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Seasons of Growth - MassTLC · PDF file Seasons of Growth Author: Rachel Clapp Miller Created Date: 11/5/2018 10:18:22 AM

Jun 28, 2020




  • Seasons of Growth How to Prepare and Position Your Company for Success

    John Kaplan | October 26, 2018

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    Key Topics • Growth Challenges

    • Sales Effectiveness and Growth Stages

    • Leadership Best Practices for Growth

  • Seasons of Growth


    Knows the Target Knows the Map

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    Common Growth Challenges

    Inside Sales to Field

    Direct to Channel

    Delivery to Cloud

    Landing and Can’t Expand

    Perpetual to Subscription

    Growth Decision


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    The Force Management Point-of-View

    Customer Engagement



    Articulating Value & Differentiation


    Process Qualifying, Advancing, and

    Closing Opportunities

    Management Operating Rhythm



    Maximizing Revenue in Territories & Accounts


    Talent Selecting, On-Boarding, and

    Retaining Top Performers

    The Company & Sales Leadership

    Inside Sales & Support Teams

    Field Sales & Support Teams

    Channel & Distribution Teams

    The Buyers

  • Right Message

    Standardize Sales Process and Talent

    Scale and Drive the Business




    Translate Vision to the Sales Conversation

    Right People Doing the Right Things

    Right Priorities

    Sales Growth Stages

  • Leading Through Growth

  • Confidential | ©2003-2018 Force Management | 9

    Manage the Tension

    Deals vs. Process

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    Extreme Ownership

    You Have to Do the Work Make the Why a Priority

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    Assess Your Sales Organization

    Sales Messaging Sales and Management Planning

    • Does your sales process align to your customer buying stages?

    • Do your sales teams understand the qualified activity needed by sales stage and by role?

    • Are there customer verifiable outcomes defined for each sales stage?

    • Is there company-wide clarity on the qualification criteria?

    Sales Process

    • Is there clarity on how to build pipeline and what an ideal customer is?

    • What % of your reps are hitting quarterly and annual quotas?

    • How efficiently are key accounts covered? (user and non-user)

    • How accurately are you forecasting our business?

    • What problems do you solve?

    • How do you solve those problems?

    • How do you do it differently or better than the competition?

    • Where have you done it before?

    Sales Talent • Is there clarity on what success looks like in each role?

    • Why have you hired the wrong people in the past?

    • Why do you lose key talent?

    • Why would someone want to work in your company?

  • Confidential | ©2003-2018 Force Management | 12

    What You Do


  • Leading Through Growth: Lessons from the Experts

    Alison Elworthy VP of Customer Success


    Brian Ahern Chairman and CEO

    Threat Stack

    Kara Gilbert Chief People Officer


    Mike McGuinness EVP of Sales


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