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The Difference Between Your Sump Pump & Pond Pump Usage

The Difference Between Your Sump Pump and Pond Pump Usage

May 25, 2015



Sump pumps and pond pumps may seem like one in the same but they actually have very different usages and important features that make choosing the right one an imperative decision to fit your needs.
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  • 1. The Difference Between Your Sump Pump & Pond Pump Usage

2. Sump Pumps Sump pumps are a mechanism used to remove excess water from a designated area and pump it to another area where the water will not do any damage. 3. Sump Pumps For industrial use, sump pumps are commonly used to control water-table issues in the surface soil so a construction site is stable. In the home, they are an incredibly efficient way to protect your basement from flooding or to decrease moisture. 4. Sump Pumps Sump pumps are available with a wide variety of options, depending on the specific needs of the environment and job. Tsurumi Pump Sales is proud to offer an extensive selection of top-of-theline Tsurumi sump pumps that are designed to meet all of your industrial or domestic needs. 5. Pond Pumps A pond pump is an essential part of any water feature. It is very important to use a pond pump in order to facilitate water movement in a pond so water doesn't' become stagnant, attract unwanted pests, and create an unhealthy environment for fish and plant life. 6. Pond Pumps A pond pump can also work with waterfalls or fountains to maintain a consistent flow of water. 7. Pond Pumps Tsurumi Pump Sales has a wide variety of pond pumps available so you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor pond, even offering submersible pumps in various casing materials. We are proud to carry an extensive selection of top-of-the-line Tsurumi pond pumps, each with a standard 2-year warranty. 8. Visit us to learn more about all your Tsurumi pond pump and sump pump needs. Over 40 years of experience and best price guarantee.