inc. August 2005 With over 1,100 VoIP providers identified, Skype takes the lead and garners an astounding 35.8% of all VoIP calls in the US. Skype takes an even more commanding lead of 46.2% when it comes to share of minutes, suggesting that Skype users are also making longer calls. Other PC-based VoIP services like Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL chat are distant seconds. CNET Editors Choice February 2005. Skype 1.1 has been named CNET Editors Choice by the CNET Product Reviews Team; awarded to products that display excellence in performance, quality, product design, and value.CNET Editors Choice TIMES ONLINE Doors Award. SkypeOut is This years notable telephonic improvement and awarded the Look, No Phone-Award.Look, No Phone-Award TMC Internet Telephony VoIP Service Provider Award. Winner of VoIP Service Provider Award by TMCs INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine.TMCs INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine In the Top 100 private companies in the IP Communications Industry to watch in 2005.Top 100 private companies Slide 7 USRobotics USB Telephone Adapter Slide 8 The USRobotics USB Telephone Adapter is... Skype Certified solution that is an easy way to integrate Skype calling with POTS phone calls A full-featured voice communications option which includes: Skype Call Forwarding Reduce missed calls by forwarding Skype calls to your mobile phone Advanced Call Waiting Notification of incoming calls, Skype or PSTN, and the ability to switch between them Toll Bypass Make Skype calls from your mobile phone, bypassing long-distance or international charges Conference Calling Conduct 3-way conferences between Skype calls and regular telephone calls Caller ID Displays Skype user name or PSTN Caller ID* An incredibly flexible solution for FREE Internet calling with high quality audio, providing improved call quality when compared to PC sound-card options Includes integrated echo cancellation, advanced audio compression and powerful signal processing *PSTN Caller ID requires service from the PTT/Telco Slide 9 USR9620 Capabilities Makes Skype to Skype calls Slide 10 USR9620 Capabilities Makes Landline to Landline (POTS to POTS) Calls Slide 11 USR9620 Capabilities Call Waiting - Switches between Landline (POTS) and Skype Calls Slide 12 USR9620 Capabilities Conference Landline (POTS) and Skype Calls Slide 13 USR9620 Capabilities Forward your Skype Calls to a predetermined number Skype calls can always reach you Slide 14 USR9620 Capabilities Bypass LD/International LD using local call plus Skype Slide 15 USR9620 Capabilities Bypass LD/International LD using Skype to dial through your home or office USB Telephone Adapter acts as you personal operator assistant Slide 16 How the USRobotics USB Telephone Adapter Works The USB Telephone Adapter connects to both your standard telephone line and, via a USB connection, to a computer with a broadband Internet connection A second telephone port allows connection to a standard (or cordless) telephone In a cordless environment all phones in this cluster would have access to Skype calling as well as normal telephone calling Slide 17 Target Markets Who will use it? Slide 18 USB Telephone Adapter Who is the target? International families Living apart College students Business travelers Small businesses Slide 19 USB Telephone Adapter Who is the target? Current Skype Customer Skype Savvy Currently uses Skype and: Wants to improve quality of phone calls (reduce echo, improve sound quality) Wants a more traditional call feel (i.e. handset rather than PC microphones or headsets) Wants to expand Skype calling throughout the home (using a cordless phone) Wants to never miss a Skype call because they arent near their computer International call characteristics Uses pre-paid calling cards Calls overseas often Is driven to reduce calling charges Business to business users Needs low cost telephony solution Holds meeting with vendors over Skype Skype customers typically use Skype calling as an adjunct or addition to their traditional telephone service, unlike Vonage type customers Emergency service (eg. 911 in the US) is not an issue Slide 20 Voice over the Internet - Industry Trends Skype Market Slide 21 VoIP in general, and Skype specifically, represent disrupting technologies for traditional phone companies I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype. When the inventors of KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and its free its over. The world will change now inevitably. Michael Powell, Former FCC Chairman The idea of charging for calls belongs to the last century. Skype software gives people new power to affordably stay in touch with their friends and family by taking advantage of their technology and connectivity investments. Niklas Zennstrm, CEO & Co-founder of Skype Slide 22 Leading research organizations expect Voice on the Internet to rapidly expand in businesses and homes Info-Tech Research The rapid adoption of Voice over IP (VoIP) is killing off traditional telephony, with 50 percent of small- to mid-sized enterprises expected to rely on VoIP by 2008... study found that 23 percent of small- to mid-sized enterprises are already using VoIP technology. IDC Fueled in part by consumers looking to add value to their telephony service, IDC expects that the number of U.S. subscribers to residential VoIP services will grow from 3 million in 2005 to 27 million by the end of 2009. Insight Research... the global market for VoIP will reach $82 billion in 2005 and $196.5 billion by 2007. Much of this growth is driven by businesses, but Gartner predicts that by 2008, almost 20% of US homes will have VoIP telephones. Light Reading Article from June 2005 Calls using Skype Technologies SA account for nearly half of the VoIP minutes used (46.2 percent) and about 40 percent of the VoIP bandwidth used in North America, according to an analysis done by broadband management company Sandvine Slide 23 Skype communications is booming! Over 1 million new users per week Over 3.5 million simultaneous users during peak hours 57M registered users as of the end of Q3 05 USR participates in five of Skypes top nine markets These five markets alone account for 14.5M out of 26M registered users Skype Subscriber Growth Source: MorganStanley Slide 24 Additional USRobotics Skype Voice over the Internet Appliances USB Internet Speakerphone USB Internet Phone Slide 25 USRobotics Skype Appliances Designed to provide users with an interface for Internet calls that compares favorably to using standard telephones Include integrated audio technology that eliminates echo and voice clipping, providing excellent call quality Enhance the quality and value of making free calls all over the world Stimulate new Skype users, while providing enhanced Internet call quality to 75 Million existing Skype users Slide 26 USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone USR9610 The USB Speakerphone attaches to a computers USB 1.1 or 2.0 port and allows hands-free conversation using the Skype voice communications application Available volume controls allow users to adjust conversation volume Integrated head-set plug allows users to attached a head-set for conversation privacy All you need is a PC, broadband connection and the Skype client software Slide 27 The USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone is... Skype Certified to assure maximum compatibility A sleek device that delivers high-quality voice reproduction Very compact and durable to safely and easily carry on business trips and/or vacations Universal support just plug into to a PC with broadband and talk USB port powered No need to carry along an extra power supply A high quality audio device delivering improved call quality when compared to typical PC sound-card options Advanced echo cancellation and noise reduction technology provide excellent call quality High-fid