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Sleeping Ugly

Apr 09, 2016



fractured fairy tale, 5th grade project

  • Once upon a time there was a king that was a pig and he fell in love with a queen that was a human. They were

    going to have the ugliest baby theyd ever seen. But it didnt matter. They were still proud. One day a solider

    snuck into their wonderful castle and angrily killed the king and queen. Little baby Melissa was left to her fairy

    god mother, Magnificent. Magnificent took care of the little lonely girl noticing a pig snout was growing and she

    snorted whenever she laughed or talked. Magnificent was friends with the new king and queen and brought

    Melissa there to get baptized. Little did the king and queen know that the three evil fairy god mothers were in their

    castle, Lousy, Lisa, and Lily.

  • They were plotting to put an evil spell on any baby that got baptized that day. Unfortunately Melissa was one. Magnificent went on

    with the baptism. Crying Melissa was baptized with a boy named Harry, the royal baby of the king and queen of Piggy Kingdom.

    Right after they were baptized Lousy, Lisa, and Lily appeared out of nowhere. Everybodys eyes looked like they were popping out

    of their heads. They all ran for cover yelling the witches are here! The witches are here! in a panicked way. Quickly the three evil

    fairy god mothers set a spell on Melissa and Harry. Melissas spell was when she turned ten she would die from drowning in mud.

    Harrys spell was he would become an awful, ugly, hairy child. After all the dramatic action Magnificent changed the spells just a tad

    bit. Melissas spell was changed by she would only fall asleep and could only be awaken by a true loves hiss. Harrys was whenever

    he gave a lovely widow true loves hiss he would become the most handsome boy in the whole Kingdom of Piggy.

  • Every mother that heard of this fixing spell and she wanted her baby daughter to be the lucky widow, Except

    Magnificent. She thought the prince would be self-centered. Seven years later Magnificent took Melissa to a huge

    farm yard and thought she would fit right in with the pigs. Whenever Melissa went in the mud Magnificent

    watched her closely as she rolled around in it. Magnificent always tried to get Melissa to take a bath, but Melissa

    always refused by saying Im not normal so why should I take a bath like most NORMAL people! Then Mag-

    nificent retorted dont take that tone with me young lady. Then of course Melissa started crying and Magnifi-

    cent felt bad. So she patted her back gently replying Oh Melissa Im so sorry. I didnt mean it that way. I meant

    youve got to take a bath at least once a week. Everybody takes baths usually every day or every other day so con-

    sider yourself lucky and dirty. Melissa was happy and stopped crying and said okay. One year later she went

    for a walk around the farm yard. She saw a boy that claimed his name was Prince Harry II. To her he looked more

    like garbage. He was hairy, fluffy, soft, ugly, young, naughty, stupid, smelly, fat, and short.

  • To him Melissa was more like a pig so he said whats up with the pig snout and warts? Melissa retorted back with a snort my

    dad was a pig and Im proud of being part pig so shut up you ugly thing! Melissa turned with her head held high, hands on hips, and

    left with all her dignity back to her mud. Meanwhile, Magnificent was wondering where Melissa had wondered off to, soon after

    Melissa returned. Magnificent was furious, Where have you been? Melissa answered by saying out and about around the farm

    yard, oh and I met this boy that claimed his name was Prince Harry II. Magnificent soon became more eager to hear the rest of the

    story wha what did he look like? very, very, very I cant explain it, he was just so ugly. Magnificent was stunned and said

    he really was the prince. Youve got to find him again. Melissa argued with Magnificent all night until the next day. Then

    Melissas birthday happened that day and she met the prince again and apologized for the day before. They started going out on dates

    and soon fell in love. Then Melissa turned ten and her evil spell occurred. Magnificent had forgotten all about her tenth birthday and

    let Melissa go into her mud. A little after she started going in the mud, of course she didnt die, but she fell into a deep sleep.

  • Magnificent wailed and cried. She called up Melissas boy friend, Prince Harry II but Lousy, Lisa,

    and Lily had turned him into a pig. They didnt know Magnificent had the power to turn him back,

    so thats why she did. She told Prince Harry he had to hiss at her. He didnt know if it would work

    or not but he tried and it worked! Ten years later they got married and had three kids. Their kids

    names were Lexie, Krista, and Dustin. They lived happily ever after.

    P.S. Dustin started to grow a pig snout and had warts

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