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UFP/CS Update David Hart

UFP/CS Update

Jan 03, 2016




UFP/CS Update. David Hart. Highlights. Sept xRAC results POPS Allocations RAT follow-up User News AMIE WebSphere transition Accounting Updates Metrics, Q2 2008. September xRAC. 116 requests (56 LRAC, 55 MRAC, 5 Supplements) 370M SUs Available 400M SUs Requested - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Page 1: UFP/CS Update

UFP/CS Update

David Hart

Page 2: UFP/CS Update


• Sept xRAC results• POPS• Allocations RAT follow-up• User News• AMIE• WebSphere transition• Accounting Updates• Metrics, Q2 2008

Page 3: UFP/CS Update

September xRAC• 116 requests

(56 LRAC, 55 MRAC, 5 Supplements)

• 370M SUs Available• 400M SUs Requested• 278M SUs Allocated

(69.5% of Requests)• 10 Advanced Support Requests• 1.1PB disk and tape allocated• Largest single allocation: 46M

• R. Sugar, MILC• Six allocations of 15M SUs or


Page 4: UFP/CS Update

POPS• Long-awaited POPS-TGCDB

communication via AMIE– Eliminates manual creation of

allocations via NCSA systems– All allocations (and related

requests) must be requested and processed via POPS

– Workload can now be distributed

• TGUP-POPS pass-through authentication– No need to ‘re-login’ if user

accesses POPS via TGUP

Major upgrade rolled out YESTERDAY

Sept xRAC awards are being processed via new POPS mechanisms.

Thanks and credit to the Steve Quinn and the NCSA team.

Page 5: UFP/CS Update

Allocations RAT Follow-up

• Startup, Education, and Research requests– Up now.

• Revised documentation– Allocations Request Guide– Web, POPS, TGUP, KB– New and approved terminology

• Non-technical recommendations already being implemented– Past two xRAC meetings

• More POPS changes to come….

We’re working on it.

First Startup request showed up yesterday (for ASP and Steele).

First Education request show up minutes later (for TG Clusters).

Page 6: UFP/CS Update

Allocations RAT Follow-up, Pt 2

• Startup review process will be affected.– Reviewers will now be the

bottleneck.– TG-wide reviewer will be default;

sites that want a hands-on review for their resource, let me know.

– We also need Startup limits for each resource; we’re assuming 30k until told otherwise.

• Add-user process also moved into POPS backend.– NCSA staff will continue to

process these requests for now

Action items for RPs here!

Page 7: UFP/CS Update

User News• New subscription handling– User preferences will be

retained over time– Subscription to email news

only via “official” TG email address• Can be changed by user via


– Other readers can monitor news via RSS or Web


This just in…

Page 8: UFP/CS Update

AMIE Update• New “tarball” version now

ready• Will speed packet transfer

times by ~10x– More packets = more

improvement• Tested at 3 sites• Will be rolling out into

production in October

Page 9: UFP/CS Update

WebSphere Migration

• Contracts handed off to UC business office this week

• Training and planning to start asap

• 3 months estimated for migration activity– Portal, web, user info updates

will be limited– Other activities will be delayed

• Migration effort accelerated by consulting firm– Hosting will be handled by 3rd

party provider

Please excuse our dust as we upgrade to serve our users better.

Page 10: UFP/CS Update

WebSphere Migration, Pt 2

• WebSphere upgrade will let us offer–User customization–Automatic password resets– Self-creation of TGUP logins–Many other “packaged” portlets

• And permit us to –Distribute developer and

documentation effort among sites–Eliminate duplication of content

between Web and TGUP–Eventually integrate TG Wiki

Page 11: UFP/CS Update

Accounting• New metrics to be

identified and incorporated into TGCDB

• Storage accounting to be pursued

• tgusage to get some overdue attention

Page 12: UFP/CS Update

TeraGrid Users, Q2 2008

Page 13: UFP/CS Update

TeraGrid Usage, Q2 2008

Page 14: UFP/CS Update

TeraGrid Summary, Q2 2008