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South Indian Recipes - m.m.krishnan

Aug 09, 2015




M n Ms Vegetarian Recipe CollectionMahalakshmi Murali Krishnan Murali Krishnan Ganapathy



Goddess Annapoorna is looked upon as the provider of food and the sustainer of prosperity. Legend has it that Shiva made an agreement with Goddess Annapoorna that she look after life before death, ensuring that no one went hungry in the sacred city of Kasi, while he would ensure they received moksha (freedom from the cycle of birth & death). Annapoorna is Kasis queen. She is known in the Kasi Khanda as Bhavani, the female shakti of Bhava, Being, one of the names of Shiva.

The name Annapoorna means She of Plenteous Food She is called the Mother of the Three Worlds, and she promises to those who come to her what only a mother can give, naturally and freely - food.


Table of Contents Introduction South Indian Recipes North Indian Recipes Continental Recipes Other Recipes List of Indices Ingredient Index Recipe Index Category, Cuisine Index Cuisine, Category Index


Chapter 1


This collection is not for any commercial use. We have taken care to ensure that all content are either our own or downloaded from a website which has it for free. In the unlikely event of a copyright issue, please let us know and we will do what is needed to conform to the applicable laws.Contact

We always welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions, comments or recipes, we can be reached at [email protected] Why? Arent there enough recipe books out there? Frankly, we thought ours will be better. Hence this book. This is intended to be a compendium of recipes from all over the world, with emphasis on various Indian cuisines and a few inventions of our own (and people we know). We expect the brave cook to use the given recipe as a starting point and experiment with dierent variations! The usefulness of a book is measured by its indices. The Recipe index allows you to look up the recipe of a dish by name. Category, Cuisine index allows you look up the recipes based on the category of the dish (sweet, savories...) and then by the cuisine. Cuisine, Category index allows you to look up the recipes based on the cuisine and then the category of the dish.4

As far as we are concerned the most useful index is the Ingredient index. This allows you to look for a recipe based on its important ingredients. So you can almost make a dish based on what ingredients you have in your kitchen! Cooking Terminology and Translation Matrices Some basic cooking terminology and translation tables for ingredients are listed below. The translation tables are categorized into Spices, Grains, Pulses / Lentils, Dry Fruits, Dairy products and Others.


Figure 1.1: Basic Cooking Terminology Chop Deep fry Dice Fry Garnish Grate Knead Mash Paste Peel Roast Season Shallow fry Simmer Stir Slit Sieve Cutting into small pieces. Cook in hot oil/ghee till desired colour is reached. Cut into small even cubes. Cook in oil/ghee. Decorate (on top) by adding other food stu. Cutting into ne thin strips (using a grater). Pressing dough with hand by folding and turning till it reaches the required consistency. Crush the food nely after softening (by boiling. . . ) or using a masher. Smooth blend of solid ingredient with liquid. Removal of outer layer using a knife or a peeler. Over heating without any oil/ghee. To add spices and other ingredients to increase the avor. Cook in little oil for a short time. Cook in low ame after content starts boiling. Mixing with a ladle. Make a long narrow opening (usually for chillies) Process used to separate ner parts from the coarser parts (using a sieve).


Figure 1.2: Spices - Translation Matrix Hindi Amchur Adhrak Ajwain Anardana Badi Elaichi Dal Chini Dhania Sabut Haldi Hari Elaichi Hing Imli Jaiphal Jayitri Jeera Kala namak Kalaungi Kali Mirch Kesar Khus Khus Lal Mirch Laung Lehsan Methi Nimbu ka Chilka Sarson Saunf Saunth Shah Jeera Tej Patta Thil English Dry Mango powder Ginger Oregano Pomegranate Seeds Cardamom (Big) Cinammon Coriander seeds Turmeric Cardamom (green) Asafoetida Tamarind Nutmeg Mace Cumin Seeds Rock salt Onion seeds Black pepper Saron Poppy seeds Red pepper Cloves Garlic Fenugreek seeds Lime peel Mustard seeds Aniseed Dry Ginger Black cumin seeds Bay Leaf Sesame Seeds Tamil Manga podi Inji Omam Madhulai vidhai Ellakkai Pattai Kothamalli vedhai Manjal Pachai Elakkai Perungayam Puli Jathikai Jathi patri Jeerakam Kal Uppu Vengaya vadhai Milagu Kunkuma poo Khus Khus Kanja Milagai Grambu Poondu Mendhiyam Elumicham thol Kadugu Sombhu/Perunjeeragam Chukku Karunjeeragam Lavanga Elai Ellu

Figure 1.3: Grains - Translation Matrix Hindi Atta Bajra Chiwra/Poha Jau Juar Maida Makki Murmura Sevaiyan Sooji Sabudana English Wheat Flour (whole) Pearl Millet Rice Flakes Barley Sorghum Wheat Flour Rened Maize Rice Pued Vermicilli Semolina Sago Tamil Godhumai Mavu Cambu Aval Barli Cholam Maida mavu Makka Cholam Pori Semiya Ravai Javvarisi


