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The Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to ... · PDF fileThe Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (Expanded Second Edition), 2010, 671 pages,

Jul 28, 2018




  • The Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (ExpandedSecond Edition), 2010, 671 pages, Peter E. Meltzer, 0393337944, 9780393337945,W. W. Norton, 2010


    The go-to guide for finding those exceptional and unexpected words that will bring your writing tothe next level. Do you find that your regular thesaurus spits out the same old words alreadyrunning through your head? Are the lists boring, repetitive, and generally unhelpful? Peter E.Meltzer thought so and decided to create a unique thesaurus that would offer interesting, originalsynonyms along with contextual examples. He quotes from a range of recent mediaincludingbooks and hundreds of magazines and newspapersto reassure readers that though the wordsmight be unfamiliar, they are all completely legitimate words in current use. The first edition wasthe top-selling thesaurus in the United States on numerous occasions. The second edition has beenexpanded by 50 percent and includes a new introduction that lays out the goals and methods ofthe thesaurus. This highly entertaining and informative book is truly a dream come true, not onlyfor logophiles but for anyone wishing to enhance their writing through these wonderful words.


    Barron's how to Prepare for the GRE Test , Samuel C. Brownstein, Mitchel Weiner, Sharon Green,Stephen Hilbert, 1994, Graduate Record Examination, 631 pages. Revised and updated, thismanual presents six model GREs with questions answered and explained. There is also a review inmath and a 3500-word vocabulary building list.

    Memorize SAT Vocabulary the Quantum Way , Xuhua Chen, Aug 1, 2012, SAT (Educational test),341 pages. The simple memory technique in the book has never been explored fully before. Pleasebe surprise that you will be much better than your peers after using the technique. There.

    Medievalia Et Humanistica , , 2007, Middle Ages, 158 pages. Since its founding in 1943, Medievaliaet Humanistica has won worldwide recognition as the first scholarly publication in America todevote itself entirely to medieval and.

    View of the state of Europe during the Middle ages. with additions from recent writers by W. Smith, Henry Hallam, 1880, , . .

    There's a Word for It (Revised Edition) A Grandiloquent Guide to Life, Charles Harrington Elster, Jul5, 2005, Education, 272 pages. A mischievous and madcap expedition through the depths of theunabridged dictionary promises hilarious word fun for language enthusiasts as it describes a varietyof unusual.

    Roget's Thesaurus of Words for Intellectuals Synonyms, Antonyms, and Related Terms EverySmart Person Should Know How to Use, David Olsen, Michelle Bevilacqua, Oct 15, 2011,Reference, 448 pages. Have you struggled for just the right phrase when grappling with a classassignment? Crafting an office memo, do you want greater clarity and concision? Pounding awayat a last.

    The families of words , Mario Pei, 1962, Language Arts & Disciplines, 288 pages. A scholarly textclassifying words according to word families and origins.

  • The Grand Panjandrum & 1,999 Other Rare, Useful, and Delightful Words and Expressions, JuliusN. Hook, 1980, Reference, 392 pages. Relates instructive anecdotes about two thousand littleornever-used English words, dividing the words by subject for easy reference.

    So You Think You Know Baseball?: A Fan's Guide to the Official Rules , Peter E. Meltzer, Jun 10,2013, Sports & Recreation, 344 pages. Examines rules in baseball, illustrating each with actualplays from historical and contemporary games to understand the mechanics of a play or how itshould be scored..

    Il cardinalismo di Santa Chiesa, 2 diviso in tre parti, Gregoire Leti, 1668, Biography &Autobiography, . .


    Chambers Crossword Dictionary , Elaine Higgleton, 2000, Reference, 889 pages. This crossworddictionary is for solvers and lovers of crosswords of all kinds. Includes thesaurus-typeinformation and reference words from the Chambers's extensive databases.

    The School for Scandal and Other Plays , Richard Brinsley Sheridan, May 7, 1998, Drama, 496pages. Richly exploited comic situations, effervescent wit, and intricate plots combine to makeSheridan's work among the best of all English comedy. This edition includes his most.

