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Siliken Corporate Presentation

Nov 29, 2014




Corporate presentation of Siliken

  • 1. Corporate Presentation 2012

2. Content 1. Solar photovoltaic global market 3 2. Siliken Group8 3. Siliken strategic strengths152 3. 1. Solar photovoltaic global market3 4. Solar will lead the renewable energiesgrowth in the next decade with a 42% of share Installed volume forecast by renewable energy 2010-2030 (GW-%)Renewable energies investment 2005-2030 (Bill. USD) GW3,000Billions $ CCSGeothermal Wind 1%450 3%Heat2,500 offshore 400 Biofuels 3502,000Wind45%Biomass 300waste 2501,500 200Solar1,000150Wind 42% SolarWind 100 Offshore 500WindSolar 50WindWindSolarBiomass & 9% waste 00201020152020 20302005 2010 2015 202020252030 Solar installations will lead the renewable energies growth with an estimated volume of 1.100GW in the next 20 years. That is equivalent to 57GW/year, more than double what has been installed in 2011.Sources: Bloomberg New Energy Finance 114 5. Within the Solar sector, Photovoltaic leads the yearly installed capacity in the EU and isthe second renewable world wideYearly installed capacity by energy in EU 2011 (MW)2011 World wide capacity installed by renewable energy (MW)25.000 MW 45.000 MWRenewablesinstallations20.000 MWFossil fuelinstallations37.000 MW15.000 MW Decommissioned 30.000 MW10.000 MW 23.000 MW5.000 MW 15.000 MW 0 7.000 MW-5.000 MW0-10.000 MWSources: EPIA/EWEA 5 6. Photovoltaic levelized cost of energy (LCOE) has decreased 50% in two years, and in the short term will be highly competitive vs. fossil fuelLCOE of different energies Q4 2009 ($/MWh)LCOE of different energies Q1 2012 ($/MWh) Marine- Wave - 799Marine - Wave $/MWh$/MWhMarine- Tidal - 740 Marine - Tidal STEG- Parabolic Trough +5%PV - c-SiSTEG- LFR+5%STEG- Parabolic Trough + Storage +5%PV - Thin FilmSTEG- Tower & Heliostat+6% PV - c-Si Tracking Wind- Offshore +1% STEG - Parabolic Trough + StorageSTEG- Tower & Heliostat w/storage +6%STEG - Parabolic Trough PV- c-Si-13% Wind - Offshore PV- Thin Film-12%PV is the onlyBiomass Gasification- - technology that is Biomass - Anaerobic DigestionPV - c-Si Tracking-8% decreasing costs (Q4 Biomass Anaerobic Digestion -2011 vs Q1 2012)Biomass - Gasification-Biomass Incineration- +3%Biomass - IncinerationMunicipal Solid Waste - Wind - OnshoreGeothermal Binary Plant- -Landfill GasWind- Onshore +4% Municipal Solid Waste Small Hydro- Large Hydro- Geothermal - Binary PlantGeothermal Flash Plant- -Geothermal - Flash PlantLandfill Gas-Natural Gas CCGT Nuclear- Coal Fired -Coal Fired Natural Gas CCGT +7%0 50 100 150 200 250 300 3504000100 200300 400 500 LCOE Carbon: 21 USD Carbon: NEF Estimates Central ScenarioLCOE BNEF 2011 EU-ETS EUA Forecast Q1 2012 Central Scenario Q4 2011 Central Scenario Consolidation is bringing module prices down further and grid parity is being achieved in the worlds sunny regions with high retail power prices, unleashing unlimited market potential.Sources: Bloomberg New Energy Finance 11-12, Q-cells 116 7. Photovoltaic sector will employ above 1m people by 2020, generating more employment than wind and thermal togetherEmployment in wind and solar sectors worldwide, 2011 and 20201,200,0001,000,000800,000600,000 20112020400,000200,0000 Onshore wind Offshore wind PVSolar thermalBy 2020, the photovoltaic sector should be employing 1.020.000 full-timeworkers, nearly 350.000 more than 2011, and a rise of 51%.Sources: Bloomberg New Energy Finance 127 8. 2. Siliken Group 8 9. Siliken is a global company integrated in the value chain of the solar photovoltaic industry, with thecommitment and determination to increase its capacity in each stage of the value chain. Wedevelop and implement innovative and guaranteed energy solutions displaying the highest levels ofquality, performance and profitability for the end customer.Our motto defines our position: 9 10. From the innovation and quality control in the manufacturing to the high level of distributionservices, customer commitment and satisfactionPV Manufacturing and R&D PV Sales Distribution and Services We are one of the few We hold collaboration We are firmly committed to We also supply all the We offer a fully integrated companies integrated inagreements with several of thequality as a form ofcomponents needed to create a"turnkey" product, from design the manufacture of Solar markets leadingdifferentiation.photovoltaic installation: power to construction through to Silicon with FBR manufacturers.Design, engineering and converters, structures, hooks, con operation and maintenance. technology.modules manufacturing are all nection boxes, etc. However, we are committed tocarefully controlled to ensure We have a vast experience of Proprietary FBRdesign high efficiency cells as that our solutions provide higher Siliken has sales presence in 5ground and rooftop installations technology allows forone of the most important levels of performance.continents with its ownin countries such as Spain, differentiation using high-innovation projects that we are subsidiaries, sales offices andItaly, Germany, France and the quality granular polysilicon.currently working on. More than 400MWp* of module sales network. US, giving us a Know How thatcapacity through two big benefits our customers.manufacturing hubs in Mexicoand Romania, and plants inCanada and Spain.