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Trinity School Senior Voice ... They learned about different types of ... lessons in buying a house, such as taking out a mortgage, or ... (DCCT) and learn the principles of marksmanship.

Jun 24, 2020




  • Trinity School

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    Senior Voice There seems a certain amount of irony that at the end of the longest term in the academic year, the greatest level of anticipation, excitement and emotion occurs. The last couple of weeks of term have been a blur with so many events – major to lower key – being prepared, put into place and showcasing the school and most importantly our fantastic pupils. This in addition to the day to day learning and activities that are all part of ‘Trinity Life’. The Senior Carol Service on Thursday was a true celebration of Christmas and an opportunity for us all to reflect. I am as guilty as anybody of getting caught up in the commercialism of Christmas and stresses associated. However, when you have a service such as yesterday with all members of the community contributing beautifully (including the roof raising organ playing of nationally acclaimed David Davies), you end up with a warm glow of pride and contentment. It is at times like this that you realise how much you need and value your friends and family. Without them it is easy for our less desirable aspects to come out. Real ‘friends’, whom we trust and love, see past our worst side and see the best in us, but more importantly, bring out the best in us. Spend time with these people this Christmas and enjoy them and being with them. Have a fabulous Christmas and I hope it is full of laughter, time to relax and reflect and obviously great presents – in what ever form they may come!

    Season’s Greetings

  • Senior Voice

    Christingle Lights Up The Chapel

    The first Sunday of Advent saw the School swing into our spiritual preparation for Christmas. Our Christingle service saw the chapel bursting at the seams with pupils from across the Trinity Family (Prep Lodge to Upper Sixth). Whilst the pupils were making Christingles in the Refectory before the service, parents enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies together. The service was led by Josh Trickett in the Upper Sixth (Chapel Prefect), who helped all present prepare themselves for the season of Advent. Thanks to all the pupils and staff involved in the preparation and running the service and events, especially Mrs Davies and Mrs Arkell.

    Carol Service

    At the end of a week of freezing temperatures and strong winds, St. Michael’s Church in Teignmouth was warmed by the Senior Department Carol Service. The service brought together Prep 5 and 6 and the Senior School in a celebration of the Christmas Message. The atmosphere in the church was amazing with the School’s voices filling the beautiful church. With contributions from Prep and Senior pupils as well as staff and Governors it was a Carol Serivce to remember. Jero Zhang’s rendition of Silent Night made everyone hold their breath in awe. Our thanks to St. Michael’s Church for letting us use the church, Rev Rodderick and Father Mark for leading the service as well. Special thanks to Mr Larkman and Mrs Arkell (Director of Music) for planning and rehearsing such an inspiring and warming service. We stepped out into the cold wind with an inner Advent glow.

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    Our Digital Footprint Key Stage 3 classes have been considering their digital footprints, specifically how they may impact them in the future. It has recently been reported in popular media that Jack Maynard (a ‘You Yuber‘ popular among young people) has left the television programme ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ due to the digital footprint that he left online as a teenager. “A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. In includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services.” Using this real world example pupils have been debating questions such as “Do you think that it is fair to judge someone on what they said on social media when they were under 18?” and “What advice would you give to a friend about their digital footprint who wants to be famous and one day be in ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’?”. At home parents can use similar news stories as conversation starters to help young people understand that their online activity could have negative consequences later in life.

    Christmas Jumper Day Raises £400 For Local Dawlish Charity

    Year 11 swung into action to bringing some Christmas cheer on a bitterly cold Monday. Key Stage 4 identified Richard’s Wish as their local charity and the money they raised from Christmas Jumper Mufti and a stellar ‘Bring and Buy’ event at break time will be a welcome gift to the charity. Richard's Wish works with young people who are going through cancer treatment. In these difficult times the charity offers hope in the form of making a wish come true. We hope this gift will help others wishes come true.

