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Jun 09, 2015



This is Only for Educational Purpose

  • 1. Steganography Prepared By : Mr. Abhijeet A. More Student from ADCET Ashta, Sangli. Owner Of Perfect Training Center

2. Steganography What is Steganography? History Steganography today Steganography tools 3. Steganography from the Greek word steganos meaning covered and the Greek word graphie meaning writing Steganography is the process of hiding of a secret message within an ordinary message and extracting it at its destination. Anyone else viewing the message will fail to know it contains hidden/encrypted data 4. Steganography (continued) Modern digital Steganography data is encrypted then inserted and hidden, using a special algorithm which may add and/or modify the contents of the file This technique may simply append the data to the file, or disperse it throughout Carefully crafted programs apply the encrypted data such that patterns appear normal 5. Carrier File Carrier File with Hidden Message 6. Steganography Carrier files bmp jpeg gif wav mp3 Amongst others 7. Steganography Tools Steganos S-Tools (GIF, JPEG) StegHide (WAV, BMP) Invisible Secrets (JPEG) JPHide Camouflage Hiderman 8. Popular websites Popular sites for Steganography information stegsoft.html 9. Implementation: Steganography Hiding the file in jpeg without any software. We can hide the confidential content in jpeg file 10. Requirements Winrar Command prompt 11. 08/11/13 Step 1: - Put all the files you wish to hide in the folder and put that folder in c:hidden 12. 08/11/13 Step 2:- Now add those files in rar archieve eg-secret.rar in folder named hidden. Step 3:- Now Look For Any jpeg image and name it logo.jpeg and put it in the folder hidden. 13. 08/11/13 Step 4:- Open command prompt make sure your working directory is c:/hidden 14. 08/11/13 Step 5:- Now type in cmd COPY /b logo.jpeg + secret.rar output.jpeg[logo.jpeg is the picture you want to show and secret.rar is the file u want to hide and output.jpeg is the file which contains both. 15. 08/11/13 Step 6:- After this you will see output.jpeg in c:/ it and it will show the picture .now try opening the same file via winrar :) So In these Way we can stegnograph any king of extension and hide our sensitive information and make it secrete . 16. Thank you!!