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Mary Ellen Bates Computers in Libraries April 7, 2014 Super Searcher Tips

Super Searcher Tips - Computers in Libraries

Oct 18, 2014



This popular annual favorite of Computers in Libraries includes an up-to-the minute and jam-packed-with-valuable-tools-and-tips talk that offer new approaches and new resources for any web researcher.
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Mary Ellen

Computers in LibrariesApril 7, 2014

Super Searcher Tips

Tweeting this?


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Based on BingTwitter results, tooServers in GermanyTwitter search results differ b/t .com and

Millionshort.comLong-tail research

Eliminates top 100 to 1 million sitesCatches less-SEOd sites

See also only top sites



Social-Searcher.comFacebook, Twitter, Google+Can limit by # of likes/retweets/+1sCool analytics

sentiment, type of post, keywords, mostpopular

Twitter improves search

New search filtersin SRP!

Hashtagify.meFind related hashtags on Twitter!Find top influencersSee popularity trends


r inf


ce fo

r thi

s ha



User specialization for this hashtag

Use Pocket while searchingBrowser extension1-click saves pages, w/ tags, in the cloudView clean version of pageExport archive as HTML list

Google Scholar LibrarySave your cites in one placeAdd labels to sort

Set up

SearchonymousAnonymous Google while logged inFF add-onGlitch re: its anonym banner

Find lists with Googles ..Use number range for listiclestop 10..30 tips keywordbest 50..100 companies keyword

Good starting place, but dig deeper

Google Maps or search

World Bank, Census, PolicyMap, etc.Add your orgs maps

Google AutocompleteFind alternatives to a product/service

Googles new site info cardLearn more about web site beforegoing to it. Look for grey next tokeyword

Google Images has CC filters

Googles Media ToolsGreat way to package tools

By how searchers use themCan you do this?

Google hack for job searchFind jobs listed only on cos web site intitle:careerkeyword(s)

But note Google intitle:career librarian49 hits intitle:careers librarian57 hits (intitle:career ORintitle:careers)librarian

225 hits!

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