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Specialising in Housing, Care & Support for over 55 ... EAST BORO Specialising in Housing, Care & Support for over 55 years News Spring 2016 Inside this edition • Christmas Party

Dec 30, 2019




  • EAST BORO Specialising in Housing, Care & Support for over 55 years


    Spring 2016

    Inside this edition • Christmas Party Gallery

    • Sheltered Housing Trips

    • How to beat phone scams

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    Spring 2016

    East Boro Housing Trust is a Charitable Registered Society under the Co operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014 No. 16946REAST BORO

    Inside this issue

    Page 1 All that glitters Page 3 Keeping warm this winter Page 5 New Voice for LD

    page 7-8 Christmas Gallery

    Your new look East Boro News is filled with news, events and useful information. If you have any comments or would like to contribute to the next issue, please email Sue Hole, [email protected]


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    Another of our tenants from Holland Road, Lucy Knott, was also dazzled by bright llights. This time at the Bridgwater Carnival on 7th November, which was a feast of colourful floats along many themes, but all brilliantly presented during the procession. Lucy, who went along with her support worker Loraine, was mesmerised and loved every moment of her trip.

    All That Glitters ... may not be gold, but can give you some golden memories!

    And that was the destination for one of our Weymouth tenants, Jackie Powell from Holland Road. She couldn’t wait to get up to London to drink in the amazing atmosphere of the festive season. Jackie wanted to share some memories of her visit with East Boro News, so here are some photos of Jackie and her key worker, Karen.

    The end of last year supplied some great opportunities for glitter and glitz. Christmas, of course, comes ready-packed with shiny baubles and sparkling lights and nowhere does it better than the shopping streets of London.

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    Spring 2016


    East Boro Faulkner House 31 West Street

    Wimborne Dorset

    BH21 1JS Tel: 01202 883 503 [email protected]

    Weymouth Office Unit A2

    83 Lynch Lane Weymouth

    Dorset DT4 9DN

    Tel: 01305 750 403 [email protected]

    Reassurance line 01202 888 584

    The Reassurance line is available

    5pm to 9am Monday to Friday.

    Out of Hours Maintenance

    For emergencies please call

    Spectrum Property Care 07977 014 950

    Out of Hours Gas Emergency

    Spectrum Property Care 07977 014 343

    ContactAll That Glitters ... may not be gold, but can give you some golden memories!

    Welcome to 2016!

    Hello everyone and a belated Happy N e w Ye a r. A l l t h e s t a f f a t E a s t Boro hope you enjoyed the Christmas festivities: the Sheltered Housing Tenants Lunch at the Canford Magna Golf Club and the Christmas parties in Weymouth and Poole for our Assisted Living tenants. You will find some photographs of these events in this newsletter.

    This year is going to be an interesting year for Housing Associations with the new Housing Bill being presented by the Government. There are going to be many changes and, where our tenants are affected, we will make sure you have all the information available. Peter Sparks, Housing Support Manager, has arranged meetings in all sheltered schemes so that our tenants will be informed about any changes to the delivery of our Support Services.

    This years Sheltered Housing Tenant Conference will be held at Allendale House, Wimborne on 12th April 2016. We will be explaining and further examining the changes and hope that many of you will join us. Transport can be arranged. We will send individual invitations to you nearer the time but you may like to keep the date free in your diary!

    There will be a speaker giving us an update on the National Policy and what it means to YOU. Sarah Ball, our Finance Manager and Cara Lewis, our Maintenance and Compliance Manager, will be giving short presentations on your Service Charges and Repairs and Maintenance respectively. This will be followed by a nice buffet lunch provided courtesy of East Boro.

    Although a certain amount of change is coming our way, please be assured that Chief Executive, Kevin Hodder and his Management team are doing their very best to keep the services at the high standard you are used to and we will keep you updated on any further changes the Government might decide upon.

    Dorothy Allen, Customer Liaison Manager

    East Boro Residents Approved Tenants Handbook

    EA ST



    Our Sheltered Housing Tenants Handbook has been designed and is awaiting final changes to the National Policy from Central Government before being sent to print.

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Spring 2016


    for your Health & Safety

    Keeping warm this winter

    The Cold weather can affect your health. The Met Office provides the weather forecasts on radio and TV so listen to these bulletins regularly to keep up to date with the weather. Severe weather warnings are issued on the Met Office website. You can ring the Weather Desk FREE on 0870 900 0100.

    Follow these tips to keep yourself warm and well in extremely cold weather

    • Draw your curtains at dusk and keep your doors closed to block out draughts.

    • Have regular hot drinks and eat at least one hot meal a day if possible. Eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during the winter.

    • Wear several light layers of warm clothes (rather than one chunky layer).

    • Keep as active in your home as possible.

    • Wrap up warm and wear shoes with a good grip if you need to go outside.

    • If you have reduced mobility, are over 65, or have a health condition such as heart or lung disease, you should heat your home to at least 18oC. It’s a good idea to keep your bedroom at this temperature all night and make sure you wear enough clothes to stay warm. During the day, you may prefer your living room to be slightly warmer.

    • If you’re under 65 and healthy and active, you can safely have your house cooler than 18oC, if you’re comfortable.

    As always, you are advised to ensure that you have a smoke alarm on every level of your home and that you test it regularly.

    • Electric heaters: keep away from curtains and furniture and do not use for drying clothes. Always unplug when you go out or go to bed.

    • Electric blankets: do not use a hot water bottle, even if the blanket is switched off. Unplug blankets before you go to bed, unless they have thermostat control for safe all-night use.

  • Spring 2016


    These fake Police Officers claim to be investigating a fraud which they say the person has been a victim of. They will then request the bank cards and PIN numbers of the victim and claim these are needed for investigation purposes.

    If the first contact was made by a phone call, the fake Police Officers will tell the victim that someone will be over to collect the evidence. In one case the victim was instructed to attend their local bank and withdraw all of the money from their account. The fake Police Officer was left alone in the victim’s house whilst the victim carried out the instructions.

    A spokesman for Dorset Police said similar scams were being attempted in Dorset - including a recent spate of calls from withheld numbers with the caller claiming to be phoning from Dorset Police. He added: “Please remember never give out your PIN number or bank details to anyone who calls you, no matter where they say they are from. Never send cash via a courier or taxi or send bank cards anywhere - always keep them with you. A Police Officer or staff member will never ask you to give them money.”

    If you receive a phone call from a Police Officer, ask for their name, force and number and tell them you will call them back. Wait at least ten minutes for the phone line to clear and then use 101 to call the Police. If you prefer, you can call 101 immediately using another telephone. The Police will never ask for your PIN or passwords. Do not give this information to anyone. The Police will never request that you withdraw or transfer any money to them.

    If in any doubt just hang up the phone. It’s not bad manners to do so. If you think you have been scammed tell fr iends or family and call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit

    S ue Por ter and Michelle Woodward recently arranged two workshops at Directions, Adult Education Centre in Weymouth.

    They enlisted the help of East Boro tenant, David Austin, who not only helped them to set up the stand, but was also available to explain to the public what supported living was really all about. David shared his experiences outlining: what is important to him; the tasks he needs support with; how he stays safe at home and how he has become more independent and confident to do things on his own.

    Police warn of phone scammers! DORSET Police is renewing i ts advice on fraudsters in the light of fresh warnings about fake police officers. Action Fraud, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, has issued an alert after a recent spate of incidents involving conmen phoning or visiting the homes of elderly members of the public, claiming to be police officers.

    A BIG THANK YOU to Davi

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