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10 de Octubre de 2013 Isabel Sánchez Tejado | Presidente ASENORG y Presidente TUREBE

Smart Europe ASENORG

Jul 06, 2015



Isabel ST

Presentación del trabajo de los grupos de ASENORG al grupo de visitantes de paises integrantes del proyecto Smart Europe
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10 de Octubre de 2013

Isabel Sánchez Tejado | Presidente ASENORG y Presidente TUREBE

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How to manage the Northern Gredos tourist

destination by ASENORG?

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An association of 137 business men and women in the Northern area of Gredos

Completely a volunteer organization

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Our Objectives?

To promote our area as an attractive and sustainable tourist destination, for both national and international visitors.

Create and maintain jobs for the

tourism, commercial and service sectorsMaintain our local population

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Gredos Norte in relation to Madrid

2 hour

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In Gredos Norte….

More than 137 companies associated to Asenorg1.500 beds(in hotels, hostals and rental homes)More than 50 restaurants, bars and cafeterías. 4 award winning local chefsMore than 50% of the population works in tourism.65.400 hectares of pure Nature: high mountain, pine forest, rivers, pastures and meadows, incredible wild flowers, bird, cattle, spectacular skies, great variety of mushrooms……

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Types of ASENORG members



4 10

2 1













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What does ASENORG do?

We design strategic plans for the area (2009-2012 y 2013-2015)

Based on the locally defined resources

Implementation with volunteer work groups

We use new technologies as supportWe apply business methodologies to the work groups.

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Applying business techniques for projects

1. Volunteer work groups2. Each group defines objectives and

calendar3. We look for financing (public and

private) 4. Follow up on progress and critical

review of successes

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Work GroupsProject Objective Coordinator

Dark SkyObtain Starlight Certification

Francisco Sánchez

Birding Gredos Sensitize and train local business on the value for tourism

Luis Alfonso Apausa / Lolita Veneros

Flowering Broom Festival

Create attaction to the area in the months of May and June (low season) Teresa Dorn

Gredos Gastronómico

Program activities that associate Gredos with Gastronomy, and the use of natural and local products Roberto García / Belén

Hdez. de la Torre

MountainCalendar of activities to promote the area for mountaineering fans Raúl Lora del Cerro

Trashumance in Gredos

Use the Royal Transhumance cattle roads to create tourism interest César del Rio/Patricia


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What have we obtained?

Dark sky TRASHUMANCE BIRDING GREDOS Flowering Broom Festival GREDOS Micological GREDOS Gastronomical Mountaineering

A new image of Gredos Norte

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Keys to success

Correct definition of resources to create a new image

Participation of local residents is key

Continual follow-up and ROI analysis

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Issues 1/2

External 1.Territory is divided in municipalities that still try to defend «their» small territory.

2.Lack of financing3.Our destination is unknown to most Europeans (only 5% of visitors are foreign).

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Issues 2/2

Internal:1.Volunteerism has its limits, especially in the Spanish culture

2.Small business people dedicate 100% to the business and have little free time

3.We lack business and profession formation in many areas

4.Our association has no infrastructure5.Little participation in administration decisions

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Any Questions?

Our contact

Isabel Sánchez Tejado

608 199 770

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Festival del Piorno en Flor

Edición 2011Edición 2012 Edición 2013

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Broom Festival Scope: «World Capital of the Flowering «World Capital of the Flowering

Broom»Broom» Botanical importance/scenery Traditional uses Decoration

Objetives: Create attraction to the area in the months of

May and June (low season) Obtain recognition as a Regional Festival. Collaborate in creating the Gredos brand image

Achievements: Wide participation of businesspeople and local

residents, support of public institutions, creates an identity for the area and our group.

Media coverage locally, regionally and national television programs

First international media fam trips

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Budget: 44.000€/annually

Financing : 15.000€ Plan de Dinamización (Diputación Avila/MINETUR/JCyL ASENORG members Volunteer work by the Asenorg Group «Piornos»

Reparto de la financiación

Plan Competitividad


Grupo Trabajo PiornosASENORG

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More than 60 Observation points to see the spectacular scenery. Map with the observation points

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TrashumanceThe trashumance in Gredos is an important part of our culture.

