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MISSION Introducing the Digital Culture Radio. This pioneering and ideal concept is presented by Rizwan Ali Khan
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MISSIONIntroducing the Digital Culture Radio.

This pioneering and ideal concept is presented by Rizwan Ali Khan


The Best Hit Online Station The Magic Radio is Pakistan based Internet Radio since last 6 years . In this short time we established our name in different cities of Pakistan & The World. We are awarded for the TOP 3 Internet Radio in Asia. We have monthly approximately more than 6,30000 listeners . We are providing 24 hours Music, Culture, Informative Programmes. We have the best Presenters / Djs & Rjs of Pakistan, India, U.K., U.S.A, U.A.E, Saudia, Dubai..By catching Radio Lovers we are available in whole universe through streaming , iphones, ipods and Mobile / Smart Phones & Smart Tv. Transmission is being listened via Nokia internet radio application service too.

Introduction:For the first time in the history of Pakistan, Pakistans First Internet & Mobile Radio Station with Live Update started 24/7 Transmission in 2009, In whole Pakistans all provinces and world wide connecting with The Magic Radio via Internet & Wi-fi.The Magic Radio, right on your desktop, right on your laptop, right on your pc, right on your mobile, right on your iphone, right on your smart phone just a simple click away! The Magic Radio has unique & different identity in Pakistan on internet. Analogue pundits around the globe predicted Internet Radio Stations to completely take over the FM radio scene within the next 04-05 years. With The Magic Radio, you get the opportunity to join hands with the pioneers of futuristic media in Pakistan which has revolutionized how we listen to radio stations and how wemarket our products on them for-good!

CONFIDENT OF MAGIC RADIONothing is impossible within programming. We can do the best. No one can beat us in Programming matter.LISTENERS COMMENTSAlmost our all of Listeners accept that The Magic Radio is entertaining source. Very easy way to fulfill there all requirements. 80% of our Listeners like very much, behavior of Sales & Support Team. 90% of our customers always prefer the decisions of our analyst. We are also giving our services on Nokia Mobile Phone or any others(3G/4G / LTE / GPRS/EDGE/UMTS).

Google launches Pakistan Digital ConsumerStudyDecember 3, 2013Google held a press conference in Karachithis morning to share insights from its first survey on Pakistani internet users and how they behave on the internet. The survey, titled the Pakistan Digital Consumer Study, was conducted in consultation with research firm IDC over the last two months and surveyed 1000 Pakistani internet users from seven metros.Some of the most interesting findings are as follows:12% of the respondents said they used a mobile as their primary device to access the internet.Although 86% of respondents use PCs to access the internet daily, 77% use smartphones, 73% use feature phones and 59% use tablets, daily.Respondents said they spent on average 2.5 hours on the internet on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends.In a comparison of different media, 70% said they spend time on the internet daily as compared to 41% on TV and 24% on print media.Source:

3 Karor internet users in Pakistan, half on mobile

There are now 30 million internet users in Pakistan, 15 million of whom browse the web using their mobile phone, states a new report by mobile survey company to the report, internet penetration in the country has reached 16%, while broadband subscribers have more than doubled in the last two years.Terming Pakistan the fifth largest mobile phone market in Asia, the report cited 10% smartphone penetration, although 80% of phones were found to be costing less than $100.The report also cited an encouraging 11% of internet mobile visits out of 182 million total page views in April, 2013.Read full story:

All Data Web Internet Users with Links10 + million internet users according to www.ispak.pkThe report cited International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that estimated users have been surging significantly on monthly basis however, the Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) estimated a far lower number of internet users at ten+ million. The report stated that the Internet is available in all the major cities of the country, as well as in many remote areas. The majority of people use dial-up connections whereas broadband internet is growing speedilyin big cities. Pakistan has third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) networks, which are also for the spread of coverage our transmission with broadband internet and other wireless services in the country The different service providers includePTCL, Wateen, wi-tribe, Qubee, Link Dot Net, Infinity , Mobile Telecomes and Comsats.SOURCE:

Mobile Phone Users in Pakistan Reach 136.5 Million

Cellular subscriptions in Pakistan reached all time high mark of 136.5 million at the end of March 2014, said recently issued stats by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.With cellular teledensity of 74.9 percent, mobile phone users in Pakistan stood at 136,469,886 at the end of first quarter 2014.

