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TWIN Winter 2013

Feb 11, 2016



TWIN Magazine's winter issue 2013

  • TWINEnd of an Era: Gossip Girls Influence

    Spring Trends: Where to Buy them NOW!

    Winter 2013

    What Men Think About

    Your Fashion Choices


    Flapper Fashion

  • Winter 2013Letter from the Editor

    End of an Era: Gossip Girl Style

    Minnesota Street Fashion

    Spring Trends

    Guys vs. Girls

    Flapper Fashion

    TWIN Goes Abroad

  • T W I NEditor-in-ChiEf

    Melanie RichtMan

    hEad PhotograPhErKaRa haRMs

    StrEEt PhotograPhErlouis Fine

    ContributorSFelicia FelMleelauRa MaRRinan

    SPECial thankSPRiMP boutique

    taRgetJoel Valdez

    bRittany Weiss

    ContaCt infoMag.FabMn.coM

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  • letter from the editor



    For this issue, I wanted to focus on fashion. And one fashion movement I have always admired was the flapper era of the 1920s. I like the idea of rebelling against traditional shapes and moving towards drop waists, shorter hemlines and bright red lipstick. Flappers were rebellious and cool. In England, flappers were called bright young things so that is what we decided to call our fashion shoot for this issue. I think styles from the 1920s are going to make a big comeback this year, especially with the release of The Great Gatsby in May. So lets all rebel a little and take some fashion risks in 2013. This issue should give you some ideas on how to change it up. TWIN is also going to change it up a little. Starting in February, TWIN is going abroad, so get ready for street fashion galore as our staff travels the world. As for me, Im off to Paris. Au revoir!

  • Gossip Girl Style

    The End of an Eraby Laura Marrinan

    The end of Gossip Girl means the end of an era, but even

    after the final episode, we will always still have the standout

    fashion moments. What Gossip Girls stylist Eric Daman did

    best throughout the six seasons, was mix pieces that prove

    the characters of Gossip Girl are a part of an unobtainable

    world with certain elements that are very accessible.

  • School uniforms will never be the same after Gossip Girl. From Blairs ever-changing array of tights to Serenas disheveled loose-knot ties, the ladies of Gossip Girl were able to make school uniforms little works of art. Of course, Blair mixed a headband with nearly every outfit making a hair statement every time.

  • The summer episodes always provided a refreshing splash into the upper-east siders wardrobes. The Hamptons White Party may not have added splashes of color, but the summertime vacation party helped display some of the best dresses the show had to offer. Blair rocked a white eyelet Marc by Marc Jacobs dress while Serena opted for a flowier Grecian inspired look.

  • Now, can we please talk about that green coat? Not only, does Blair pull off the best coat of the entire series, Chuck sweeping Blair off of her feet is always a highlight of any episode. She must have understood the impact of that emerald hue, bringing back a green cape one season later.

  • Jenny Humphrey really took some strange turns with her style over the years, but it would be impossible to discuss Gossip Girl style and omit the Brooklyn babe. Out of all Jennys outfits, her Oscar de la Renta motorcycle jacket is really one that will never be forgotten. It was also a prime example of Damans ability to mix a $30 knit hat with a jacket

    that would set Jenny back thousands of dollars. With Serena in her Breton striped top, toting her Louis Vuitton luggage around Grand Central Station, her characters persona is immediately revealed in that one outfit. Eric Daman really said it best, its a Ive been to Europe, Ive traveled around, I dont spend too much time on what I put on, but I

    always look amazing look. After six seasons, seven Dan and Serena breakups, and more fashion hits than any show before it, Im sad to have my Monday night television missing. But fortunately, we will always have Netflix to go back and indulge our desires for perfectly styled ascots and Jenny Humphreys increasingly dark eyeliner.

  • MinnesotaStreet Fashionby louis fine

  • SpringTrends

    By Felicia Felmlee

  • SpringTrends

    New year, new season, new trends. The latest fashion for Spring 2013 is anything but boring. The contrast of black and white, stripes and printed pants will soon be must-haves for everyones spring wardrobe. Read on for inspiring ideas and locations for where you can purchase your very own spring trends!

