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Tutorial Setup Wonderware Intouch 10

Apr 18, 2015



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Tutorial How To Install Wonderware Intouch 10SCADA ( SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION )

Hanjaya Mandala / XII OIND 10/14/2012

There are 14 steps for installing Wonderware Intouch version 10 software:

1. First step is creating New Folder named Wonderware on your desktop

2. Copy all 20 part files of Wonderware Winrar from CD to the wonderware folder on desktop

3. Copy with the crack of Wonderware

4. Extract all of the 20 parts of .rar files (extract here)

5. After extracting will increase 17 new files

6. Finds file rar file Wonderware_Intouch_10 and extract here

7. After extracting the Wonderware_Intouch_10.rar will got 16 new files

8. Find the master setup.exe file and double click to install it

9. After double click it will computing space requirement and shows like the picture and click next

10.License agreement point agree and click next


Select feature and your destination folder to custom install the software or just click next for standard installing

12. Input your username & password and click next *user name and password must to remember

13.Setup will copy new files, wait 1 until 2 minutes for the copy process.

14.Setup has been complete successfully done and unpoint Install Wonderware Applications Server and click finish

Steps to register the license of Wonderware Intouch 10 for full packages: 1. Open the Intouch software that has been installed on your computer Click Start menu All programs Wonderware Intouch

2. Intouch applications manager will show for the first time run and just click next

3. Click Finish when you have selected the directory

4. Now will show the software windows

5. Find About Application Manager on Help tab

6. Product have not been registered, click View License to register

7. License utility will shows up, click Install License File on File tab

8. Find the license file (wwsuite.lic) on Destkop Wonderware Folder Cracker WWR folder



9. Open the wwsuite.lic file

10.Click ok when it shows domain name

11.Register is has been successfully copied

12.Now the product has been successfully registered

There are 2 Steps to open Intouch 10 Software: 1. Start menu All programs Wonderware Intouch

2. Double click the Intouch icon on Destkop


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