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The Daily Cardinal - Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mar 28, 2016



The Daily Cardinal - Thursday, October 7, 2010

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Complete campus coverage since 1892 Thursday, October 7, 2010l

    the great state University of Wisconsin should ever encourage that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found.

    Feingold holds campus voting rallyBy Scott GirardThe Daily CarDinal

    U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., walked with dozens of students and community members up State Street Wednesday as they prepared to cast their votes early after holding a rally in Library Mall.

    People are busy, students are studying, older people sometimes are not able to get out on election day, Feingold said. What early voting does is give us an opportunity to have the maximum possible democracy.

    Feingold recalled his time as a student at UW-Madison when one could not vote early without an ironclad excuse.

    Democratic 77th assembly district candidate Dane County Supervisor Brett Hulsey and his Green Party opponent Ben Manski also appeared at the rally.

    Voting early is important and very convenient for students and others to do it at home, and its a great chance to get the bird in the hand, Hulsey said.

    Manski agreed with Hulsey on the benefits of early voting, saying Its very

    important that students ensure their vote is counted.

    Many students were excited to take the chance to vote early and come out to sup-port Feingolds re-election campaign.

    Junior Megan Reichert said she attend-ed the event because she has always been interested in Feingold as a politician.

    Fifth year senior Michael Shumway said he voted early because it just makes sense to do it now.

    Feingold said he hopes early voters will encourage their peers to vote Nov. 2.

    It means that you dont have to wait until Nov. 2 to cast your ballot, so you can vote and you can run around this campus Nov. 2 gathering your friends and buddies and making sure they vote, he said.

    Feingold also took the rally as an opportu-nity to joke about his conflict with the NFL over his recent campaign advertisement.

    The NFL was upset last night because I put Randy Moss bad behavior in my ad, he said. But you know what happened? Because I did that, he got traded back to the Vikings.

    DANNY MARCHEWKA/The Daily CarDinal

    Dan Duster, great-grandson of ida B. Wells, spoke as part of ethnic Studies Week to continue spreading Wells message of standing up for justice.

    Ethnic studies students discuss value of requirementBy Molly ReppenThe Daily CarDinal

    UW-Madison students discussed the importance of the ethnic studies requirement in producing an informed student body at a student-run talk Wednesday as part of Ethnic Studies Week.

    Students enrolled in Chicano and Latino studies, Afro-American studies, Asian-American studies and American-Indian studies courses attended the discussion.

    Freshman Gaochia Sayaovang said the requirement ensures students are informed about different racial topics.

    I think that having a required class to learn about diversity is important. It will only benefit everyone to open up everyones minds and make note that theres different people in this world, Sayaovang said.

    Freshman Hue Vang agrees the requirement is important, especially at a school as large as UW-Madison.

    When I first took an ethnic stud-ies course here, I learned of all these

    problems happening even twenty or thirty years ago, and to me its a real eye-opener, Vang said.

    Vang said the course he took to fulfill the requirement taught him that ethnicity is a more complicated issue than he once thought.

    Students discussed their opinions about diversity trends around campus and the ethnic studies courses they were taking.

    Sayaovang said the discussion gave her the opportunity to discuss the

    Anti-lynching activists great-grandson spreads message of justiceBy Alicia GoldfineThe Daily CarDinal

    Dan Duster, the great-grandson of civil rights activist Ida B. Wells, discussed the importance of standing up for justice in a lec-ture Wednesday night at Helen C. White as part of the nationwide Ethnic Studies Week.

    Duster said his great-grandmother and her prominent role in the anti-lynching movement influenced him to carry out her legacy and spread her message through his lecture series he calls Stand Up For Justice and Do the Right Thing.

    Duster said it is important to spread information about the problem of injus-tices. He said today, as in the time of Ida B. Wells, it is crucial to apply the problem to society as a whole.

    [Wells] had the foresight to broaden the problem, and thats what she did constantly, Duster said. It wasnt just about me and you. Its about rights. Its about justice.

    Wells began her social activism after speaking out against lynching in her

    County settles lawsuit against four media outletsDane County has agreed to pay $118,000

    to settle a news media lawsuit stemming from the April 2008 killing of UW-Madison student Brittany Zimmermann.