  • Printed Pants

    Printed pants will be making an appearance once again in Spring 2013. From geometrics to floral to even animal print, printed pants will have heads turning. Depending on what you pair them with, they can have a casual or dressy look. For class, pair them with knee high boots and a loose sweater. To make use of them on a Saturday

    night, pair them with neon pumps and an elegant blouse for a night on the town with the girls! However, if

    you are feeling extra daring, pair your pants with a printed top to imitate runway inspired ideas!

  • Where to buy:

    H&M $24.95

    TOPSHOP $40.00

  • Black & White

    Although it screams simplicity, the contrast of black and white is making a dramatic statement this spring. From dresses to pants, and even to accessories, black and white will be seen on everything! Not to mention, anyone can pull off this trend! So whether youre a fashionista or not, dig deep into your closet and pull out your black and white to become a trendsetter this spring!

  • TOPSHOP $76.00

  • stripes

    Thin or thick, horizontal or vertical, stripes will be on trend for Spring 2013. Depending on how you wear them, stripes can be suitable regardless of your fashion taste. Pair a striped sweater with white jeans and flats for a crisp, fresh look. At the same, striped leggings with boots and a motorcycle jacket will create a more daring, trendy look! With these inspiring ideas you can be sporting bold stripes this spring too!

  • H&M $17.95

    ROMWE.COM $30.35

  • guysvs.

    girlsWe all know men and women have differing opinions on most things. Clothes are no exception. So, we created six looks that a girl might put together and asked guys what they thought of each look. The results were pretty mixed, but Im sure you can guess which

    looks the males favored.

    By Melanie RichtmanPhotos by Kara Harms

  • hipster

    This first look is kind of out there. It might not be something everyone would put together. It is definitely unconventional, but it is kind of fun and quirky, especially with the fox face and mix of patterns, which is why I like it. The guys I interviewed were torn about whether they liked this outfit. Guy #1 thought it was hipster and awesome, but he didnt like the shoes. Guy #2 and Guy #3 thought this look would be better without the fox or the flannel. Essentially, they like the idea of a plain gray sweater dress

  • glamThis second look is

    something a girl might wear for a night out. It is edgy and glam. The

    coated skinny jeans look like leather, and the

    sparkly clutch and bright heels make it very fitting

    for an evening out. The guys were not fans of this

    look. They thought the leather pants with high

    heels were too much (this was surprising news to me). In fact, they even

    said the shoes were slutty. They also didnt

    like the pattern on the jacket. They didnt seem to have a problem with

    the clutch though.

  • comfy

    This next look is pretty much my daily uniform: an over-sized sweater with leggings and booties. I would say that most girls have items like this in their closet and probably wear something like this regularly.

    And, although we dont need their approval, the guys really liked this look. They kept throwing out adjectives like cuddly and snuggly. This was everyones favorite. Good to know.

  • patterns

    This look is a little out there. It is supposed

    to be a little more professional, yet still

    fun because of the mix of patterns. And Ill admit that the skirt

    is a little too long for Chloes petite frame. The guys seemed to


    They thought the skirt was ill-fitting and they

    didnt like it. They were confused about

    why there were two different patterns and

    thought the patterns clashed. Fair enough.

  • printed pants

    This look definitely got the best reaction. Pretty much every girl I asked loved the pants, especially with the top and collar necklace. I am obsessed with these patterned skinny pants. For me, they are the epitome of cool. The guys, on the other hand, had a different opinion. Adjectives used to describe this look were nasty, gross, and horrendous. It was immediately voted their least favorite. Guy #2 said, She looks like a monarch butterfly. So it is safe to say they didnt like it. But wait- arent butterflies pretty?

  • feminineOkay, so this dress is adorable. And Chloe looks adorable in it.

    This look is girly and everyone likes dresses.

    Even the guys liked this. They said this look was pretty, fun and flirty.

    They even liked the shoes with the dress,

    which they had originally deemed

    slutty with skinny jeans So, guys are

    obviously confusing. But in general, I think it is safe to say that a cute

    dress like this would be a good first date outfit.

  • brightyoungthings

  • brightyoungthings

    Styling: Melanie Richtman, Joel Valdez & Brittany WeissPhotography: Kara Harms

    Models: Giana Ballard, Kayla Bengtson, Courtney Kessler, David Reima

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