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Spark Life Business Plan

Sep 11, 2014




  • A Digital Safari GreenBizz Company

    Chief Executive Officer: Willey RilloChief Financial Officer: Alexandra SangalangVice President of Marketing: Ricardo Martinez

    Mount Diablo High School2450 Grant StreetConcord, CA 94520

  • Our company is called SparkLife, Incorporated and is based on creat-

    ing new ways to power up electronics. We created a better, alternate way to

    power an electric car called the TurboSpark. The TurboSpark is a power sys-

    tem that we will implement into a car so that it can be powered completely

    by electricity. Our product uses energy through capacitors, which are small,

    metal, and chemical-free plates that are able to be charged with electricity

    and can be utilized at later times. We created the TurboSpark because the

    use of hybrid and electric cars is starting to rise and the technology sup-

    porting those types of cars is being encouraged. Also, we at SparkLife aim to

    reduce the use of regular car batteries due to their use of dangerous chemi-

    cals that can potentially hurt the environment through pollution. These

    chemicals can even harm humans directly, so the TurboSpark was created to

    completely eliminate these hazards.

    The TurboSpark, as stated earlier, is a capacitor powered energy

    source for cars. We shall propose to car companies to create a new model

    around our TurboSpark system. Its designed to be placed where car batter-

    ies would normally be, but would take up more space to match the capacity

    of a car battery. Capacitors have a quick charging time and will be able to

    go to 300 miles on one charge under regular use. The TurboSpark will be

    compatible with nearly any outlet.The price of the TurboSpark will be $7,500

    per system, covering the materials and is a current competing price against

    other electric car companies.

    The TurboSpark has an opportunity to enter the market with the

    growing research and use of hybrid and electric cars. Also, regular cars take

    up limited resources, such as gasoline, that without caution, could be deplet-

    ed in the near future. Disposal of regular batteries is also a great concern as it

    creates pollution through toxic chemicals that should not be left unchecked.

    Greener options for practically any product are also being researched and

    produced, so creating a non-chemical car power source and reducing use of

    lead-acid and lithuim-ion car batteries is a perfect opportunity for us.

    E x e c u t i v eChanging the w

    orld, one car at a time.

  • SparkLife plans to advertise the TurboSpark to the public by first selling to already famous car companies such as Toyota, Honda, General

    Motors, etc. Selling to other companies will help us avoid the hassle of con-

    vincing the public that our product is good since they are already trusted

    companies by the public. Afterwards, we plan to advertise our TurboSpark

    system through multiple kinds of media such as television, magazines, radio,

    and online advertisements.

    We at SparkLife hope you will fund our company with a total of

    $4,000,000 for our operations. With that money, we can drive towards the

    future of automobiles as well as to a greener future without the use of

    chemically-filled batteries that could harm the environment and us as well.

    With the help of you and our CEO Willey Rillo, CFO Alexandra Sangalang, and

    VP of Marketing Ricardo Martinez, we hope to charge up the future.

    S u m m a r yCh


    the en


    , one

    car at a


  • C o m p a n yM













    Founders Willey Rillo, Ricardo Martinez, and Alexandra Sangalang met in the Digital

    Safari Academy and later again in the University of Phoenix for their physics class, but what

    they didnt know was that meeting each other would result in creating a company together

    in the future. Their physics professor demonstrated a strobe light to the class and taught

    how a capacitor, an energy storage device much like a battery, but capable of charging and

    releasing energy much faster, works. History records show that German scientist invented

    the capacitor in November 1745. Several months later Pieter van Musschenbroek, a Dutch

    professor at the University of Leyden made a capacitor in the form of the Leyden jar, which

    was credited as the first capacitor. Fascinated with the origin and the ability of the capacitor,

    the three believed in the potential of the capacitor to be an alternative power source for an

    important machine in everyday life: a car. During their free time and on the weekends, they

    all decided to map out plans for a new way to power cars, and were dedicated to improve

    all aspects of the project. After graduation, the trio decided to create the company SparkLife

    Incorporated, believing that large amounts of energy should now come in small packages.

    SparkLife, Incorporated is dedicated to revolutionize the car industry

    through changing the standards set by companies before us.


    e P




    Of M




    Born in Walnut Creek, California, Ricardo

    Jose Martinez is the VP Marketing director for

    SparkLife. He got his degree of marketing at

    the University Of Phoenix in Arizona. As part of

    Mount Diablo High Schools Digital Safari Acad-

    emy, Ricardo has partaken in projects such as cre-

    ating plans to help third-world countries, as well

    as creating a spoken word poem with accompa-

    nying video. He also has experience working in

    stores, which became helpful in his choosing to

    pursue a degree in Marketing. His background

    was hard for him in the past to focus in his life

    dream to change the world.

  • P r o f i l eC


    f F







    Born in the Philippines, Sangalang earned a

    Bachelor of Science Degree in business administra-

    tion from the University of Phoenix in Arizona. She is

    a devout Jehovahs Witness, with much of work done

    in the field spreading knowledge of her beliefs. Along

    with that, she, like her fellow officers, was a part of the

    Digital Safari Academy, creating a music video for Tell

    Me Something Good by The Rocket Summer. She has

    also collaborated with groups to create documenta-

    ries as well.

    Alexandra Sangalang, chief financial officer, is re-

    sponsible for ensuring that the flow of money within

    SparkLife Incorporated is conducive to profitability,

    and also promotes continuous financial progress.

    Other areas of responsibility include accounting, tax,

    budget, treasury, insurance and credit.

    Born in Vallejo, California, Willey Rillo is the pillar

    of SparkLife, Incorporated. He was brought up

    with interest in the creative arts and was mani-

    fested in his work in the Digital Safari Academy

    of Mount Diablo High School. There he learned

    about music, photography, and film production.

    His projects include creating songs and accom-

    panying music videos, filming a two-part docu-

    mentary called Details in the Fabric, and more.

    Through the academy, he was also part of an in-

    ternship program where he worked in John Muir

    Health as part of the techincal support team.

    He later graduated from the University of Phoe-

    nix in Arizona with a degree of Master of Business

    Administration and led his fellow officers into

    creating SparkLife, Incorporated.


    ief E







  • Features

    Fast Recharge

    Can charge/discharge

    Lasts for a lifetime

    Consumer Benefits

    No risk of explosions

    Save time and money from gas

    Pay less to use car (electricity)

    Environmental Benefits




    P r o d u c t

    Cars are the prominent mode of transportation, and loads of chemi-cals are in each car battery. Problems with car batteries mostly occur during

    warm weather, and heat causes the chemicals inside to evaporate. Used bat-

    teries also end up as electronic waste.

    SparkLife, Incorporated introduces the TurboSpark, an alternative

    power system for cars that will eliminate the hazards of a regular car battery

    through the usage of capacitors. The system makes it perfect on the go, and

    can charge and discharge whereas a regular battery cant.

    Changing the world, one car at a tim


  • D a t a S h e e tCh


    the en


    , one

    car at a


  • M a r k e tO





    Electronics are important everyday factors for each individual, espe-cially battery-powered ones. Globally, the battery market is about $50 billion,

    and $5.5 billion is set aside to secondary or rechargeable batteries. Technol-

    ogy continues to grow, driving battery supply and demand to increase as

    well. Primary batteries, like alkaline, dominate market because of their higher

    energy densities, and will lead the market as years go by. Editor Sam Davis for

    Power Electronics Technology reported that there is a need for batteries for

    medical devices because of the growing amount of senior citizens. Research

    is being made for looking at alternate