    2012 CALENDARS - 365 NEW WORDS A YEAR , WORKMAN, , , 320 pages. With this calendar,every morning is possible to learn a fun, smart, sassy, and good-to-know word. Here are literarywords (techno-thriller), fun-to-say words (cock-a-hoop.

    Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate , Eugene Ehrlich, Mar 17, 2009,Reference, 224 pages. Anyone looking to improve his or her vocabulary and anyone who loveswords will be enthralled by this unique and impressive thesaurus that provides only the mostunusual -- or.

  • Summary of Solar Radiation Observations, Volume 1 , R. A. Atlas, B. N. Charles, 1964, SolarradiationBaby Days Activities, Ideas, and Games for Enjoying Daily Life with a Child Under Three,Barbara Rowley, Jan 19, 2000, Crafts & Hobbies, 289 pages. Describes simple activities suited tovarious situations, including mornings, meal times, nap time, afternoons, bath time, bedtime,travel, and special events Radiation Regime of Inclined Surfaces , Kirill I AkovlevichKondratev, Margarita Petrovna Fedorova, 1977, Solar radiation, 82 pages

  • Driving Change Through Diversity and Globalization Transformative Leadership in the Academy,James Alan Anderson, 2008, Education, 198 pages. "This book argues that success in meetingchallenges will be achieved to the degree that institutions embed the twin values of diversity andglobalism at the heart of theirAn Introduction to Social Policy , Peter Dwyer, Sandra Shaw, Mar 15,2013, Social Science, 224 pages. An Introduction to Social Policy explores essential welfare topics,themes and issues for students studying social policy or related disciplines such as sociology, socialwork

  • The Cheating Culture Why More Americans are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead, David Callahan, 2004,Philosophy, 366 pages. A revealing look at cheating in modern-day society places the blame on thehighly competitive economic climate of the past two decades, explaining why an unfettered marketandEducation handbook for black families , Delores Lowe Friedman, 1980, Education, 428 pages.Black parents who are concerned with the education of their children, from elementary schoolthrough college and career preparation, are given tips on teaching children Black The AvengersNights of Wundagore, , Sep 1, 2000, Comics & Graphic Novels, 160 pages. When Quicksilver andhis sister, Scarlet Witch, are mysteriously drawn to Wundagore Mountain, they find themselvesfighting off a mystical force that threatens to ruin nature download The Thinker's Thesaurus:Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (Expanded Second Edition) 2010 Have you everconsidered writing or reviewing for the library community? Are you interested in publishing a bookon your favorite author or hobby? Do you need to write and.

  • The words of Mercury Shakespeare and English mythography of the Renaissance, Noel Purdon,1974, English literature, 246 pagesA Rumpus of Rhymes A Book of Noisy Poems, , 2001, JuvenileFiction, 30 pages. Here's a book bursting with verses that sputter, shout, chatter and beg toberead aloud--really loud! Full-color illustrations The Thinker's Thesaurus: SophisticatedAlternatives to Common Words (Expanded Second Edition) Peter E. Meltzer

  • The Assertive Option Your Rights & Responsibilities, Patrica Jakubowski, Arthur J. Lange, 1978,Psychology, 336 pages. A self-instructional manual that provides specific techniques for changingthoughts, feelings, and behaviors that support nonassertiveness or aggressiveness.The authorsprovideMyths - Stories Within Oneself, Osku Leinonen, 2012, , 44 pages WALNECK'S CLASSICCYCLE TRADER, JULY 2003 , Causey Enterprises, LLC download The Thinker's Thesaurus:Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (Expanded Second Edition) Peter E. Meltzer 671pages An illustrated guide to re-energizing life instructs readers in the art of increasing andmaximizing energy to improve relationships, physical and emotional well-being. This easy-to-usereference book draws on successful professional experience writing and publishing family historiesto create a universal method for novices and seasoned. index.

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