*400Mwp; 3 shifts for semi-automatic lines, 5 shifts for automatic lines10 11. We focus on the manufacturing and own distribution of photovoltaic modules and componentsSiliken has more than 11 years experience in themanufacturing, distribution and sale of photovoltaicmodules, components and solutions.We currently have presence in more than 20countries in Europe, Asia and America with our owncommercial and manufacturing structure. 11 12. We deliver all in one customized solutions with free engineering and technical supportSiliken designs the complete energyBox kit foryou, providing free system design and customizationsupport to adapt the solution to your residential orindustrial requirements. All components guarantee ismanaged by Siliken. 12 13. Development & Turnkey projects:engineering, execution, operation andmaintenanceWe handle the construction, operation and maintenance of both groundand rooftop installations. Our projects can be 100% financed, aretechnically impeccable and provide the very best quality guarantees. 13 14. Siliken has a private equityshareholder,ensuring the groups long-term viabilityand financial strengthSiliken volume sold by country 2004-2011 (MW)Siliken Shareholders Structure182 CanadaOthers 163 USA 8% ROWFounding Greece UK Partners 33% France 91 59% Italy 5744 Germany 16 5 2 Spain2004 2005 20062007 2008 2009 2010 2011 The Zriser Group is the family office of the Serratosa Lujan family.Zriser Group It covers several investment vehicles and itsPrivate Equity investment strategy is wide-ranging, with interestsSiliken sales 2004-2011 (Mill) in the capital market, private equity, the property market and in industry. 368 336 255Founding Carlos Navarro Alfredo PuchePartners Gonzalo Navarro Francisco Clavel152 154 5317 Other The 8% of "other shareholders" includes 5 employees, relatives and friends of theshareholders2004 2005 20062007 2008 2009 2010 2011 company. 14 15. 3. Siliken strategic strengths 201215 16. GlobalityQualityTechnologyLoyalty 16 17. More than 400MWp* of module capacitythrough two big manufacturinghubs in N. America and Europe Romania 200MWpcapacitySpain 70MWp*capacityMexico 130MWp*Most of the capacity in Spain will be relocated in Romania capacityModules manufacturing PlantsModules manufacturing Hubs*400Mwp; 3 shifts for semi-automatic lines, 5 shifts for automatic lines 17 18. Siliken has sales presence world wide through own subsidiaries and sales network... Subsidiary commercial office Commercial presence without subsidiarySilikenSilikenFranceGermany SilikenItaly Siliken SpainSiliken USASilikenSilikenMexico JapanSiliken SilikenBrazilSingapore 18 19. ...allowing us to cover both ground and rooftop installation markets at a global level *Ask for the silikens project dossier19 20. QualityTechnologyLoyaltyGlobality 20 21. In-house design, engineering and proprietarymanufacturing know-how ensure the highest qualityand performance of our productsQuality certificatesOur modules are subjected to strict quality controls at every stage of the productionprocess to verify and ensure our standards of quality are met.ISO 9001 ISO 14001 CE Mark IEC 61215 IEC 61730 IEC61701 IEC 62716 UL 1703 ULC/ORD-C 1703 MCS AS/NZS 5033 Israel Electric JETCorporation In process ofcertification21 22. Siliken modules quality is globally recognizedthrough independent laboratory testsPhoton Laboratory 2011 Photon Laboratory 2010 TV Laboratory 2008 36 Leading manufacturers 23 Leading manufacturers 14 Leading manufacturers assessed assessed assessed Aleo SolarSchott Solar BP SolarSolarworldBP Solar Bisol S-Energy Canadian Solar Inc. Sunrise Solartech Energy Solutions BP SolarSharpEvergreen Solar Sunways PV Tech Kyocera Canadian Solar Inc. Shell SolarFirst Solar Trina Solar REC Scan Module CH SolarSilikenFrankfurt CS SolarWinergy Solar P.Siliken CNPV Solar PowerSolar-Fabrik IsofotonSheuten Solar Conergy Solarfun Kioto Photovoltaics Sharp Electronics CSG PVTechSolarworld Kyocera SolarWatt AG Emmvee SolarSonalisMage SolarSolarWorld AG Evergreen Solar Sun Peak Photowatt Solon AG First Solar Sunrise SolartechPV Power Tech.Sovello AG Frankfurt CS SolarSunways PV TechSchott SolarSuntech Power IsofotonTrina SolarS-Energy3S Swiss Solar Kioto Photovoltaics UpsolarSharp Trina Solar Kyocera Winergy Solar P. Shell Solar Mage Solar Siliken Nexpower TechSolar-Fabrik PerfectenergySolarfun Photowatt PV Power Tech. REC 2ndSiliken1stSiliken2nd Siliken22 23. Photon laboratory ranked Siliken modules as thehighest performance modules in 2010 and 2nd in 2011 Ranking of accumulated performance evolution of 23 moduleRanking of accumulated performance evolution of 36 module brands during PHOTON test 2010 bran