    The Wisconsin State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WISC-TV and WTMJ4 in Milwaukee filed the lawsuit in May 2008 over the release of records related to the 911 phone calls in the Zimmermann murder.

    The settlement will pay for the four media outlets legal fees, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

    Dane County Corporation Counsel member Marcia MacKenzie said any pay-ment would be covered by the countys

    insurance carrier, not by taxpayers.After the four media outlets filed a law-

    suit last year, a judge issued a court order that officials release documents relating to the 911 call made by Jordan Gonnering, Zimmermanns then-fianc, soon after she was murdered.

    The call was released after police redacted any information they believed would harm their investigation, according to

    The recording of the 911 call itself has not been made public.

    Zimmermann was stabbed to death in her Doty Street apartment April 2, 2008. The case remains open for investigation.

    BEN PiERSoN/The Daily CarDinal

    U.S. Sen. russ Feingold, D-Wis., accompanied students to the polls Wednesday to help them cast their ballots weeks before the general election.

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    Gaochia Sayaovangfreshman


    It will only benefit everyone to open up everyones minds and make

    note that theres different people in the world.

    Legends of UW Homecoming live onHoMECoMiNG PAGE B1lno need to axe questionsweve got you covered for all this weekends homecoming festivities

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    In an article published Sept. 23 it was reported Curtis and Matt Drink also own the High Noon Saloon. This is incorrect, they do not own the High Noon Saloon.

    For the record

    N early every day one of my friends asks me, why are you so gosh darn weird Victoria? I thought you were nor-mal when I first met you, but within an hour I realized you were crazy as shit.

    By fourth grade Id gotten used to the abuse. I even found out that people who werent even my friends thought I was wack. Sometimes I cried, but as every young girl knows, youll always be able to get your mother to make you a nice pot of Mac N Cheese just the way you like itcrusty and lukewarm, and your troubles are guaranteed to vanish!

    Since I came to college, though, my mom isnt around to make me comfort food. (Mac N Cheese is only soothing when she makes it.) So, Ive had to develop a survival strategy in order to cope with the ramifications my eccentric nature has on my soci-etal interactions. The following is the mastermind offensive plan Ive devel-oped to launch on over-inquisitive friends/humans. These are the results of my first experiment:

    First thing I did was give the person a Wet William. Next, I inquired as to why the hell they were still talking with me if they think I should be institutionalized. Then, with a faux-forlorn look on my face, I told them, Its my familyI cant help it. My genetic pool is overrun with Germanic

    blood. The person looked at me, a sympathetic and patronizing smile emblazoned on their face and they said, Oh, well I guess that explains it. Those excessive amounts of sau-erkraut have pickled your brain. (And there marked the end of my facial expression remaining faux) Not to mention all that beerI bet your putrefying liver is causing you to hallucinate. The perpe-trator walked away, confident in their destruction of not only the best parts of my heritage, but any potential merit my mastermind offensive plan may once have had.

    Next, I correctly guessed that my plan didnt work out for shit. Time for plan numero dos. I got to thinking about my past, and wondering what in heavens name could have caused my mind to be soooo weeiird. Then it hit me like a deadly strike from a side-winder: it must be none-other than my elementary school gym teacher whose name will remain unsaid. I will tell you however that she was, in fact, a lady, who wore the typical female PE teacher uni of top-to-bottom ugly metallic purple or hot pink wind suit with white Reeboks. Dont forget the bowl cut! Sure as the sunrise she and all her convoluted ideas for games are the root of all my oddness in character. It makes sense to me now, but I suppose I had better let you in on the secret gym society secrets of Mrs. M if you are ever going to forgive my being WEIRD.

    For starters, there is no way a small child can ever have hope for normalcy if from kindergarten through the fifth grade they have been subjected to the

    regular teaching and playing of jacks. I believe the hours of time wasted in mindless tedium melted part of my cerebral cortex.

    Additionally, the over-active encouragement of rock-paper-scis-sors over and over again during gym time day after day could cause my breaki

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