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The Best Startup Investor Pitch Deck & How to Present to Angels & Venture Capitalists

Aug 17, 2014


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The "Best" Startup Investor Pitch Deck is an aggregation of some of the best pitch decks and wisdom from some of the top angels, VCs, and entrepreneurs including my own person insight/experience. The slide deck includes a template for entrepreneurs to use to present to investors, with details on what should be addressed on each slide. There are also additional slides on how best to pitch to investors effectively, how to design and format slides, and what to do before the pitch.

  • The Best Startup Pitch Deck & How to Present to Angels / VCs By: J. Skyler Fernandes
  • The Best Startup Pitch Deck Whats Included In This Deck?: Aggregated Wisdom: Wisdom and advice from some of the best and brightest brains in the angel, accelerator, and VC world Personal Wisdom: My years of venture capital in reviewing pitches as well as pitching to investors as a serial entrepreneur myself Pitch Deck Resources: Consolidated information from some of the best pitch decks by top entrepreneurs all into one deck! Note: This deck has the best content, its not designed to be pretty! 2 Viewed & Downloaded Over 100,000+ Times!!!
  • Consolidated Wisdom 3 Personal VC Wisdom Aggregated VC Wisdom Lots of Resources The Best Startup Investor Pitch Deck
  • Aggregated Wisdom 500 Startups Arc Angel Fund Canaan Partners Centripetal Capital Partners David Rose Harvard Business School Angels New York Angels One Match Ventures Reitler Law TechStars Worldwide Investor Network 4
  • Download this deck template on Slideshare Use template to make your best pitch deck Take Online Video Course Over 3.5+hrs of video content Walk step by step on each part of the pitch, with personal stories and advice 5 Create Your Best Pitch Deck Save 50% On Course Using Link:
  • Who Am I? Im Sky. Founding Managing Director of Simon Venture Group, investing in the future innovation of retail technology Angel investor and founder of One Match Ventures, a seed fund and provides resources for entrepreneurs Formerly a VC at Centripetal Capital Partners, a multi- stage venture capital fund Gave first TED Talk on Venture Capital: Innovating the Financing of Innovation Founder of Missing Middle Initiative, launched at World Economic Forum, focused on creating $10M-$75M funds Frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and venture capital: Harvard Business School, New York University, Wharton Business School, The New York Venture Summit, The United Nations, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 6
  • Content The Best Pitch Deck Outline What slides to include. Scalable: 5-30 slides. Potential Appendix Slides The Best Pitch Deck What to include on each slide Top Pitch Deck Guidelines Before The Pitch How To Pitch Effectively Top Investor Questions Words Of Wisdom 7
  • The Best Investor Pitch Deck Outline 0) Cover Slide 1) Elevator Pitch Slide 2) Team (If not impressive, move slide to after Your Solution to show who built it and why) 3) Board Members & Advisers & Future Hires (Optional, combine w/ team slide) 4) Market Opportunity: Define Market, Size & Target Client 5) Market Problem & Current Solutions 6) Your Solution (1-5 slides) 7) Traction & Awards (Optional, if none yet) (1-3 slides) 8) Market Fit / Competition (Optional, can be explained in slide 5 & 6) 9) Competitive Advantages (Optional, can be explained in slides 5 & 6) 10) Business Model: Key Revenue Streams 11) Marketing Approach & Strategy: Key Expenses / Time-Efforts 12) Financial Projections 13) Exit Strategy (Optional) 14) The Ask: Capital Raise / $ Uses / Intros 15) Closing Slide: Questions? Contact Details 8 5 Slide Deck: 4, 5, 6, 2, combine: 10, 12, & 14 10 Slide Deck: Dont include optional slides 15-30 Slide Deck: Slides 1-15 + addl slides: Market Size vs. Target Client, Your Solution (1-5), Traction (1-3), Market Fit vs. Competition, Marketing Approach vs. Business Strategy, $ Raise vs. $ Uses
  • Potential Appendix Slides Timeline: History, Milestones & Prior Funding Detailed Value Proposition to Clients / Users / Partners Detailed Financials: Revenue and expense breakdown, showing % of total revenue / expenses Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)? Per Client Size? Life-time Value of Customer (Churn Rate?) vs. Cost to Acquire Customer Breakeven Analysis: Base-case vs. Bare-bones case. # Clients / $ Revenue needed? Pipeline of potential clients, % likelihood of closing, revenue potential from pipeline Partnership Agreements / Structures Proprietary aspects not discussed in core deck Additional Strategy Slides: Ex. Architecture, How to avoid/limit circumvention, Funnel system of business operations, Growth strategy Capital Structure: Ownership of founders & current investors Competitors Capital Raises / Investors Head Count ( # Employees) Projections / Key Hires Needed Additional Screen Shots from Demo Summary Slide: Why Well Be Successful (Add if deck > 15 slides, otherwise too redundant) 9
