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Travel Taboos You Can Easily Avoid

Jan 21, 2022




At the best of times, travel can be thrilling and life-changing. But at its worst, it is awkward and gut wrenching. Most of the time it’s due to cultural differences, some so subtle you might not be aware of them. We’ve gathered a few of the common – and unique – travel taboos to help you avoid any confusion or disrespect on your next trip. 

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The other benefit (apart from not looking like a wally or getting randomly arrested) in respecting cultural taboos is that your experience with the locals can change entirely, people open up when they see you making an effort and are more likely to share their time and stories with you. If travel is about having new experiences and exploring new cultures then avoiding cultural taboos is an easy way to meet more local people and have genuine experiences, that and you represent your own culture with dignity.