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Start Empathy

May 08, 2015




Start Empathy is a global
network of social entrepreneurs, educators, thought leaders, parents, young people, business leaders, journalists, universities, philanthropists and others who are connecting, collaborating, and aligning knowledge and resources to make empathy learning a norm, particularly in childhood.


2. In this time of economic hardship, political instability, and rapid technological change, empathy is the one quality we most need if were going tosurvive and flourish in the 21st century. Arianna HuffingtonI want my son to be respected in his classroom not because hegot a perfect on his SATs, not because hes the smartest kid in theclass. I want him to be respected because hes the best teacher inthe class; because he communicates well; because he has empathyfor his peers; because hes always willing to stop what he is doing tohelp one of his friends. Sal Khan, Khan AcademyLeadership is about empathy. It is abouthaving the ability to relate to and connectwith people for the purpose of inspiring andempowering their lives. Oprah Winfrey 3. If you arent given the tools of applied empathyas a young child, we shouldnt be blaming you weshould be blaming us. We have to have a revolutionso that all young people grasp empathy and practiceit. This is the most fundamental revolution that wehave to get through. Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO, Ashoka 4. WHAT IS EMPATHY? The ability to understand the feelings and perspectives of others and to use that understanding to guide ones actions. 5. imagine aworld whereevery childmastersempathy 6. whereempathy is asfundamentalas reading andmath in earlyeducation 7. where parentsprioritizeempathy intheir children,and help themdevelop it 8. whereinstitutionscultivateempathylearning andpractice 9. Its time to 10. Start Empathy is a globalnetwork of social entrepreneurs,educators, thought leaders,parents, young people, businessleaders, journalists, universities,philanthropists and others whoare connecting, collaborating, andaligning knowledge and resourcesto make empathy learning anorm, particularly in childhood. 11. The world is changingfaster than everbeforefrom a society run by elites to asociety in which everyone can drive change.In this new world, empathy plays a crucialrole in innovation, changemaking, and solvingentrenched systemic problems. We need theskill of applied empathy to : 12. 1. CHANGE THE CONVERSATIONCreating a world in which every child masters empathy as readily as they do math orreading will not be the work of one or two players in education, or even a few hundred.It demands all of us. Ashoka seeks to catalyze a shift in mindset across society,helping educators, parents, and others understand more clearly what success lookslike in todays rapidly changing world, and why its essential that children grow upmastering empathy and other skills that will enable them to be effective changemakersthroughout their adult lives. 13. Through strategic use ofdigital and traditional media,and both online and ofineevents and actions, we willcultivate understanding ofand demand for empathy asan essential skill. Start empathy, please (and start it in schools) 14. We are partnering with leadingorganizations to reach parents, educators,students and thought leaders to promoteempathy learning and practice. 15. 2. ACCELERATE EMPATHY ENTREPRENEURSAshoka has a critical mass of Fellows who are currently working with children andyoung people, as well as many others whose innovations contribute to a moreempathetic society. We are mobilizing this community to collaborate toward the visionof a world where every child masters empathy. We are also identifying and electing newAshoka Fellows who are developing pattern-changing models that will cultivate deepercollective capacities for empathy across society. 16. Jill Vialet, Eric Dawson,Mary Gordon, Molly Barker,PlayworksPeace First Roots of Girls on the runCultivating safe Partnering with Pre-K-8 EmpathyUsing physical andearly environments schools to build safe, emotional training to help Bringing babies into girls challenge the statusfor play.effective school climates classrooms to help quo and see themselves where children learn howstudents understandas part of a healthy, to be engaged and their feelings and the79%active citizens.feelings of others.well-balanced society.of teachers said thatbullying at recess has400,000decreased95% 39%girls served in the US &Canada since 1996 of students said that decreased social65%they understand how aggression of students 191said that more other people feelactive councils in 46students haveon-task behavior in84% 78%states, and 37,000 increased helpingvolunteers engaged inthe classroomsaid that they want tobehavior of students 2010-2011 alone come to school more 17. 3. TIP ELEMENTARY SCHOOLSAshoka is identifying influential elementary schools and school networkspublic,public charter, and privatethat are ready to help lead this transformation in education.We are collaborating with these schools to develop and showcase models of schoolenvironments that integrate empathy as a core learning objective and strategy. Withthese model schools and the Initiatives other partners, we seek to inspire and enableother schools to clearly identify, and then assess, the habits and skills young peopleneed to be effective, solution-oriented, empathetic citizens. 18. Many schools across the countryare modeling the impact of makingempathy a priority and how to do it. 19. By engaging themost influential ofthese schools aroundthe Start Empathyvision, connectingthem to the StartEmpathy network,highlighting theirefforts, and distillingand broadcastingtheir core strategies,were helpingaccelerate theseschools leadershipin transformingeducation. 20. 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