    Boarders Celebrate Christmas In Cabaret Style The boardingcommunity had their

    annual festive meal, with performance after. This year two senior boarders, Ross McNaught and Jero Zhang, organised a fun filled variety evening. Acts ranged from magic, to violin, to dance and singing. These culminated in a short play written by Ross, Rapunzel who had been gated in her boarding house for the weekend! One of the stand-out performances of the night was our own street dance crew of Andy, Ailsa, Simon, Chris and Harry - the audience were stunned by their moves. It was a wonderful evening that got us in the festive spirit for the last week of term.

  • Senior Voice

    Year 10s have been learning A Christmas Carol this term and enjoying the rich vocabulary of Charles Dickens. Paige Connolly has produced a fantastic homework in response to the section in the novel where we read about the ghost of Marley and the chain he carries about his waist. Dickens describes the chain as “long, and wound about him like a tail; and it was made of cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses”; all the things that make up his personality. The chain that Paige created similarly reflects her life and is made of swimming, school, boxing, parkour and TV.

    The Year 8 and 9 Girls visited Exeter University for an empowering afternoon of STEM related activities. They learned about different types of technology including ‘virtual reality’ as well as understanding how exciting a STEM based future could be. The hands on activities saw them building team droids including an entry for one which is a buddy for disabled children to help them be more independent. This trip will inspire our girls to dream big - there are no limits.

    Jon Emery, an Old Trinitonian, returned to school to share his experiences with our Sixth Form. Jon now works at Chamberlains Estate Agency in Teignmouth. This was an excellent chance for our Business Studies pupils to learn more about external influences on the housing market, such as changes in interest rates and the impact of BREXIT. It was also a chance to learn some life lessons in buying a house, such as taking out a mortgage, or understanding stamp duty.

    Thank you to Jon for returning to Trinity and sharing his expertise. If you would like to contribute to our External Speaker programme, please contact Mr Milne ([email protected]) to discuss.

    Measuring one beach in a day is a challenge but our boys started early and finished late - 3 beaches - 22 profiles and 500 sediment samples later! A great example of determination and ambition outside the classroom

  • Trinity School

    ‘A thrilling, exhilarating experience that shows you how much you have to learn in the Royal Navy.’ Ollie ‘I loved the experience. I lived on the same mess deck when I did my RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course last half term. This was so much fun’. Lucy ‘I loved it. It was a very good experience. We had so much fun and we learned new useful skills’. Elif ‘It was a laugh with our friends and a great learning experience.’ Loui ‘I liked the trip because it was very funny and I learned a lot’. Ander ‘I love how not only it was fun, it brought us together as friends and we worked with people we don’t know well.’ Cat ‘One of the highlights of CCF – the best trip I have been on.’ Freddy ‘The ship repair was really tough and cold but fun.’ Daniel ‘The day was amazing, very inspiring and a lot of fun.’ Esme ‘I enjoyed it a lot because the staff at the Damage Repair Instruction Unit and the Firefighting School were so friendly.’ Jordi I enjoyed filling in the holes on the ship wall where the water was coming through. It was a new and different experience.’ Lily

    On Saturday 25 November at Wyvern Barracks, Exeter, 26 Army Section Recruit Platoon cadets (almost the whole of Year 9 plus Year 10, 11 and 12 who started in September) began a busy day of instruction in Skill at Arms training. By the evening every cadet had passed their Weapon Handling Test on the cadet GP A2 rifle; a fantastic achievement.

    The reward for passing the WHT was that on Sunday, they were allowed to shoot on the laser range (DCCT) and learn the principles of marksmanship. Thanks go to Capt Ralph Savill and WO2 Keith Pratlett who were assisted by senior cadets Ross McNaught and Simon Lai. The cadets showed the highest standards of behaviour and respect for their barracks and by Sunday afternoon the DCCT had been thoroughly cleaned inside and out by teams of volunteers.

    Meanwhile on Saturday 6 Senior Year 10 Army cadets went on to St Peter’s High School CCF where C/Sgt Colin Rose welcomed them for a day of live range shooting on the Cadet GP A2 weapon in the morning and in the afternoon on the new small bore cadet Rifle.

    Connor Hare

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