Figure 1.4: Pulses and Lentils - Translation Matrix Hindi Arhar/Tur dal Besan Channa Dal Kabuli Channa Kala Channa Kala Channa dhuli Kulthi Lobhiya Masoor Sabut Mattar Moong chilka Moong dal Moong sabut Rajma Urad Dhuli Urad Chilka Urad dhuli Val English Red Gram Dal Bengal gram our Bengal gram dal Chick pea Bengal gram whole Bengal gram skinned Horse gram Cow pea Lentil Dal Peas Green gram split Green gram dal Green gram whole Mexican beans Black gram dal black gram split black gram skinned Field bean Tamil Thuvaram Paruppu Kadalai Maavu Kadalai Paruppu Kondai Kadalai Kothu Kadalai Pottu Kadalai Kollu Karamani Mysore Paruppu Pattani Pachai Payaru Payatham Paruppu Paasi Paruppu Rajma Ulutham Paruppu Karuppu ulundhu Vellai ulundhu Mochai

Figure 1.5: Dry Fruits - Translation Matrix Hindi Akhrot Badam Kaju Kishmish Moongphali English Walnuts Almonds Cashewnuts Raisins Peanuts Tamil Akhrot Badam Mundhri Paruppu Dhrakchai Verkadalai

Figure 1.6: Dairy Products - Translation Matrix Hindi Chhach/Lassi Dhahi Ghee Mava/Khoa Makhan Paneer English Whey/Butter Milk Yoghurt/Curd Claried butter Whole dried milk Butter Cottage cheese Tamil Moru Thayiru Nei Thirati pal Vennai Pal Katti


Figure 1.7: Others - Translation Matrix Hindi Achar Ararut Dab Gudh Pan pattha Supari English Pickle Arrow root our Coconut tender Jaggery Beetle leaves Areca nut Tamil Oorugai kuva mavu Elaneer Vellam Vethilai Paku

Figure 1.8: Vegetables - Translation Matrix Hindi Baingan English Egg Plant/Brinjal Tamil Kathrika


Chapter 2

South Indian recipes

These are the recipes of dishes which are popular in South India. Dierent states in South India have markedly dierent cuisines. The Kerala cuisine for instance is easily identied by its heavy use of coconut (like the Thai cuisine). On the other hand, Andhra cuisine is famous for its pickles, and in general for spicy and hot dishes. In Karnataka, the hot and spicy dishes have an added sweet tinge. Tamilnadu cuisine is famous for its long line of deserts and tin varieties. In spite of the diversity, what unites all the cuisines is their staple food: Rice.

Some common preparationsSeasoning

Dry fry fenugreek and cumin seeds (if any) and keep aside. In a frying pan, add oil/ghee. Add a little mustard and allow it to crackle. Then fry the remaining ingredients (as suggested by the recipe) for a couple of minutes. Nuts, Pulses,10

Onion and Garlic should be fried till golden brown.Tamarind Juice

Take required tamarind (as suggested by the recipe) and soak it in 2 cups of warm water (cold water slows down the process). Squash the tamarind using your ngers. Remove the solid portion to obtain the Tamarind Juice. Alternatively, take the equivalent quantity of tamarind paste (2 tsp tamarind paste for 1 small lime size tamarind) and mix it with warm water to make the tamarind juice.Sambhar Powder Rasam Powder


Rava Kesari South Indian: Sweet Quantity: 2 Servings

1 2

cup Rava Fry the rava in a pan till golden brown (You may add few spoons of ghee while frying).

1 2

tsp Kesari powder Mix Kesari powder in milk to get the Ke1 tbsp milk sari mix. 1 cup Milk Boil the milk. Now add the milk to the fried rava little by little stirring continuously. 1 cup Sugar When the mixture softens add the sugar.1 2

cup Ghee Add Ghee to the pan and keep stirring till the mixture no longer sticks to the vessel.

2 tsp Cardamom powder Sprinkle the Cardamom powder and add Cashews the previously prepared Kesari mix to the mixture. Mix well. Garnish with fried cashews.

Taste - You may also garnish with raisins. Diet - You may reduce or skip the Ghee. Diet - You may replace milk with boiled water.


Bisi Bela Bath/Hulianna Karnataka: Rice Quantity: 23 Servings

1 2

cup toor dal Wash dal well and soak it overnight in 2 cups of water.

1 4

1 cup Rice (rice-dal) Wash the rice. Add salt, tsp turmeric powder turmeric powder, soaked dal & 3 cups water. Pressure cook these together.1 2

small lime size tamarind 1 4 tsp methi seeds 68 dry red chillies 4 cloves 1 small piece cinnamon 2 tbsp coconut 2 tsp dhania seeds

Make Tamarind Juice. (masala) Fry methi seeds, red chilies, dhania seeds, cinnamon, coconut and cloves in 1 2 tbsp oil till coconut is well roasted. Allow this to cool, make a powder of it and keep aside.

1 tsp jaggery powder Boil tamarind water in a thick vessel along with jaggery. Boil till tamarinds raw smell disappears. 3 tbsp ghee To this add the boiled rice-dal, ghee and the masala. Mix well. Add little water if required. Simmer for a minute. 2 tbsp cashew Season with fried cashews and sliced 3 tbsp ghee onions. 1 small onion

Taste - Other vegetable such as bell pepper (capsicum), okra (ladi

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