Objetives: Objetives: Use the Royal Transhumance cattle roads to create tourism interest and activities Collaborate in creating the Gredos brand Collaborate in creating the Gredos brand imageimage

Achievements: Achievements: Photo expositionsPhoto expositionsGastronomy:Gastronomy: Importance of Avileña beefTrilla (Trilla (Threshing ) FestivalFestival: an event to demonstrate how grain harvesting was once done

Fiestas de la Trashumancia: Fiestas de la Trashumancia: Arrival of the cattle each springArrival of the cattle each springBranding Branding


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Budget/financingTrashumance Budget: 8.000 Financiing : 1.800 Plan de Competitividad Gredos-Iruelas (Diputación Avila/MINETUR/JCyL) Aportaciones de los socios de ASENORG Trabajo voluntario del Grupo de trabajo ASENORG.

Reparto de la financiación

Plan Competitividad


Trabajo Socios ASENORG

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Birding Gredos

The Best place in Europe to see the Blue Throat (Pechiazul), and the Roquero Rojo and the Verderón Serrano)

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Birding Gredos

Objetive: Use the variety of birds in our area as a tourist


Sensitize and train local business on the value for tourism (pending financing)

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Gredos Micology Obtain tourism products that attract a sostainable tourism for this natural resource.

Due to lack of financing this group has not developed

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Gredos GastronómySeason Evento Date Coordinador/


INVERNO Week of Soups and StewsDel 1 al 28 de febrero 2013

César del Rio (Venta del Obispo)


Tapas in Gredos

Desde martes 30 de Abril, hasta el domingo 5 de Mayo

Belén (Galana)

Tapas in YellowCoincidiendo con el Festival del Piorno



Gredos at night•Maridaje de tapa con vino y/o cerveza •Cocteles o gin-tonic con tapas •Coca cola organized concerts, magicians etc

Del 1 al 15 de julio 2013

Javier y Roberto (Drakar y Garabatos)


Gredulis: Mushroom week•Include dishes or tapas with a specific mushroom: this year the Boletus Edulis•Photography contest with local mushrooms

Mes de octubre – sin definir fechas concretas, depende de la temporada de setas.

Esther (Parador) Paco y Alberto (Milano)

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Gredos Gastronomy

Objetives: Promote the area as an important gourmet destination.

Help create the Gredos Image Achievements:

23 establishments partipated. TAPAS IN GREDOS sold 12.000 tapas

Local media coverage

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Budget/financing Budget: 4.000€ Financing: 4.000€ Brand sponsorhips: Ávila Auténtica, Mahou, Coca-Cola, Cerveza Gredos,

Bodega Fuente Galana, Bodega Garnacha de Gredos… ASENORG members Volunteer work from ASENORG group members

Reparto de la financiación



Trabajo Socios ASENORG

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Gredos Mountaineering

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Gredos Mountaineering Objetives:

Promote mountaineering activities in la Sierra de Gredos

Attract visitors to the area. Collaborate in the Gredos brand image

Achivements: Mountaineering workshop with 50 participants

The annual meeting of the International Guides association.Celebración Asamblea Anual de Guias

Local media coverage

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1. Trekking circuit2. Climbing rally

of El Torozo (Puerto del Pico)

3. Mountaineering workshop

4. Mountain race

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Budget/financing Budget: 9.000€/yearly Financing: Plan de Dinamización Gredos-Iruelas Private sponsorship (Eje: Mammut), Paid quota for activities. ASENORG members Volunteer work by the Asenorg group

Reparto de la financiación

Plan CompetitividadPatrociniosSocios ASENORGQuotasTrabajo Socios ASENORG

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Dark Sky Gredos Objetives:

Obtain the Starlight Certification granted by the international Fundatión Starlight (together with the World Tourism Organization and UNESCO)

Collaborate in creating the Gredos brand image

Achievements: STARLIGHt certification (only 5 in Spain)

Astrophotography workshop with more than 0 participants

Repercussion in local, regional and national media

63 municipalities included in the certification

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Budgeting/financing Budget: 100.000€ (long term)

Financing: ASIDER (Grupo de Acción Local) Plan de Dinamización Gredos-Iruelas ASENORG members Volunteer work of the Work Group . All measurements and documents

required for the certification was done voluntarily bu the Work Group.

Reparto de la financiación

Plan Competitividad



Grupo Trabajo Cielo Oscuro ASENORG

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¿Why Star light certification?

The right to observe the stars and conserve the Dark Sky. A future tourism with great potential and creation of future jobs.

Defending the Dark Sky also helps maintain bird migration (more than 160 species throughout the yer)

Maintain the area free of luminic contamination.

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