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May 14, 2015



Revision for the A663 Of Mice and Men exam

  • 1.Of Mice and MenA663 Different Cultures text exam(25% of Lit) This unit is a study of a literary text from adifferent culture. This unit is worth 25% of theGCSE Literature and will be examined in a 45minute open book exam (so no annotation oftexts please). You will have to answer ONEquestion on the novel, from a choice of two. Thefirst question will be passage-based. The secondquestion will be more general and will requirecomment, criticism and analysis. Your quality ofwritten communication is also assessed in thispaper.

2. Prose from Different Cultures Of Mice and Men A663 (the exam)BandMark AO4 AO2QWC1 40-perceptive exploration and critical sensitive understanding of the text is legible35spelling, punctuation and grammar are evaluation of a wide range of links significance and effects of writers accurate and assured between texts and their contextschoices of language, structure and meaning is very clearly communicated and/or the significance of texts to form readers in different contexts2 32-thoughtful exploration andclear, critical understanding of the text is legible28spelling, punctuation and grammar are evaluation of a range of linkseffects of writers choices of accurate between texts and their contextslanguage, structure and form meaning is very clearly communicated and/or the significance of texts to readers in different contexts3 27-some attempt to explore and good overall understanding thattext is legible21spelling, punctuation and grammar are explain links between texts and writers choices of language,mainly accurate their contexts and/or the structure and form contribute to meaning is clearly communicated significance of texts to theirmeaning/effect readers4 20-some understanding of links understanding of some features text is legible14some errors in spelling, punctuation and between texts and their contextsof language, structure and/orgrammar and/or the significance of texts to form meaning is clearly communicated for most their readersof the answerBelow 13-0 some straightforward comments a little response to features of text is mostly legible4 frequent errors in spelling, punctuation on links between texts and theirlanguage, structure and/or formand grammar contexts and/or the significance ofcommunication of meaning is sometimes texts to their readers hindered 3. A663 Different Cultures You will have 45 minutes in the exam to plan and writeyour response so dont waste any of this valuable time.You are being examined on: AO2: Explain how language, structure and formcontribute to writers presentation of ideas, themesand settings AO4: Relate texts to their social, cultural and historicalcontexts; explain how texts have been influential andsignificant to self and other readers in differentcontexts and at different times 4. 1a How does Steinbecks writing make this a powerful and significant moment in the novel?Remember to support your ideas with details from the novel (thats quotes to you and me!).JOHN STEINBECK: Of Mice and Men Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier. "What the hell you laughin at?" Lennie looked blankly at him. "Huh?" Then Curleys rage exploded. Come on, ya big bastard, Get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me, Ill show ya whos yella." Lennie looked helplessly at George, and then he got up and tried to retreat. Curley was balanced and poised, He slashed at Lennie with his left, and then smashed down his nose with a right. Lennie gave a cry of terror. Blood welled from his nose. "George," he cried, "Make um let me alone, George." He backed until he was against the wall, and Curley followed, slugging him in the face; Lennies hands remained at his sides; he was too frightened to defend himself. George was on his feet yelling, "Get him, Lennie. Dont let him do it." Lennie covered his face with his huge paws and bleated with terror. He cried, "Make um stop, George," Then Curley attacked his stomach and cut off his wind. Slim jumped up. "The dirty little rat," he cried, Ill get um myself." George put out his hand and grabbed Slim. "Wait a minute," he shouted. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, "Get im, Lennie!" Lennie took his hands away from his face and looked about for George, and Curley slashed at his eyes. The big face was covered with blood. George yelled again, "I said get him." Curleys fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it. The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennies big hand, George ran down the room. "Leggo of him, Lennie. Let go." But Lennie watched in terror the flopping little man whom he held. Blood ran down Lennies face, one of his eyes was cut and closed. George slapped him in the face again and again, and still Lennie held on to the closed fist, Curley was white and shrunken by now, and his struggling had become weak. He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennies paw. George shouted over and over, "Leggo his hand, Lennie. Leggo. Slim, come help me, while the guy got any hand left." Suddenly Lennie let go his hold. He crouched cowering against the wall. "You tol me to, George," he said miserably. 