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Summary for fce exam

Oct 31, 2014





  • 1. Summary of FCE Exam The Reading Exam1 hour longEach text is about 500 to 700 words long with a total of 2000 words to read.A total of 30 questions3 parts Next

2. Type of Texts 1When the offer of the job was made the writer A felt she had made a mistake to agree. B thought she had appropriate experience for the job. C believed she shouldn't have been asked. D gave the impression she wasn't sure about accepting the job.Part 1: Multiple Choice 8 Questions 2 marks eachAs for the future, I've come to realise that I would never be content to be just a chorus dancer - I'm too much of an individual for that. Like all artists I'd love to become a household name by writing and choreographing my own musicals." 3John was born in Jamaica to a Jamaican father and a Scottish mother but the family emigrated to England 20 years ago. "I have a little sister I adore, who is also training to be a dancer." How does it Feel to have someone else following in your footsteps?Part 2 - gapped text 7 questions 2 marks eachWhich person('s) had a parent who was accused of driving dangerously? bought a car? drove his girlfriends dads car? drove alone without a license? had to defend one of their parents?1 2 3 4 5Part 3: Multiple Matching 15 questions 1 mark each Next 3. The Writing Exam1 hour and 20 minutes long2 parts Next 4. Question Types Part 1 Compulsory120-150 WordsLetter or E-mailPart 2120-180 Words7 possible types of writing To choose 1 of 4 types in the examArt icl eLetterReport E-mailStoryEs sa yRe vie wBoth parts have equal marks Next 5. Use of English45 minutes long42 Questions 3 W2 O pece Clozen Clozn io atChoirm Foltipled or1 Mue4 partsrd WoTran atio orm nsf Next 6. Listening Exam30 Questions40 minutes long4 parts Next 7. Type of QuestionsPart 1: Multiple choice A series of short unrelated extracts, of approximately 30 seconds each.8 Questions 1 mark eachPart 2: Sentence completion A monologue or text involving interacting speakers and lasting approximately 3 minutes.10 Questions 1 mark eachPart 3: Multiple matching Five short related monologues, of approximately 30 seconds each.5 Questions 1 mark eachPart 4: Multiple choice A monologue or text involving interacting speakers and lasting approximately 3 minutes.7 Questions 1 mark each Next 8. The Speaking Exam14 minutes long2 or 3 candidates4 parts2 Examiners Only one speaks Next 9. Parts 1 and 2 Part 1: Interview Conversation between the examiner and the two candidates in turns.General social interaction (personal information) 3 minutesPart 2: Compare two pictures (each candidate) Candidates A and B speak in turnsComparing, describing and giving opinion1 minute (each) Partner gives 20 second response. Next 10. Parts 3 and 4 Part 3: Interaction Two way conversation between the candidates. Decision making task with pictures Asking and answering questions Agreeing and disagreeing Speculation and suggesting ideas 3 minutesPart 4: Discussion Discussion related to the topic in part 3 The examiner asks further questions Listening and answering questions, giving ideas and opinion4 minutes Next 11. Thats all!!andMatifmarin