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Travelling Bag Packing Tips

Jan 21, 2022




Bags can say a lot about the travelers who drag, roll and carry them around. Inexperienced trekkers may wrestle stubborn trunks or oversized suitcases packed to the brim, dragging them from the parking garage to the check-in counter. More experienced globetrotters zip around with sleek, rolling bags designed to fit neatly in overhead compartments. And we’ve all seen the thrifty traveler who’s packed their belongings in Duct-taped duffel bags that are older than aviation itself. While the optimal bag and packing methods differ based on itineraries, budgets and more, there are some nearuniversal guidelines you can follow to make life convenient in the airport and the hotel room when you’re living out of a suitcase. Here they are… 

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Going on vacation is the best. Not so fun? Trying to cram your cutest outfits into your suitcase. Indeed, the anxiety of figuring out what to pack (and how to make it all a fit) can put bit of a damper on your pre-getaway excitement. Whether you're someone who starts packing a week ahead of time or waits until the last minute, these hacks will ensure that your favorite dress doesn't get wrinkled and you have plenty of room for souvenirs. Read tips above to learn how to pack faster, smarter, and sans stress.