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Student Representation September 2013 Professor Patricia Price PVC: Student Experience and Academic Standards Cardiff University

Student Representation September 2013 Professor Patricia Price PVC: Student Experience and Academic Standards Cardiff University.

Jan 12, 2016



Ethan Parks
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Cardiff University School of Healthcare Studies

Student RepresentationSeptember 2013Professor Patricia PricePVC: Student Experience and Academic StandardsCardiff UniversityOverviewWhat is Institutional Review (IR)?How are students involved?Chapter 5 QA CodeStudent RepresentationQ&A


Safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Institutional Review is the review method for higher education institutions in Wales. It is used to check how effectively institutions manage the quality and standards of their academic provision.Week of 31 MARCH 20143-5 days

How Judged? IR (Wales) differs slightly

Cardiff Universitys threshold standardsAre the awards and qualifications from Cardiff University of an academic standard consistent with Framework for Higher Education Qualifications?

Meets UK expectations/does not meet UK expectations

The quality of the students learning opportunities The quality of public information (new category)The institutions strategy to enhance students learning opportunities

Commended/ meets UK expectations/ requires improvements/ does not meet UK expectations

Why is IR important to the University?A successful IR outcome provides external confirmation that the academic standards achieved by our students and the quality of, and support for, the learning opportunities for our students meets UK higher education expectations.

i.e. We are doing what the sector expects us to do!It is our judgement of academic (education) quality and standards as REF is the indicator of quality of our REF activity.

It will have a massive impact on Reputation , Ranking and Recruitment.5Chapter B5: Student engagement June 2012Student engagement (page 2):improving the motivation of students to engage in learning and to learn independently (Chapter 3)the participation of students in quality enhancement and quality assurance processes, resulting in the improvement of their educational experience (Chapter 5).

Student Involvement:Visiting panelStudent SubmissionStudent interviews

Areas of partnership application and admission induction and transition into higher education programme and curriculum design, delivery and organisation curriculum content teaching delivery learning opportunities learning resources student support and guidance assessmentAll students should have the opportunity to be involved in quality enhancement and assurance processes in a manner and at a level appropriate to them (page 3).ExpectationHigher education providers take deliberate steps to engage all students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience.IndicatorsIndicator 1Higher education providers, in partnership with their student body, define and promote the range of opportunities for any student to engage in educational enhancement and quality assurance.Indicator 2Higher education providers create and maintain an environment within which students and staff engage in discussions that aim to bring about demonstrable enhancement of the educational experience.Indicator 3Arrangements exist for the effective representation of the collective student voice at all organisational levels, and these arrangements provide opportunities for all students to be heard.IndicatorsIndicator 4Higher education providers ensure that student representatives and staff have access to training and ongoing support to equip them to fulfil their roles in educational enhancement and quality assurance effectively.Indicator 5Students and staff engage in evidence-based discussions based on the mutual sharing of information.Indicator 6Staff and students to disseminate and jointly recognise the enhancements made to the student educational experience, and the efforts of students in achieving these successes.Indicator 7The effectiveness of student engagement is monitored and reviewed at least annually, using pre-defined key performance indicators, and policies and processes enhanced where required.

N.B.Our Student Representative should be trained Bethan!

Please note: deadlines for the names of School Chairs College Forums.

Minutes of Student-Staff Panels BethanWHY?monitor any significant University wide issueshelp the elected officers to be more informed in meetings