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The Weird And The Unexplained

Dec 14, 2014




  • 1. The Weird and The Unexplained

2. The weird and the Unexplained

  • In the world there are many mysteries that are unsolved. They are mysteries because there are some clues but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • Can you help society to find any explanation???

3. Methodology

  • Work in groups of three or four.
  • Read and answer the questions searching the Internet using the websites given or not.
  • Dont forget discussing and giving your opinion.
  • Read the final activity,choose oneof the options given and write about it, you can surf the Internet for extra information.
  • Be careful with grammar, syntax and spelling.

4. Flight 19

  • When did it disappear?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What happened with the flight?
  • Have other ships and planes disappeared in that same place?
  • flight19 / flight19
  • Flight _ 19

5. The Monster of Loch Ness

  • Where does it live?
  • What kind of monster is it?
  • What evidence is there of its existence?
  • / monster - of - loch - ness
  • www. ness

6. Final Activity Choose one of the topics to write: a. Find a possible explanation for one of the mysteries mentioned before. b. Describe another mystery that you know or find information in the web and write a short description about it. 7. Outstanding presentation Overall clear ideas delivered with accuracy. Unclear and/or with mistakes Desorganized presentation that affected comprehension. Final Activity They achieve all aims with excellence. Ss could achive some of the aims Lack of understanding that affected achievement. No achievement concerning the goal General Achievement Great deal of cooperation and commitment. Most enriching imput Commitment to the group. Enriching imput Lack of interest shown in the process. Involvement only when required Minimal participation on the activities Personal involvement Cooperative work. All Ss involved Enough interaction as to reach the objectives Scarce interaction No interaction. Bad relation among Ss. Group Interaction A B C D 8. Conclusion

  • This is a nice webquest to find out about world mysteries.
  • There are many mysteries that are unknown for most people because they are not mentioned in every day life.
  • We hope that you have learnt and enjoyed it.

9. Authors

  • Mariana Fernndez
  • Paula Gianazza
  • Ernesto Muniz