5. Answering the Passage Based QuestionNotes: Look at the key adjectives in the question and work withquotations that will suggest this is a powerful and/or significantmoment in the novel. Look to comment upon at least 5 good quotations which will allowyou to answer the question. The examiner will be expecting you to comment on contexts (AO4).These may include: working in America 1930, rights of migrantworkers (or lack of them), threat of being fired (canned) for no goodreason, the influence these types of texts have had on workersrights, Curleys position on ranch and his ability to threaten workersbecause of who he is, Lennies position within society, yourthoughts about how hard life was for these workers and how thisknowledge has impacted upon you and your ideas of what it waslike in 1930s, etc. 6. Highlight key words from the questionPassage-based questionIMPORTANTSIGNIFICANT REVEALINGPOWERFULHORRIFYINGMOVING VIVID DISTURBINGSHOCKINGYou need to know: What the key adjectives mean How they can be interpretedFor Example: MOVING Arousing or touching the emotions. What emotions? Making a strong or vivid impression impressive. TASK: Choose 2 of the KEY ADJECTIVES from the list. What do the key adjectives mean? How can they be interpreted? 7. Annotate the passage Passage-based questionYou are looking for examples of:LANGUAGE: Movement How they relate to other characters/how other characters view them The setting in which the character is seen Physical appearanceSTRUCTURE: How a particular atmosphere (tension) is built up across a scene Contrast Dramatic irony The importance of the scene in relation to the rest of the story e.g. The circular narrative Remember you must link to the context of the novel at least 2-3 points in your answer The last stage of your planning is to organise your annotations of the passage into the paragraphs/sections of your response. 8. Writing your ResponsePassage-based questionAim to write between 5-6 paragraphs:Introduction3/4 developed sectionsConclusionINTRODUCTION:An overview which sets the passage in context and summarises the authorsoverall purpose.WRITING A PARAGRAPH:Mention a KEY WORD (particularly the KEY ADJECTIVE) from the question inevery paragraph.Provide EVIDENCE FROM THE TEXT for everything you say.Focus on THE AUTHORS PURPOSE and the WAYS this is achieved.Try to make a link with the an aspect(s) of the novels context. 9. Prose from Different Cultures Of Mice and Men A663 (the exam) MarkBand AO4AO2 40-35 perceptive exploration and criticalsensitive understanding of the1evaluation of a wide range of linkssignificance and effects of writers between texts and their contexts choices of language, structure and and/or the significance of texts toform readers in different contexts 32-28 thoughtful exploration and clear, critical understanding of the2evaluation of a range of links effects of writers choices of between texts and their contexts language, structure and form and/or the significance of texts to readers in different contexts 27-21 some attempt to explore andgood overall understanding that3explain links between texts andwriters choices of language, their contexts and/or thestructure and form contribute to significance of texts to their readers meaning/effect 10. What is context?Context is information that is relevant to a readers understanding of a text.Factors such asWhere it is setWhen it is setWho wrote itThese circumstances will all influence the story and how the readerunderstands it. 11. What do we need to consider when we write about OMAM? 12. CONTEXTUAL What we know about it How it links to the story of Of MiceINFORMATIONand MenThe author,John SteinbeckThe GreatDepressionThe AmericanDreamThe Dustbowl 13. CONTEXTUALWhat we know about it How it links to the story of Of MiceINFORMATION and MenMigrantWorkersRacialSegregationSocialInequalitySoledad, California 14. Of Mice and Men Written in 1936, the book is set aroundSoledad in California 15. John Steinbeck Context of the WriterSteinbeck was born in 1902 in the Salinas Valley. The placesin the book really exist in California in the west of theUnited States. He wasnt making them up. He often worked on ranches whilst on school holidays so heknew the life. He loved animals, had daily contact with them when he wasgrowing up, and kept a dog. His parents had some land he was a rural kid.Much of Of Mice and Men is based upon John Steinbeckslife and experiences and his interest in contemporary socialissues thats why he describes things in so much detail. 16. What issues did the novel deal with? The American Dream was dead. Poverty andstarvation stalked California and other strickenstates. The migrants were worse off. There hadbeen no union to protect the workers. The richstayed rich and the poor stayed poor. There was nomore unclaimed land for the poor masses to claim