Pakistan mobile internet use to overtake desktop in 2014

Pakistan mobile internet use to overtake desktop in 2014

Pakistani internet users are rapidly moving towards a new era of mobile internet dominance over access from desktop computer, a new survey sponsored by Google has found.According to a press release, this trend follows a decline in the prices of smartphones and tablets, and anticipated launch of 3G services.Internet-capable feature phones are expected to continue to play an important role, too. An additional factor is the unreliability of the electricity supply which is also helping to promote the usage of tablets and smartphones in Pakistan.The findings come from a survey of over 1,000 Pakistanis by research firm IDC on behalf of Google. The Pakistan Digital Consumer Study conducted earlier this quarter took a look at the life of the connected Pakistani consumer.The survey found thatdigital consumers are engaging more with the internet than ever before.The study revealed that home is the preferred location for Internet access even for mobile-only users, who prefer to use their home wi-fi connection.The top three activities in Pakistan both on desktop and mobile Internet are: social media, email and general search.The main challenge of Internet proliferation in Pakistan are the quality and reliability of connectivity including poor speed or bandwidth availability, perceived value-for-money, customer service quality, limited choice of plans and frequency of service interruptions. The unreliability of the power supply is also a factor, the press release stated.

Pakistan Internet & mobile internet use in 2014

Pakistan Internet & mobile internet use in 2014


The Magic Radio Strong S.E.O MarketingThe Magic Radio has another big positive sign that S.E.O marketing (Search Engine Optimization) is very strong and our 35% traffic/listeners come from Google, yahoo, Aks and Bing etc.

Our Search keywords are more than 452 keywords and peoples search different work on search engine but by our quality search engine optimization (S.E.O) they get our website on first page rank, website comes on first page of Google search while per day millions peoples search quires on search engines.

Our web link submitted in 1000 of web directories on different websites as well we have back links to our radio site more than 365.

Our traffic rank data calculation by no.1 world estimated website

The Magic Radio is being HEARED on Social Networks. Face book: Our Radio Player is available on these links, many peoples listen us on face book while chatting with friends. Magic Radio Groups


Sindh Province :Karachi Hyderabad Sukkur LarkanaNawabshahMirpurkhas JacobabadShikarpur Dadu Tando Adam Punjab Province:Lahore FaisalabadRawalpindiMultanGujranwalaSargodhaBahawalpurSialkotSheikhupuraJhangBalochistan Province:Quetta KhuzdarLasbelaGawadarAzad Kashmir:Rawalakot, MuzaffarabadBagh, HaweliBhimber, MirpurManglaKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province Peshawar Mardan Mingora KohatAbottabadSwabi Dera Ismail KhanCharsada Nowshera PROUD TO BE IN PAKISTAN & ALL OVER THE WORLD

Spot Advertising

Total No. of Spots (30 Seconds each)450Frequency Per day15No. of Days30Timings06:00 Pm to 12:00 Am (Midnight)Normal CostingRs. 30,000Special Discounted Offer (One time)Rs. 25,000/=

Added Value:During the 30 days transmission daily 2 times product information of about 15 seconds will be endorsed by the RJ. (Total 60 times).


From:10:00 AM (Morning)To:02:00 AM (Midnight)Per Day Checks:34 times Total Time Checks1020Commercial Time:30 Sec x 1020 = 30600 Sec.Special Discounted Offer Rs.50, 000/- per month

Tag Line: This time check is brought to you by XYZ.

As per above cost per time check cost come to Rs. 49.019

DAY BRANDINGDuration:16 HoursTime of Broadcast:09:15 AM to 1:15 AM or as required by the Client

Promos:16 Times a day (Dont forget to Listen) The promos will start before 3 days of Day Branding

Commercial Time:150 Seconds (2.5 Mnts in each Hour)Total commercial time40 Minutes in 16 hrs.

On Air Cost:Rs.60, 000/=

Added Value:During the Branded transmission time to time product information will be endorsed by the RJ. after every 2 songs.


Rate per Minute:Rs.2000/- per minute Special Discount:30 %

ContactPakistan & Globally : +92-315-2206269 Email: radio@themagicradio.comThe Studios images