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TREN 1F90 TERM 1 WRAP-UP. What we have covered in Term 1 Interdisciplinarity and what it means Principles of sustainability Introduction to systems thinking

Jan 04, 2016




  • What we have covered in Term 1Interdisciplinarity and what it means Principles of sustainability Introduction to systems thinking Principles of ecology and resource management Human influences on the ecosphere Complexity and ecosystem function How the world works: basic environmental literacy Biogeochemical cycles Energy flows and trophic dynamics Pollution principles and processes

  • Connecting the dotsTERM 2: SPECIFIC TOURISMFOCUS

  • What is coming in Term 2Tourism demand and motivation Tourism supply Social, cultural, and economic impacts Political dimensions of tourism Marketing and management of tourism Tourism in lesser developed countries Tourism and climate change Tourism health and safety Ecotourism and alternative tourism Ethics and responsibility in tourism Tourism planning

    Prof. David Fennell

  • TREN 1F90: Sustainability, Environmentand TourismDecember Evaluation and Examination Overview

  • TREN 1F90: Sustainability, Environment and TourismEvaluation

    Overall progress grades will be posted on Sakai prior to examination -> will reflect all marks to date:Assignment 1Seminar grade:participation / attendanceseminar summariesseminar leadership (if applicable)


  • TREN 1F90: Sustainability, Environment and TourismExamination details:

    Wednesday 12 December 2012 19:00-22:00 Ian Beddis Gymnasium - Walker Complex

  • Examination details:

    75 multiple-choice questions Comprehensive examination (lectures, readings, videos, seminars) Covers entire term Worth 25% of total course gradeTREN 1F90: Sustainability, Environment and Tourism

  • Answered on computer form Bring an HB pencil / eraser / sharpener Learn how to colour within the lines!! improperly completed forms will not be accepted!

  • Read questions carefully! Focus on key concepts in lectures, readings, and other materials Approximate mix of questions: 20% easy / straightforward 60% general knowledge / concepts 20% detail oriented

    Time provided: 3 hours (you should need only 2) TREN 1F90: Sustainability, Environment and Tourism

  • GOOD LUCK!TREN 1F90: Sustainability, Environment and Tourism

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