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The Evolution of Movies A journey through the inner workings of Disney film and animation

Feb 23, 2016




The Evolution of Movies A journey through the inner workings of Disney film and animation. Nadia Stimack. Senior Seminar Research and Theory Presentation. 1. 1. May 1, 2012. Theories For Consideration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Evolution of the Movies

The Evolution of MoviesA journey through the inner workings of Disney film and animationNadia Stimack May 1, 2012Senior Seminar Research and Theory Presentation11

Operational Theory refers to the practical ideas assembled and applied by media practitioners in the conduct of their own media work. In the case of media, operational theory serves to guide solutions to fundamental tasks, including how to select news, please audiences, design effective advertising, keep within the limits of what society permits, and relate effectively to sources and society

Normative Theory concerned with examining or prescribing how media ought to operate if certain social values are to be observed or attained. This kind of theory is important because it plays a part in shaping and legitimating media institutions and has considerable influence on the expectations concerning the media that are held by other social agencies and by the medias own audiences.

Cultural Theory Evaluative and seeking to differentiate cultural artifacts according to some criteria quality. Its goal is to challenge hierarchical classification as irrelevant to the true significance of culture.

Theories For Consideration2

Evolution of Animation

The 1920s: A Period of ChangeIn addition to the economy boost, animation was on the rise!General population began to gain more access to new technology.More leisure time

Which led to more television and cartoons

The 1920s: A Period of Change ContdHenry Ford Assembly Line Production

Model- TRadio boomed because it was the most affordable.The rise of mass media begins, marking the birth of a national culture.Rise of gas stations, motels, restaurants, etc.More traveling and exploring

Access to all kinds of entertainment

The 1920s: A Period of Change ContdCharacteristics of our society began to develop.Era and development of Disney animationHow the decade changed life for the general populationHow increase in leisure time led to changes in the entertainment industry.

How the federal governments decision to reduce regulations on business led to major problems, especially for Walt Disney.

How technology has changed the average Americans life.

.Led to the evolution of the country into a consumer society where everyone had to have a Model-T and a Mickey Mouse watch.The Birth of Mass MediaMickey Mouse soared to the top, making him one of the largest fictional phenomenas today.Mickey Mouse mania would sweep the nation, selling Millions!Helped Disney promote and sell his cartoon character


Magical and colorful visual effects sensational facial expressions, and remarkable scripts.Life of AnimationContinues to grow

Modern Animation

Note the different types of animation put in use todayEarlier Films

Traditional Animation

Stop Motion AnimationComputer AnimationForms of AnimationTraditional Animation

Basic cartoon movie (Dumbo or Mulan)Traditional AnimationA process that involves drawing pictures or photographs of pictures and then creating a movement process by differing the original drawings.

Creates a digital effect by computer using 2D or 3D versions.Computer AnimationMajor films such as Avatar and Antz contain 3D animation, while Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon use 2D for the majority of cartoon features.

Process of taking real-life objects such as puppets or clay figurines and moving them for each frame, creating movement.ClaymationStop Motion Animation

Animation RevolutionBegan shortly after the 19th century.

Not in 1937 with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Animation Revolution ContdExisted long before what we now call cartoons

Dating back to the prehistoric era.Cave paintings-early animation

3D effects on a 2D surface.

Animation Revolution ContdShortly after 1920

Cartoons began building plots and character story lines

Not just for gags anymore.Cartoon characters began to achieve celebrity status.

First of many technical tricks achieved by Disneys partner Ub Iwerks.Series of cartoonsaimed to attract audiences through placing a live actor into a cartoon film setting.End result:Loss of interest

Before the Mouse

Before the Mouse ContdDue to corruption in business , Disney lost the rights to Oswald after signing a contract with Universal PicturesOswald the Lucky Rabbit

Large corporation made it impossible for Disney and Iwerks to fight back.

Mickey Mouse was introduced in May 1928 in a silent short film titled Plane Crazy NOT A SUCCESS!!First film to synchronize sound with movement and character.

A Cartoon Star is BornNovember 18, 1928


Shows how technology and knowledge have changed movies, especially animation.Epic Mickey- Introduced in 2010Action- Adventure video game for Wii Console

Modern Day to New Age Disney Animation

New Age Mickey MouseTransformation of Disney Animation dating back to the 1920s to present day.

Less emphasis on pleasant, cheerful side and reintroducing a more mischievous and adventurous sideCorporate Symbol

Now, however, concerned that Mickey has become more of a corporate symbol than a beloved character for recent generations of young people, Disney is taking the risky step of re-imagining him for the future. NY Times Modern Day to New Age Disney Animation Contd


What the Future Holds For Mickey Mouse Theres rumors that Mickey Mouse is going to make a big theatrical comeback Something that we must remember is the great Walt Disney quoteI only hope that we never lose sight of one thing.that it was all started by a mouse Walt Disney

Mickey Mouses original name was Mortimer MouseMickeys first words were Hot Dogs

Oswald looked and acted much like Mickey MouseFun FactsThe original voice of Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney himself

Food For ThoughtWhat would the Disney Parks looks like today if Mickey Mouse was never created?

How do you think this would have changed society?

What would life be like without movies, television and influences from the media?

Where would we be without the cultivation from films throughout time?



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