  • Cover Slide Logo / Name of Company Purpose of Presentation: Investor Presentation Date: Optional - if you send a deck with on old date, you look outdated (is it taking you a while to raise the round, mmm thats odd, whys that?), I suggest never using a date Other Potential Additions: Logos of accelerator, awards, publications featuring company Slogan Name of Presenter / CEO 10
  • Elevator Pitch Slide Create a brief one liner that describes: What is the Business? Service? Product? Whats the core problem (describe pain) in the marketplace and the solution youre providing? Whats your vision? Ultimate solution for customers/users? Graphically show this if possible 11
  • Team Core Team: The Founders & Chiefs Photos (Optional) Relevant Experiences / Successes (Exits?) / Failures (Good war stories?) Leadership Experience Education Dont write sentences, do 1-3 brief bullets per person, or even better do 1 key bullet per person We are the right team who can execute this business plan because... 12
  • Board / Advisors / Future Hires Board of Directors? (Startups shouldnt have BODs! Wait until after Series A round to establish a board) Board of Advisors? (Give 0.1%-1% to advisors, no more!) Whats their relevancy / support, other than big names? Are they investing? Big points if Yes! If No, be careful. Your big fancy named advisors will go from being a positive to a negative. If they are successful and have capital, they should invest, otherwise it shows lack of real support. Have a good reason for why not if asked. Reference key holes in management or operations that need to be filled (intros needed?) Few companies have the perfect team from the start, recognize that and solve it 13
  • Market Opportunity What is the General Market Focus? Name it. Size it: Units / Revenue? Growth? What is the Total Addressable Market Whats Your Target Market? The sub-sector of the General Market? Name it. Size it: Units / Revenue? Growth? Define Target Client? Key characteristics? Ex. Small vs. Large businesses, independents vs. agencies, examples of ideal clients or individuals Clients Current Needs? Describe any important market evolutions and why were at an inflection point now 14
  • Market Problem / Current Solutions Big Market Problem? Big Un-met Need? You cant create demand (only market leaders can) Current Solutions = Current Problems? Biggest competition = Status quo, changing customers behavior, even if old systems are inferior, they exist everywhere, you dont Clearly show the pain of the problem or convey the strong desire that is being unfilled, dont just say it Solve your clients' number-one problem, Cyrus Massoumi, CEO of ZocDoc. Not their 4th or 10th problem. What keeps them up at night or really bothers them? Conclusion: The market has evolved and the current solutions dont fulfill/solve the clients current BIG needs/problems. There is a BIG opportunity here! 15
  • Your Solution / Demo Show > Tell: ~1-5 slides of your product / service Show a live demo when presenting or show screen shots of key parts (Have screen shots within presentation prepared anyway, demos love to fail) Dont show a video, it can fail to play and takes away from your precious time Tell a story: Future client or an example of current client Show core value proposition to client Better, Faster, Cheaper (More Economical) 16
  • Traction / Performance / Awards Timeline / Key Milestones See other people think were awesome! Accelerator programs (we graduated!) Awards: #1 Best Startup / # 1 Best DEMO Lots of articles about us: TechCrunch / Forbes / CNN / FOX Were growing fast! Weve got lots of clients/users, some are brand name clients, look at our monthly growth, and we have a growing pipeline that will generate lots of $ Were performing amazing for clients, look at these results! See our key business metrics, were doing great! 17
  • Market Fit / Competition Show how you fit into the Market Landscape Indirect Competitors vs. Direct Competitors? Your biggest competitor is the status quo! Why will customers switch to you vs. the incumbent? Are you changing customer behavior? Types of Diagrams/Charts: Market Landscape Comparison Feature List Comparison Pitch why youre 10x better, not just 3x better! 18