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Screen Craze Newsletter Dec2015

Feb 21, 2018



Colter Ogden
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  • 7/24/2019 Screen Craze Newsletter Dec2015


    "##$% &&' ((()#*+%%,*+-.%)*/01 #*+%%,*+-.%2*/0*-#3),%3 4-3%5 '676&'8

    E n j o y L i f e S h a r e a S m i le N e w s l e t t e r

    H e y T h e r e T o A L L o f O u r H a p p y F r i e n d s a n d H a p p y C u s t o m e rs

    Welcome to the first ever issue of our Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! Newsletter. Yes my friends,

    we have created a Newsletter to communicate with all of our Friends & Customers. In this day

    and age, we just get too damn busy to communicate with each other on a daily basis. So, we at

    Screen Craze & Exxtreme Sportswear decided what better way to do this than to reach out

    and touch our friends and spread joy and happiness, which we are blessed to wake up to every


    What are you saying? Joy and Happiness in this day and age, with the economy, the gas prices,

    angry people around every corner? Yes, my friends, Joy and Happiness, hence our company

    motto: Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! So, when you read our newsletter, we hope that there will be

    at least one thing inside that will bring a beautiful smile to your face and then we will know

    that we have done a good thing for you! We have succeeded in delivering


    If there is anything you want to see within this newsletter, do feel

    free to give us a call or email us and let us know how to make you

    smile even bigger! So, before you continue, join our three friends:Enjoy, Cher and Smile, doing the Enjoy LifeShare a Smile! Dance.

    !"#$% '()*+,-./* . ,0(1*2 3."4* 5"67/847($"6+ 9:(//$/;:86(4;,0(1* 9

    ') :$+, /, ; ?/$+ @%-A B>C DE F,AE G+-00%+ HI$#3 D% J/$A9

    6) I$#3 D% K, L+/,3 /L 0K++/+M ' N-,A /, 3NKONP ' N-,A /, N%-A ; ,/(

    D/$,*% 3/ 3N% 0$#K*M

    Q) @-,A# K, L+/,3 ; *N%#3 /$3P R,%%# D%,A ; ,/( #(-E #KA% 3/ #KA%M

    S) @-,A# K, 3N% FK+ ; T/( U/$,*%M V0KW% DKOO%+M VK,O -W/,OM

    8) E/$+ N%-A $>M ?/$ *-, W%3 E/$+ N-K+ A/(,MC X,Y/E ZN%+ V0KW%

  • 7/24/2019 Screen Craze Newsletter Dec2015


    !"#$$% '#()$* + ,--.#$/$ !01#.23$(# 4$5$(62

    7$3 89:;0$# '(.(61?*

    @$2. 7$3 'A1B"$2 C @$2. D66 D#1>%E !$6$".B1%*

    UXV: T%( ZN/K*%#[

    \+/0 3N% '&&] 0-A% K, 3N% BVF 3%% 3/ 3%*N^A+K_%, `G"` O%-+ D-O#PE/$aWW LK,A b& ,%( >+/A$*3# 3/ #N/(*-#% E/$+ W/O/ -,A D$KWA E/$+


    !"#$ &''( &)*+,- #"'".$/*,0

    \+/0 */0LE D-#K*# 3/ #>/+3E 3%*N,K*-W #3EW%# 3/ K,A$#3+K-W

    (/+R (%-+P E/$aWW AK#*/_%+ *W-##K* L-_/+K3%# 3/ LK3 %_%+E ,%%A

    -,A D$AO%3)

    GK_% $# - Z-WW:/A-EM


    .1234 567 *68 92:;>>?;3822@38AB2?35C

  • 7/24/2019 Screen Craze Newsletter Dec2015


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    05*620 *+76/(0*+,43 898:4(6 ;96

    (44 238/0 9; 796896(2/ 7(0:(4

    ./7*0*9+ '()/60?

    !" $%&' 8.)5 9(*):5%*;,4 ?/$+ @%-A B>P `//NN-,A ?/$ Z-, J%3 ?/$+ @-K+ 4/(,M

    V*+%%, Z+-.%7Xhh3+%0% V>/+3#(%-+