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The Renaissance “Rebirth” 1300’s - 1500’s. A time of Creativity and change in Europe. It was a golden age in the arts, literature, and sciences. Curious

Dec 17, 2015



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  • The Renaissance Rebirth 1300s - 1500s
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  • A time of Creativity and change in Europe. It was a golden age in the arts, literature, and sciences. Curious about life in the present more than the after life. Starts in Italy
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  • Why Italy? Near Ancient Rome. Florence and Venice were big trade centers. Merchants spent a lot of $$ on art and education.
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  • Florence and the Medicis Cosimo de Medici, a wealthy banker, takes control of the government. Cosimo creates a republican Govnt. Appointes relatives to high positions.
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  • Humanism Focused on worldly subjects rather than religious issues. Humanists hoped to use wisdom of the ancients to understand their own times. Today we refer to the study of literature, philosophy and art as the humanities.
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  • Italian Art and Architecture
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  • Leonardo DaVinci 1452-1519 model Renaissance Man (Painter, sculptor, inventor, architect, engineer) Mona Lisa, Last Supper
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  • Michelangelo 1475-1564 Biblical and classical figures. Sculptor, engineer, poet, painter, architect Statue of David Dome of St. Peters church in Rome Sistine Chapel ceiling
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  • Raphael 1483-1520 Painter Student of Michelangelo and daVinci. Paintings of the Madonna, and School of Athens.
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  • Sofonisba Anguissola 1500s Painter Judith and the Maidservant
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  • Architecture Reject the Gothic style of the late Middle Ages as cluttered and disorderly. Adopt the columns, arches, and domes.
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  • Political Science
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  • Nicolo Machiavelli 1469-1527 The Prince Use whatever methods were neccessary to achieve their goals The end justifies the means.
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  • Technical Innovation
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  • Johann Gutenberg 1456 Gutenberg invents the Printing Press in Europe. Already being done in China from 8th century.
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  • Impact of Printing Press More people learned to read and write. Cheaper than hand-copied. Access to broad range of knowledge. Contributed to the religious turmoil in the 1500s.