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Smarter solutions for at Smarter Planet

May 20, 2015



Michelle Unger - Smarter solutions for at Smarter Planet.
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  • 1. Smarter Solutions for a Smarter PlanetMichelle Unger

2. As the World Gets Smarter, it Creates New Opportunity for IBM Smarter Smarter Oil & SmarterSmarter Smarter Smarter MoneyGas Food HealthcareGridRetail Smarter SmarterSmarter SmarterSmarterSmarter Smarter Telecom Supply ChainsPublic SafetyGovernment RailroadsCities Products 3. Industry Solutions IBM Software TechnologyIBM Solution ProductsIBM Industry Solutions Software will deliver Bigger Puzzle Pieces to simplify integration of common middleware patterns into solutions that deliver end-customer value 4. Industry Solutions SoftwareSolutions are unique, integrated Products, addressing industry use cases and solving specific customer problemsdelivered through Industry Framework go-to-market, industry content and sales toolsbuilt on a common Platform of core SWG products for efficient delivery and reuse across industries...leveraging organic and inorganic investmentsConsumable, Repeatable, Scalable Repeatable and Scalable Offerings, Offerings with increased Asset ContentIncreased Asset Content 5. Industry Solutions Software is targeting these initial repeatable patternsSmarter CitiesLinking physical world assets, resources and infrastructure with the digital world of event processing, business analytics and optimization. Domains include asset optimization, supply chain, process optimization, physical infrastructure.Financial Operations Enables reporting, analysis, planning and consolidation around key financial processes. Solutions will focus on enabling organizations to optimize core financial functions such as payments, financial reporting, treasury, etc. in as near real-time as possible. Smarter Commerce Enable clients to connect, communicate and collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers by focusing on key commerce lifecycleprocesses in the order to cash flow, from selling of goods and services to order management, inbound supply, inventory management tomultichannel order fulfillment to the destination.Customer Care & Insight Understanding customer patterns through analytics, identifying target customers and linking the findings with the business processes as actionsto provide better customer value or prevent fraud/risks. Domains include Multichannel, Campaign & Promotion, Threat & Fraud ProtectionWorkforce OptimizationEncompasses activities needed to maintain a productive workforce and supports the business with key insights into how its workforce is performing. Will be based on integrating advanced analytic and collaboration capabilities to achieve a competitive advantage for our customersworkforce. Advanced Case ManagementSolutions that address case style business problems unifying information, processes and people using content & process management, as well as advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration and social software to help drive more successful, optimized case outcomes. 6 6. 7We have entered the age of the empowered customerCustomers now haveSocial networking and mobile Customer expectations of This is changingunlimited access to commerce have dramatically service, price and delivery is the entire wayinformation and can instantly changed the dynamic betweensoaring. products are sourced,share it with the world.buyer and seller. manufactured anddistributedand makingbusiness more complexthan ever.155 million75%$93 billionNumber of tweets sent via TwitterPercentage of people who believe Amount in sales missed due to out ofeach day companies dont tell the truth instock inventory advertisementsSource: Twitter Global PR, Yankelovich, via Search Engine People, July 2010 , RIS Fifth Annual Store Systems Study 2008 7. These disruptive forces ripple from the customer through theenterprise and across entire industriesIndividuals The connected consumer The networked workforce The empowered citizen Enterprises Evolved business models Optimized digital operations Connected enterprise Industries Value migration Value chain redefinition Fragmentation 8. Power has shifted to the customer - compressing margins andchanging paradigmsIn this new era, businesses need to:Understand and Adapt and Market, sell Service flawlessly,anticipate optimizeand fulfillpredict and drivecustomer loyalty 9. At IBM we call the path forward: Smarter CommercePlaces the customer at the Maximizes insight Capitalizes on socialcenter and mobile Synchronizes your entire value chainDrives growthIncreases marginsImproves collaboration and visibility 10. Smarter Commerce focuses on three dimensions centered aroundthe customerCustomer InsightCustomer Value StrategyCustomer Customer & PartnerEngagement increasing the value companies generate for their customers and partners in a rapidly changing digital world 11. Smarter Commerce can help transform - every phase of thecommerce cycle BuyInsightStrategy MarketSourcing, controlling Targeted andand procurement ofpersonalized goods and servicesBuy Market marketing across allcustomer interactions Customer ServiceSell Servicing customer Service SellEnables selling and needs across all fulfillment of productsinteraction channelsand services across all channelsEngagement 12. From demand to supply, IBM Smarter Commerce turns insightsinto actionOptimized Supply The science ofchainmarketingSentiment analysis 13. Realizing Smarter Commerce with IBMs integrated portfolioVALUE CHAIN STRATEGY Innovation and business value Market and customer mgmtOperating and organization modelsCORE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS BuyMarket SellService Drives intelligent, adaptive and Creates personalized andEnables customers and partners to Anticipates behavior and optimized extended supply relevant offers with unifiedbuy what they want, when anddelivers flawless customer chains based on customer cross-channel marketingwhere service across all channelsdemand Advanced AnalyticsStore analytics | Purchase analytics | Consumer loyalty | Predictive and prescriptive | Social analytics | Web analytics | Master data mgt Workload Optimized SystemsSystems, Storage and Software focused on agility, integration and automation to drive relevant business success 14. Investing in Smarter Commerce: Delivering an integrated portfolioCORE BUSINESS SOLUTIONSBuy MarketSell Service IBM Case Manager Retail StoreSolutions Advanced AnalyticsWorkload OptimizedSystems 15. Successful companies are staying competitive by transformingtheir approach to commerce100% 193%195%376% Trading partnersAmount Boots realized Amount Speedo Amount XO connected efficiently in ROI on targetedincreased return on Communications and cost effectively. marketing programs. pay per click boosted ROI by reducing advertising.customer churn. 16. 17IBM Smarter Commerce:: Making it realINVESTMENT $2.5+ billion software investment Global Business Services PracticeINNOVATION $14B in BAO acquisitions and 8,000+ dedicated consultants 25,000 hardware and 35,000 software developers 3000 IBM researchersEXPERIENCE Hundreds of customer engagements Expertise in over 20 industries 17. Thank You!